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10 Quick Certifications With High-Paying Jobs

Quick certifications are a decent way to keep your hands busy if you just finished high school but aren’t ready for the challenges of university education yet.

It gives you good pay, and you’ll gain invaluable experience in your field. Employers crave graduates with certification because it shows them that you work hard and like improving your craft.

There are many quick certification courses, and handpicking the high-paying ones can be challenging. This article will educate you on ten fast certifications that pay well. You’ll learn why they are on this list, the time frame for completion, and the expected income.

What Is the Difference Between Degrees and Certifications?

Certifications are specific training that develops your mastery of a particular skill. On the other hand, a degree is more extensive because it goes in-depth about all the areas of a chosen field. You have a higher chance of getting a high paid job with a degree, and you’ll learn more than you would at a certification.

Students must have finished high school at least to enroll in a university degree, but it isn’t necessary for most certifications. It takes a minimum of four years to complete a university degree, while most certifications take a maximum of two years.

Also, degrees are more flexible than certifications, and you can get job opportunities in other fields that aren’t your specialty. You can only work in the relevant field in a specification.

Degrees and certifications aren’t the same thing and shouldn’t cause selection problems. You can decide to do certifications before your Bachelor’s degree or after. Whether you study it before or after your degree, it can be a great way to gain experience.

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What’s the Right Certification for You?

Many factors may influence your choice of certifications. One of the most important is the purpose. The most common motivation for taking a certification is to make money.

However, some certifications like flight attendant will give you a stable source of income, but you won’t have much free time for yourself and your family. Others provide you with good pay while you’ll have free time. If you want a job that pays well, you should evaluate your options and select the ones that fit.

Aside from monetary gains, you should factor in your likes and dislikes while choosing a specification. You’ll work after college, and it’s best not to do a job you dislike because it pays well. Luckily, the labor sector is broad, and you can find a degree you like that has high pay.

How Much do Certifications Cost?

The amount it gets to get quick certifications varies depending on the type you want to learn. Most of the ones out there cost less than $1,000 to enroll. Others can cost more, while some are free. Note that you’ll purchase learning materials, among other expenses.

Top Quick Certifications That Pay Well

1. Web Development

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Web developers create and design websites, and you can become a front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developer. Front-end web developers handle the visual part of a website, while back-end developers handle the website structure. A full-stack web developer combines the job of both.

One of the most prominent advantages of becoming a web developer is that you can learn it yourself. There are many online courses on Google and other accredited sites. You can decide to work for IT firms or become a freelancer, taking jobs yourself.

It takes 4-7 months to become a web developer. You can earn up to $82,000 annually, making it one of the highest-paying quick certification jobs available. Web developers are in high demand, with an estimated employment growth rate of $13 through 2028.

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2. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is a fascinating job. You provide routine services like serving food and drinks to airline passengers. Flight attendees know how to handle basic airline emergencies for passenger security.

One of the upsides of the job is that you’ll travel to different global locations free of charge. However, its advantage is also the main disadvantage because it provides little time for families and loved ones. Flight attendants train at airline flight training centers, and you must have a high school diploma to train for the job.

The Federal Aviation Administration must certify you before you can become one. Flight Attendants have an average salary of $81,907 in the US. The training time is three to six weeks.

3. Fitness Trainer

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Fitness trainers help people stay in shape by leading them in exercises. You’ll help people with workout routines and tell them how to use gym equipment.

It’s a valid option if you’re athletic and love working with people. You can also work as a personal trainer for individual clients as well. An upside of the job is that you can meet people from all walks of life. You’ll need strong communication and sporting skills to succeed as a fitness trainer.

It takes around six months to complete a fitness instructor’s certification, and you can work in gyms, health clubs, or yoga studios. Work can be at any time, depending on the type of employer that employs you. The average salary for personal trainers in the US is $65,000.

4. Real Estate Agent and Sale Information Brokers

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Real estate brokers help people to buy and sell new votes. You’ll be the one to market the home, prepare contracts, handle the negotiation process, and oversee the final procedure. Efficient communication, negotiation, listening, and problem-solving skills are some of the essential skill sets for becoming one.

