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Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate: 2023 Analysis

At Georgia Tech, the oldest surviving alumnus is 104 years old. He earned his mechanical engineering degree in 1934. In 2016, the College of Engineering’s youngest graduate to get a bachelor’s degree was only 17 years old, and he earned his degree in materials science and engineering.

Fourteen astronauts have come from Georgia Tech. For his 42 years of active NASA duty, John Young (B.S. A.E.’ 52) had the longest career of any astronaut, becoming the first person to complete six space missions.

Furthermore, flying on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Sandra Magnus (Ph.D. MS ’96) led NASA’s NEEMO 11 mission, an underwater expedition at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Aquarius laboratory. In this article, we’ll cover the acceptance rate of Georgia Tech University and other considerable factors needed for an ease-free admission process.

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Overview of Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology also referred to as Georgia Tech, is a public university established in 1885. This university’s campus is 400 acres and runs a semester-based calendar. Furthermore, Georgia Tech ranks #38 in the 2022 edition of the top institutions in National Universities.

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In addition, Georgia Tech ranked in the eighth position by U.S. News and World Report and was named the most innovative institution. At Georgia Tech, there are several different on-campus student activities available. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, an NCAA Division I team, and The University of Georgia are fierce rivals.

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First-year students at Georgia Tech can access on-campus housing options, but students don’t need to live there. Georgia Tech has campuses in Atlanta, Savannah, Ireland, Singapore, France, China, and Costa Rica. It has six colleges, with Scheller College of Business and Engineering as its most prestigious and rated institution.

Additionally, Georgia Tech is famous for its research. Its research Institute is popular for leading government and industrial research initiatives. The institution’s research activities are crucial to the state’s economic growth plan.

Acceptance Rate at Georgia Tech

While preparing your application, you could feel overawed by the Georgia Technology acceptance rate. However, it’s simple to become fixated on college acceptance rates, particularly when they’re as low as the acceptance rate at Georgia Tech University.

But in the end, you have little influence over Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate. However, you have complete control over creating the strongest possible Georgia Tech application. So, don’t let Georgia Tech’s or any college’s acceptance rate frighten you.

Instead, make an effort to improve each component of your Georgia Tech application, such as your essays, grades, and test results. It’s important to note that about 21% of applicants get accepted by G.T. In other words, only 21 out of every 100 applicants have the chance to study at this university.

Therefore, the chances of any student getting admitted to Georgia Tech are roughly one in five. Although it might seem scary, keep in mind that acceptance rates for the best U.S. institutions can sometimes fall as low as 4%.

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Georgia Tech has strict admission requirements and, in all, is highly competitive. Out of the 40,852 applicants, a total of 8,719 got chosen. So, when you develop your application strategy, knowing the acceptance percentages of colleges can be helpful.

However, admission rates for colleges don’t tell you everything. What matters the most is an applicant’s academic and extracurricular background. It’s without a doubt that one student could have a higher possibility of getting admitted to Georgia Tech than another student.

Georgia Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Georgia residents may only apply via early action 1 at Georgia Tech. According to the school’s acceptance rate for the class of 2022, 2,399 EA1 applications got accepted by the university in January 2022, representing a 39% acceptance rate.

Additionally, the applicant’s reputation during the admission process spans 95 counties in Georgia, 353 high schools, and 80% of public high schools during the EA1 applications.

The EA2 deadline, open to non-residents, usually occurs two weeks after the EA1 deadline. Only 12% of EA2 applications for the Class of 2022 got accepted. However, there were more than 25,000 out-of-state EA2 applicants during this process.

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Out-of-State Acceptance Rate at Georgia Tech

The Georgia Tech acceptance rate for out-of-state applicants is a hot topic, particularly among seniors in high school. All prospective students expect to receive their letter of admission as this institution ranks among the best computer science universities in the nation.

They get all of their accolades by developing answers to problems encountered in the real world. So, those who get admitted to the institution have the chance to be at the cutting edge of emerging technologies. Georgia Tech’s predicted admission percentage for out-of-state students for the class of 2021 was 15%, compared to 34% for in-state candidates.

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About 29% of the students admitted for the class of 2021 were valedictorians in their high school. However, rural areas represented 12% of the chosen candidates and the percentage of first-generation applicants in the class of 2021 ranks close to 14%.

Georgia Tech GPA Requirements

First-year students attending the university in 2021–2022 had a mean GPA of 4.1. Georgia Tech requires an estimated 4.07 GPA on a 4.0 scale. To increase their chances of getting accepted to college, the college needs candidates to be among the best students in high school with a higher GPA.

Applicants must receive all As according to the Georgia Tech acceptance rate 2020. 84.6% of students have a 4.0 GPA or higher. 88% of the applicants admitted by Georgia Tech for the 2020–2021 academic year rank in the top 10% of their graduating class at high school. Additionally, 98 percent of students graduated in the top quarter of their class.

SAT and ACT Requirements for Georgia Tech

For members of the Class of 2022, the mid-50% SAT score ranged from 1370 to 1520. 98% of attendees were in the top quartile, and 85% graduated in the top decile of their high school class. The average SAT score required for admission to an institution is 1465.

The applicant’s ACT score significantly impacts the Georgia Tech acceptance rate during the 2020 admission process. Georgia Tech requires an average ACT score of 33. The acceptable ACT range is between 31 and 35. The college is competitive because of this score, and admission is more challenging for applicants with ACT scores below 31.

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Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate for 2020 states that 1410 was the typical SAT score. This number is now more competitive, given the current situation.

Georgia Tech requires candidates to submit their SAT or ACT scores during admission. The percentage of students who submitted test scores was 71% for the SAT and 51% for the ACT.

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How Georgia Tech Scores Candidates

There are eight criteria that Georgia Tech regards as being “very important” to its admissions process. The factors include the rigor of secondary school records, GPA, essays, and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, paid work experience, volunteer work, and character/personal traits all count for something.

This institution considers test results, place of residence, and state residency as “essential.” Furthermore, recommendations, talent/ability, first-generation status, legacy status, and racial/ethnic status falls into the “considered” category. The G.T. admissions staff strives to find proof of the following when performing a comprehensive review:

  • Commitment
  • Self-motivation
  • Individual Responsibilities
  • Gratitude for Others
  • Initiative
  • Leadership \ Entrepreneurism
  • Academic Curiosity

Advice for Georgia Tech Applications

The following information is necessary for students who intend to join Georgia Tech for the upcoming admissions cycle:

  • The college considers your expressed interest in getting in touch with them. You can do this by stopping by the campus or participating in a virtual session.
  • To clear up any questions, applicants should get in touch with the admissions officers. This is a fantastic method to meet them and gives you a chance to influence admissions officers positively.
  • Additionally, candidates should interact with the college on various social media channels.
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The best approach to show your abilities is through letters of recommendation from teachers. Georgia Tech doesn’t conduct any alumni or in-person interviews for new applicants. However, your recommendations make it easier for the admissions committee to get to know you.

Furthermore, spend quality time and effort crafting a strong essay demonstrating your genuine writing talent.


Although Georgia Tech has a low acceptance rate, you could have a better chance of getting accepted than other prospective students if you meet all its basic requirements.

Even while the Georgia Tech admissions rate is quite competitive, admission depends on a mix of grades, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and other factors. Now that you know this, put in efforts to create the best portfolio that could heighten your chances of acceptance at Georgia Tech. 

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