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Pinterest Internship Programs 2022-2023 Application

Want to learn more about the Pinterest Internship Program in 2022? How much do Pinterest interns make?

Interns and fresh graduates need companies to garner a little bit of experience or to kick start their careers. Due to the highly competitive job market, this might seem to be hard but to crack. Pinterest strives to have the best-qualified people in every job.

Pinterest is a growing online ads management system that stands by the integration of different departments. All these departments are responsible for the continuous running of the system. The internship programs are usually run in these departments too.

Acceptance for the Pinterest Internship program is strictly based on merit and there is no room for unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, or any other factors that can be used as a point of discrimination.

Interns at Pinterest are regarded as Pinterns. During the course of the internship, they work to build their career under Pinterest.

Pinterest Internship Summer 2022 Programs

There are five different programs for this internship. Pinterest is currently receiving applications into any of these departments, this period. They include;

  1. Engineering Internship Program
  2.  Pinterest Labs Research Internship (Pin Labs)
  3. Data Science Program
  4. Sales Internship Program
  5. Machine Learning Internship

Engineering Internship Program

Pinterns won’t be able to get the best of working experience if they are not allowed to work alongside current employees of the company.

This is why Pinterns have been made to work with current Pinployees on impactful and high-exposure projects.

Right from the start of your internship to the end, you will join the Pinterest Engineering team, and together go through challenges related to the career and simultaneously build awesome products and features that are capable of letting you get a know-ahead of many other challenges of the career.

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Pinterest offers a 12-week summer internship program in its various offices including the San Francisco, Palo Alto, Seattle, and Toronto offices.

Within these three months, it is expected that interns have what it takes to start their careers.

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Pinterest Labs Research Internship

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Machine learning still have lots of work to be done on it, as the challenges arise.

Your job as a research intern at Pinterest Labs is to tackle these challenges by conducting research that can be applied across Pinterest Engineering teams.

You should also engage in external collaborations and mentoring and make it a priority to do extensive research on image recognition, user modeling, recommender systems, natural language processing, big data analytics, etc.

The qualifications that Pinterest looks out for to accept interns into this program include;

  • Publications in machine learning, AI, data science, data analytics, statistics, or related technical fields
  • Strong passion for research and for answering hard questions with research
  • Passion for applied ML and the Pinterest product

Data Science Program

A fresh University grad? Then this is for you. You can also apply for this internship program if you are a data science intern willing to help build and scale Pinterest’s approach to experimentation. With this, Pinterest can be able to boost up innovation on their product.

Your skills in quantitative analysis, statistics, and data mining when applied, will help you understand the limitations of running hundreds of simultaneous experiments.

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From this, the management can be able to sketch out reliable plans with the data you have provided.

The presence and work of the intern are necessary to help interpret experiments, and at the same time increase the number of experiments done at Pinterest.

To get accepted, the applicant must have in-depth experience in at least one scripting language and must be proficient in SQL/Give (Python, R)

Some other functions of the Data Science intern are to design core metrics that serve as the North Stars for team efforts and model trade-offs across product areas.

Participation and involvement in alternative experimentation techniques will help internal teams evaluate their ideas faster.

Sales Internship Program

This is a mutual relationship. Both the team and the interns benefit from each other when they work together.

The Pinterest team and products grow when they are infused with Pinterns. Pinterns on the other hand, garner experience in the process.

Pinterest Sales department will consist of Pinployees and Pinterns who will work together side by side. Pinterns will work on impactful projects while learning about all aspects of a growing online ads business, like Pinterest.

What you’ll stand to gain is a foundational experience with the sales team of Pinterest and how to measure solutions and strategize creatively. You will learn how to build and maintain strong relationships to work cross-functionally on dynamic Pinterest Sales team challenges.

Applications for the Pinterest Sales Team Internship program will go live from February 10th, 2022.

Machine Learning Internship

As a Machine Learning Intern within Pinterest Labs, you’ll work on tackling new challenges in machine learning and artificial intelligence. From the beginning of your internship to the end of your program, you will be integrated with the engineering team.

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Together, both parties can maneuver through exponential growth and massive scale while they build amazing products and designs, features, creating visually rich experiences, and pinpointing tomorrow’s engineering challenges.

Applicants for the Machine Learning Internship have the most requirements. You must have experience with big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and scalable real-time systems that process stream data. This is just one of the experiences you should have.

Also, you should have mastery of at least one system language which may include JavaScript, C++, or Python. You can also have mastery of one ML framework eg. Tensorflow, Pytorch, mellow. Applications for this program are open now.


The internship program at Pinterest takes place at any of its offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Toronto. It takes a period of 12 weeks to complete the internship program.

If you have interest in joining the Internship program, kindly apply via the internship website on time. When they have enough applicants, applications will be closed till when next they are taking new interns.

To apply for the Internship program, candidates are to visit the Internship program website to submit their applications. If your application is successful, you will be contacted to go ahead with the next step.

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