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David Mark Scholarship 2022-2023 Application Form Portal

Scholarships are student-aid programs intended to fund students especially those on need-based. In Nigeria, the David Mark scholarship program is one of the options you can get so far you meet with the requirements. If you work hard enough and put things in place, you can get this scholarship in no time.

This article will highlight to you the processes involved in getting the 2022 David Mark Scholarship. It will also feature the details of the grant as well as the eligibility.

Requirements for David Mark Scholarship Program

Before sending down your application for this Scholarship, it’s important to know whether you’re eligible for the process. Through this information you will have a picture of what and what is needed for you to get this grant.

Below is the view of the requirements for the 2022 David Mark Scholarship program:

  • First, the candidate must be a Benue State resident, particularly from his primary senatorial district.
  • Candidates with a secondary school diploma, an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate degree can apply.
  • There are no age restrictions or requirements.
  • The candidate applying for this scholarship must have excelled at his or her prior academic level.
  • This scholarship is frequently awarded based on recommendations. So it’s better you get your recommendation letter set before even filling the online form.
  • Another requirement for this Scholarship is that the candidate must not have any criminal convictions on his or her record.

That’s it on the prerequisites you must meet before applying for David Mark Scholarship. That’s the basis which they will use to rate your chances of being considered for the grant. Nonetheless, let’s look at another important thing which is how to apply for the scholarship.

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How to Apply for David Mark Scholarship 2022

Let’s take a gander at how to submit an application for the Scholarship program.

How to register for David Scholarship program online:

  1. All that is expected of you is that you go to the application portal. There you will see the link to carry out the registration for this Scholarship.
  2. Visit www.dmssonline.com to begin the application process. After that, you must begin the registration procedure, which is designed to be straightforward.
  3. The registration code and bank teller number must be entered when the website is opened. If you’ve already registered with the website, all you have to do now is click – Login Here.
  4. Fill in all your details in the forms provided; also ensure to attach the required documents with the application.
  5. Ensure to cross-check your details and submit the application.

That’s it, All done!

Please remember that the registration code and bank teller number must be entered when the website is opened. So, if you’ve already applied, all you have to do now is wait.

Application Date for David Mark Scholarship 2022

The application deadline has not yet been set. So, if you’re interested in this program, keep an eye on their website for the most up-to-date information about the scholarship.

All we know now is that the scholarship always come up once in a year. So it’s advisable to keep track of when it usually start in a year.

Just be prepared and hope to be one of David Mark Scholars!

About David Mark Scholarship 2022

Let’s look at the head behind David Mark Scholarship program.

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This student-aid program is made courtesy of David Alechenu Mark, GCON, is a politician and a former Senate President of Nigeria. He was the Senator for Benue South Senatorial District in Benue State and served as President of the Nigerian Senate from 2007 to 2015.

So, if you’re interested in the former Senate Leader’s free scholarship program, we’ll show you how to apply for it. As a result, we are confident that everything will go smoothly for you. So all you have to do now is ensure that you meet all of the application’s requirements.

David Scholarship program, we learned, is one of the new approaches to enhance school funding in Nigeria. Senator David Mark, the former President of the Nigerian Senate, established and supported this scholarship.

Scholarship, according to David Mark, can protect future generations of Nigerians from oppression and deception. Mark also made a plea for destitute young Nigerians to be able to get an education today.

According to him, he established this program in Nigeria to pursue his primary interest. It is offered for every Nigerian so that he or she might be educated in order to be free of oppression. Every year, he believes, more than 2,000 Nigerian students should be awarded this program.

The Objectives of the Scholarship Program

The Dr. David Mark Foundation scholarship, which is only offered to Nigerian students (Benue state students), is designed to help destitute and brilliant students in Benue state. Students from Benue State who are pursuing secondary, graduate, or postgraduate degrees are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

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Benefits of the Scholarship

The perks associated to this scholarship program include Tuition fees, textbooks, and funding for miscellaneous needs. The scholarship sum is estimated to be between ₦20,000 and ₦30,000.

Some students may even be eligible for special rewards as a result of their involvement. According to Vanguard.ng, some of the applicants might win as much as ₦250,000.

So all of these means that you have a lot to earn from this student-aid grant from David Mark. What’s keeping you? Just start the application process and hope to be considered for the huge grant to finance your education.


One of the new approaches to improve education funding in Nigeria is through a scholarship program. The Scholarship program is a good option for you to get this funding. Senator David Mark, the former President of the Nigerian Senate, established and supported this scholarship so as to aid less privileged Benue students to finance their education.

So far, we have emphasized much on David Mark Scholarship program and how to apply for it, we believe that information was helpful.

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