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How To Get An Internship At Amazon in 2022

I know you have tried a couple of times and clicked several links wanting to secure an internship space at one of the world’s biggest technological companies, Amazon, or perhaps, this is your first time trying.

Well, I know how it feels not to have gotten there yet, and what is in stock for you if you eventually get selected. This article may seem a bit long, but believe me, after reading it, you would wish you had read this a long time ago.

Everybody, I mean every single living being has a dream of one day working under the canopy of this multinational enterprise. But as many would erroneously assume, getting selected as an intern at Amazon is neither a hard nut to crack nor a rocket science if you have the right pieces of information at your fingertip.

However, this information is not as easy to come about. I mean, accurate information! There are several YouTube videos online whose real agenda is to have more subscribers but hide under the pretense of giving valuable information.

Well, you have got less to worry about henceforth because, in subsequent lines, I will comprehensively give you every bit of information you need to secure a space as an intern at Amazon.

Now, as earlier noted, there are bundles of crucial tips you need to get accustomed to before even attempting to apply. Nevertheless, you need to follow these tips hook, line, and sinker.

What do I mean? You will be shocked to know that despite Amazon admitting over 8,000 interns yearly, more than three times that number are rejected.

Therefore, getting the right insight is as important as the skill you want to bring forward. So, this article will answer a dozen and one questions you may have about Amazon internships and give you every necessary information you need.

How to get an internship at Amazon

I have prepared some valuable tips along with the steps to become an Amazon intern in 2022 below.

Learn more about the company

To start with, as a prospective intern, you need to essentially have an appreciable knowledge of the history of Amazon.  Its background, owner, the 14 Amazon leadership principles, and how the company operates.

While I will share little important ones with you, you can as well, contact some workers at Amazon through their LinkedIn pages to ask some questions from them. This would help you through the interview stage, which I will still discuss fully later.

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Some important things you need to know to include the year of establishment which was July 5, 1994, and the company founder, Jeff Bezos. Other significant things you need to know include; the number of interns taken annually, and the company’s successes and setbacks.

Next, I will now proceed to share with you the basic steps involved in getting an internship placement. Consider this a lifetime opportunity because you have a lot to grab under this segment.

This segment will answer the following questions: how do I apply for the internship; What are the phases involved; How does the internship work; What are the likely questions I will be asked during the interview; and what are my chances, as an applicant among many others, of getting selected.

Just before we go deeper into answering the questions above, anyone in a recognized higher institution is eligible for an Amazon internship. Whether you are an undergraduate, a postgraduate, or a Ph.D. student, you have a great chance of becoming an Amazon intern.

YouTube video

Apply for an Amazon internship

Application for the post of an intern is primarily done online. At this stage, you get to surf through several roles which include, finance, software development, public relations, and many more.

However, if you can’t find your preferred role here, walk into any Amazon scout within your university campus to express your interest.

Mind you, to have an edge above other likely applicants, you need to present a well-prepared resume/CV. What should be in your resume? Include relevant information that corresponds with the role/job you have put it for. Having an unclear resume or one packed with irrelevant information is better avoided.

Also, you can contact an HR personnel at Amazon through LinkedIn profiles to have greater chances of being selected. Upon completion of this stage, you move to the next one. If your details were accurately submitted and you got it acknowledged then this next information is still relevant to you.

Now, after you have successfully applied, you will take an online test. This test varies depending on the role you have applied for in the earlier stage.

Complete the tests

This text will consist of multiple questions like a work sample simulation, reasoning tests, numerical, and whatnot. At this stage, you are expected, as I have explained earlier, to have gotten familiar with a lot of things as regards Amazon and how their previous questions were set.

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Get to meet people with experience online and be very inquisitive to the end. You will be tested on how fast you are in the role you have selected. Likewise, time-management and problem-solving questions would be given.

If you are lucky to also scale through this stage, then there is still more ahead for you to know. Upon scoring the required mark for the stage. You would then proceed to the next stage, which is the phone-interview segment.

Ace the Job interviews

Before this stage, you are expected to have ensured that the telephone number(s) you inputted during registration is valid and always going through. If you have ascertained that, then keep reading through this guide.

For this stage which is the phone interview section, it will last for 30 minutes. The interview would be just between you and an HR professional in the field you have chosen.

During this interview, a series of questions would be thrown at you. Such questions include; can we meet you; why do you want to be part of this company; what do you have to contribute if chosen as an intern and so on.

However, while answering these questions, be assertive and be well composed to send a message to the interviewer that you understand whatever comes out of your mouth. For instance, while giving your response, cute instances were appropriate.

Lastly at this stage, always tailor your answers to Amazon’s culture. Don’t forget to ask questions. No interviewer anywhere on earth likes a non-inquisitive interviewee.

Hence, ask relevant questions, especially ones that relate to Amazon. You could ask something like what has been the factor behind the rapid growth of Amazon over the years. This marks the end of the phone interview.

The next stage is the second phone interview. Although this stage may be skipped for some people, I must tell you about it. Because just a few get the chance privilege of moving from the first phone interview to the third interview, an in-person interview.

So, what does the second phone interview entails? At this level, you would be asked more questions alongside a prospective work team of yours. You will be assessed by a professional from the role you picked.

Interestingly, this one would be quite more complex than the former. Thus, you need to buckle down more.

Now, we are at the final stage. All things being equal, if you went through the above stages successfully and you are called for the third interview, an in-person interview, then you are most likely going to have a with the Amazonians.

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This segment is a physical interview where you would be questioned by a panel of up to seven Amazon employees. You would be asked technical and not-too-taxing questions. However, you need to show the panel you are the right person for the job through the expression on your face and your composure.

Try to think fast and answer questions within the time frame given. You might also be asked to practicalize some things like coding if that’s your chosen role. After all of these, then you await a response from the company.

Even despite passing the previous stages, you could still be disqualified at this stage. So, you need to take every stage seriously. If you do not get a response, you can reach out to the company through their offices, but if it is a no, you should not stop trying.

Other things you should know about Amazon internships

Before I conclude this article, there are a few other things you should know about Amazon internships. If selected, Amazon pays interns $9,053 per month; you get the opportunity to network with top professionals in your field. You get travel compensation; free dinners; and an opportunity to work with different people from various countries as team members.

In short, what I have explained so far is that if you fall into the category of those with the burning desire and willingness to start a journey at Amazon, then you need to know about the basics of getting an internship. That, I have explained elaborately above.

Put differently, all you need to do to get an internship is to, firstly, know about Amazon, and apply for the internship in due time. Prepare assiduously for the test.

Be at your best for the interview stages. And get connected with people within and outside Amazon. To do that is quite easy now.

Have a good presence on social platforms and always be willing to get across to people who can be beneficial to your endeavor.

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