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Top 10 Online Colleges That Pay You to Attend

Yes, you read that correctly! It must be difficult to believe that something like this exists, right? In actuality, some online colleges pay you to attend.

So, if you are concerned about gaining knowledge without any money in your account or prefer flexible schedules, this one’s for you. Countless degree courses are available from several online institutions that you can complete at your pace remotely.

These colleges make available financial aid to fund up to 100% of your bills. Although paying you, in this case, doesn’t mean you get to receive a salary.

Getting top-quality education is still seen as being pricey in this day and age. However, this article will provide information you need to know about these online colleges. This way, you won’t have to stress about the countless student loan obligations you’ll have to repay once you graduate.

Top 10 Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend

You should know that a college degree will be a key component and foundation for your future profession. But with rising tuition, college costs, and inflation, it’s getting harder to pay for this education. Therefore, online colleges that pay you to attend them understand the need for financial assistance.

This financial assistance comes from grants, scholarships, and other financial aid forms. The programs offered at these colleges range from science, arts, technology, music, business, and many more. The following are the top ten online colleges that pay you to attend:

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1. Athabasca University

Athabasca University is a government-financed post-secondary school in Alberta, Canada, and is one of the four public universities in the area. AU, commonly recognized as Canada’s Open University, has received great reviews regarding its online and distance education.

This institution offers over 70 online undergraduate & graduate degrees, diplomas, certificate programs, and over 850 courses. The learning alternatives are customized according to your interests and program.

At AU, you can stay confident that your experience will provide you with a challenging, high-quality university education. Students enrolled in degree programs at AU can apply for scholarships, bursaries, student awards, nominations, and other financial aid.

2. Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University is a private institution located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is associated with the Churches of Christ and is dedicated to creating students whose academic brilliance, faith, and practice represent our global citizenship values.

Don’t be fooled by the “private” label; you can enjoy free education at Lipscomb University with financial aid. Lipscomb Online offers bachelor’s and graduate degrees geared to your professional goals and busy lifestyle.

The academically rigorous online degree programs assist you in identifying and developing the abilities you’ll require for your career, even in the future. In addition, because of their one-day behavioral evaluation and credits for previous knowledge, you might get your degree within as short as 16 months.

3. Bethel University

Bethel university

Bethel University is a Minnesota-based private Christian college and seminary. It was formed as a seminary in 1871 and is closely associated with Converge. Bethel University has over 5,600 seminary, undergraduate, and graduate students.

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Bethel University places a significant emphasis on offering its students an accessible education, providing several scholarships and financial support opportunities.

The university’s physical and online courses encompass more than 50 study areas, making it much easier to identify and study extensively in your field of interest. Furthermore, they provide a one-of-a-kind experience in which you may acquire a degree while still working jobs that interest you.

4. Berea College

Berea College is the only institution amongst America’s leading schools that guarantees no tuition to every admitted student. This college is located in Kentucky and has not billed students any tuition since 1892, and there are no intentions of changing that soon.

Anti-slavery activists and reformers founded Berea College to convey the principles and convictions of Jesus Christ. You may acquire a free online bachelor’s degree in your preferred profession through Berea’s extensive academic program.

Students can apply for degree certification in programs like Sociology, Religion, African American Studies, Biology, Business, Agriculture and Nature Studies, and several others.

5. Columbia University

Columbia University is a New York City-based, privately owned Ivy League research institution. Founded in 1754 as King’s College on the property of the Trinity Church in Manhattan, it ranked as the oldest known higher education institution in New York. Furthermore, it ranked the fifth-oldest in the United States.

The online learning options have grown to include a variety of educational-related certificates and degree and non-degree programs. Columbia University has partnered with Coursera to offer free online programs. Additionally, they offer financial aid through the AmeriCorps Awards, grants, sponsorships, and scholarships.

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Students can enroll in many online programs, including professional development programs, health technologies, technical and social work, environmental sustainability, leadership, and more.

6. Barclay College

Barclay College, established in 1917 as the Kansas Central Bible Training Academy, is a privately owned Quaker institution in Haviland, Kansas, United States. Around 1990, the University changed its name to commemorate the premier Quaker theologian Robert Barclay.

Although it is well-known for its ministry degrees, it also provides other professional degree categories. Since the fall semester of 2007, the institution has awarded full-tuition scholarships to all full-time students.

Barclay College offers online degree programs in business management, Christian leadership, psychology, criminal justice, and biblical studies, among many others. Students studying online are eligible for Barclay’s bursaries, scholarships, and Federal Pell Grants.

7. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is ranked the second-oldest institution in the Anglophone countries and among the world’s leading five universities. Several distinguished alumni of this prestigious university have earned about 110 Nobel laureates, 47 heads of state, and 190 Olympic medalists.

This university provides free digital courses through iTunes and free downloading of teaching materials from various colleges worldwide. This way, you can fit it into your schedule whenever you desire.

Over 300 video and audio files are now accessible for free download through the program. You can access these educational materials on a Mac or Windows computer or an Apple or Android mobile device.

8. edX

edX is a Harvard and MIT-founded American large-scale open digital educational content provider. They provide online higher education across various fields to a global student base, including several free courses. edX provides 2,270 online courses in around 30 different topic areas.

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Most of them are self-paced and can be studied at your pace; however, there are also many instructor-led choices for those who prefer that. At edX, you can study for a Professional Certificate, MicroMasters, and XSeries programs.

9. Southern New Hampshire University

This university is a privately-owned New Hampshire institution located between Hooksett and Manchester. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission widely recognizes it. Therefore, students can acquire degrees in education, hospitality, health, and business-related courses.

SNHU is among the fastest-expanding institutions in the United States, especially with the expansion of its online degree programs. They provide a very strong online curriculum that suits your career. Furthermore, they offer a generous provision towards financial assistance, ensuring that its students do not have debt arrears.

10. University of the People

The University of the People is a primarily online institution with its headquarters in Pasadena, California. It claims to be America’s first non-profit, tuition-free online-recognized institution. It is among the online colleges that compensate students for their enrollment.

Since its inception in 2009, this free online institution has registered over 9,000 students from 194 countries. Students can complete their online degree program in education, business administration, health science, computer science, and several others at no cost.


There you have it! The top ten online universities that pay you to attend offer a variety of degrees that can help you advance in your profession.

It’s well acknowledged that these colleges do not explicitly pay you to attend. Rather, they provide education at no cost or through scholarships, grants, and other financial help. You should consider this situation a big win as you get to study remotely, at your pace, and most of all, for free.

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