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Pomona College Acceptance Rate 2023 + Stats

A good look at all the member schools within the Claremont Consortium reveals their long-standing reputations. However, Pomona College and it’s over 1,000 brilliant undergrads is probably one of the most selective universities.

Compared to schools like Amherst, Williams, and Swarthmore, Pomona College takes up space as a renowned liberal arts college in the United States. Over the years, the acceptance rate of this institution has continued to change, thanks to various factors, but the academic standards have always been on the rise.

Further, many high school students and their parents mistake Pomona College for a lesser school because it lacks the popularity of Ivy League universities. They couldn’t be more wrong because Pomona is harder to get into than Ivies like Penn and Dartmouth.

In addition, Pomona rejects its fair share of applicants yearly – a great deal of them. Thankfully, students that have near-perfect scores on their SAT/ACT, among other requirements, will get in easily.

With this article, you will better understand the ratings, test scores, and some of the benefits of schooling at Pomona College.

Pomona College Acceptance Rate

According to the IPEDS, Pomona College has an acceptance rate of 6.6%. However, Pomona’s ED acceptance rate was 12.7% for the Class of 2025, while the unofficial Class of 2026 results stood at roughly 6%.

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That percentage was a bit lower than the prior cycle of admission. Accordingly, only 736 total students were offered a place in the freshman class of 2022-23.

At 6.6%, the acceptance rate is competitive and competes with other top universities. For example, at 4%, Harvard has, perhaps, the lowest acceptance rate in the United States. The figure from Pomona College isn’t far off and shows students have to dig deep to make it into this institution of learning.

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Pomona College  SAT and ACT Scores

Following the Class of 2025 members and the results they had to pull off, students must do well in their SAT and ACTs. For SAT, applicants must hit the mid-50% SAT range for enrolled freshmen at 1480-1550.

The ACT range for 2025 was 33-35; among the enrolled 2021-22 first-year students, an impressive 93% came from the top 10%. Also, 100% earned a place in the top 25%. A good number of students were valedictorians in their high school classes.

Pomona College Yield Rate

Pomona College has quite an interesting yield rate. From available data, the percentage of accepted students who enrolled divided by the total number of students admitted was just 58 percent.

Other top liberal arts schools had lower percentages. For example, Swarthmore College had 45% while Amherst College had 35%.

Pomona College Financial Aid

Like all top colleges, Pomona does its bit to help brilliant students from underprivileged backgrounds get the education they deserve. That’s why the College is committed to a need-blind admissions process for United States citizens, permanent residents, and all students graduating from high schools based in the U.S.

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Further, the College offers need-based scholarships and grants, which go far to meet 100% of demonstrated needs. However, applicants must submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile to the College to determine financial need.

Note that loans are not part of the offers of financial aid but are created to help families finance their expected family contribution. Other aid packages from various funding sources include Pomona aid, federal and state grant/scholarship assistance, etc. Like the others, the amount or package students receive on their demonstrated need and eligibility for funds.

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Pomona College: Rating The Applicants

For Pomona College, there are eight very important aspects of the admissions process. The rigors of high school course load, class rank, recommendations, GPA, essays, extracurricular activities, character/personal qualities, and talent/ability.

Other considerations include standardized test scores, an admissions interview, first-generation status, volunteer work, geographical residence, racial/ethics status, and work experience.

One of the goals of Pomona is to see achievement and leadership outside the classroom. To achieve that, it emplores students to participate in extracurriculars actively.

For students to be considered, there must be evidence of commitment and achievement in such areas. Moreover, records show that 20% of students play on 21 varsity sports teams, while hundreds more participate in club and intramural athletics.

Further, Pomona has eight musical ensembles on campus and 250 clubs and organizations at the undergraduate level. Generally, applicants are encouraged to have these qualities:

  • A love for learning and willingness to challenge yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Openness to new ideas and opposition to easy answers.
  • An appreciation for teamwork and a collaborative learning environment.
  • Personal character, including grit, kindness, diligence, leadership, serving others, etc.
  • Creativity and innovation, especially a keen eye for visual and performing arts.
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Tips for Applying to Pomona College

Getting into Pomona takes some work, so if you want to join the 12,000+ admission hopefuls for the next cycle, here’s some information to help you:

  • If you’re selecting Pomona as your first choice, consider applying for ED I by November 15 or ED II by January 8. While the Regular Decision deadline is January 8, the acceptance rates get significantly low in this round.
  • Pomona offers optional alumni interviews, but there are often more requests than the slots available. Another option lies with the twenty-minute virtual information sessions with admissions offers. However, admissions staff do not conduct formal interviews.
  • Demonstrated interest is not part of the process, so Pomona will not judge stickers based on a visit to their campus or contact with an admissions officer. Prospective students are encouraged to apply via the Common Application or Coalition Application.
  • Students must submit a Mid-Year Report in late February. This way, students remember to keep their grades up throughout their senior year of high school.
  • Follow other prompts and information the college provides to help you complete your application.

Writing Your Essay

Students have to submit mandatory essays covering various topics. Some of the tips you can follow:

  • Academic Interest Statement: This essay covers what you love about the subject(s) you selected for your major(s). If you’re undecided, you must share more about one of your academic passions in 150 words max.
  • Short-Response Essay: There are three prompts here to cover 150 words or less. The first one is with the number 47, which is much celebrated at Pomona College. The second is sharing any quirky personal, family, or community tradition and why it’s significant to you. Lastly, you can write about the item you are most excited to bring to the college; or why you feel elated to be admitted to Pomona.
  • Longer-Response Essay: This essay takes 250 words or less to complete and includes topics, such as your strength and the quality you have that many people don’t see or recognize. Another topic relates to something you’ve changed your mind about over the past few years and why. The last one revolves around your community and that special part of it you would bring to Pomona College.
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How is financial aid determined at Pomona College?

The financial aid program is need-based. For this reason, Pamona determines financial aid eligibility by evaluating each family’s ability to cover their education costs. Also, the admissions office thoroughly reviews each applicant’s financial information every year to weigh parent(s) total income, assets, household size, and more.

What type of students does Pomona College accept?

Pomona is after students high-achieving students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Some of them are first-generation college students from low-income backgrounds. Students from African American, Latin, Native America, Asia, etc.

Is Pomona College a good school?

Pomona College may not have the popularity of the Ivy League schools or their history, but it is considered the most prestigious liberal arts college in the Western United States. That makes it a good school and one of the best in the country.

Conclusion: Is Pamona College Worth It?

Pomona College is worth it. However, you have to pull your weight to have the perfect admissions process, which includes finishing at or near the top of your high school class.

If you meet that condition, pass the standardized exams, and show a deft personality, your chances of beating the competition increase. Other requirements from Pamona include a readiness to take on extracurricular activities in the school.

Now that you know the acceptance rate of Pamona College is 6.6%, there’s a lot of work to put in. That figure puts it among the hardest colleges to get into, and you have to add the feature of the liberal arts to it. You can scale the process with your willingness to think outside the box and other personal interests.

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