You need to take courses in real estate principles to become a broker. A licensure exam is also necessary. After completing these processes, you’ll need one to three years of working experience to become licensed.

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It takes a maximum of six months to finish your training. Brokers can decide to work with a real estate firm or become self-employed. The average base salary of a real estate agent is $44,611.

5. Welding

Welding is all about Using heat to join metals together, and they can work in almost any industry that uses metal machines. Since many firms use metal machines, there’s almost no limit to where they can work.

It takes around one year to complete welding training. You can enroll in vocational schools that offer welding programs to become one. Getting certified isn’t complex, but you have to pass the hands-on test by the America Welding Society (AWS).

The average base salary of welders is $44,419. You can find your own welding company and become an employer of labor if you have the resources.

6. Medical Assistant

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Your job as a medical assistant is to assist doctors and other top professionals in their duties. Medical assistants ask patients about their symptoms and report them to the doctors who make a diagnosis and treatment.

Summarily, they help doctors compile information and do menial tasks like scheduling appointments, updating medical records, collecting lab samples, dispensing medications, and showing patients to the exam room.

Expect to do some anatomy and learn medical terminologies in school. Many vocational schools, universities, and junior colleges offer certifications in the discipline. Becoming a medical assistant requires 1-2 years of training. The average salary of medical assistants in the US is around $42,000.

7.  Phlebotomist Technician

Pletobomists are the professionals responsible for collecting blood from people in medical environments. They send these to the required professionals, who then use them for the necessary purpose. Phlebotomists don’t carry any form of tests or treatments on patients.

You’ll explain the procedure to patients and comfort them if they’re nervous. Pletobomists sterilize their instruments and update medical records as well. You’ll spend around one year learning to become a Phlebotomist.

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Community colleges or Technical schools offer certification in the degree. You’ll need to write a certification exam and train in a hospital for a few months to be completely ready for work. Pletobomists earn around $42,000 annually.

8. Medical Coders

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Medical coders transmit patient information into codes used for data management and billing. You’ll use computers to make these codes fit the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment so the hospital can bill the insurance company. It’s imperative to do more findings on the job description if coding appeals to you.

Medical coding is an essential job in the health sector. Although advanced education can give you an edge in the job, you can get a decent one with regular certification. You’ll need to attend any American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)-approved coding programs to get a medical coding certification.

It takes around six months to get certified in the profession. You can work in hospitals or other health institutions. Medical coders can earn $41,000 to $61,500 in the US.

9. Computer Support Specialists

Computer support specialists are professionals that provide technical help to computer users. You’ll need excellent communication skills to work as one. It isn’t the most convenient of jobs because you may need to be on call 24 hours or even at night sometimes.

However, you’ll have your period of rest in between because you won’t be attending to calls every single minute of those 24 hours. The stress of knowing that you might work anytime might be enough for some people to handle.

If you can deal with the rigors of the job, you can take a certification course from a reputable computer school and seek employment. It takes around six months to complete your certification as a computer support specialist. You can work in healthcare, finance, education, or IT firms. Computer support specialists can earn from $41,000 to upwards of $51,000.

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10. Pharmacy Technician

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A pharmacy technician is to a pharmacist what a medical assistant is to medical doctors. They help pharmacists handle prescriptions and assist them in other aspects of their jobs. It takes one to two years to become a certified pharmacy technician.

You can enroll for the certification at a pharmacy training school. Expect to do some clinical experiences in school as well. Many schools will combine clinical duties with class work, while others will make it wait until after you’ve completed classes.

Of course, you can work in pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical institutions. The average salary of a Pharmacist in the US is $35,649, and it’s a high-demand job in the health sector.


These are some quick certifications that pay well. Most of the ones on this list take less than six months, but some can take up to a year. One year might seem like a long time, but if compared to degrees, it’s quick.

All the certifications on this list require you to be above 18 to take them. Real estate agents or brokers must be 21 years of age to get a certificate. It’s imperative to conduct additional research on specific job requirements.

There are many other quick certifications in the labor industry with impressive pay. However, the ones on this list offer you the highest paycheck while guaranteeing good job security.

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