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Racksterli Review 2022 Investment Latest News (Crashed)

2022 Racksterli Review, find out if it’s scam or legit, the investment packages, earnings and how it works.

It is an undisputed fact that Racksterli has been the talk of the Town throughout the year, 2021.

Even if the year is still fresh, you hear about Racksterli almost everywhere you go. Presently, at least one person on your WhatsApp contact list is into Racksterli.

In fact, you must have seen the commercials of Racksterli on your favourite TV shows like The Nancy Isime Show. This could have been part of what brought you here. Not to worry, you will soon get familiar with the system.

Many of us know what Racksterli is about and others have little or no idea about it. Well, in this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about this platform called racksterli. Also, you will be told if it is safe for you to venture into it or just stay completely away from it.

Racksterli is an online investment platform which pays her investors 46-58% ROI monthly depending on their investment.

In simple words, racksterli allows you as a subscriber invests with them and get Returns on your investment in 30 days.

Racksterli was laned in August 2020, with less than 100 subscribers. Today, Racksterli has crossed 360,000 subscribers and is projected to hit 1 million subscribers by May 2021. This is due to the rate at which new investors come in to invest with them.

The growth rate of Racksterli is surely the fastest among all online platforms that have been created to help Nigerian youths.

We have come to the point where we have to separate the wheat from the shaft. There is no platform like Racksterli, and there will never be.

Asides the fact that Racksterli is an online platform, they have a CEO/founder who is not hiding his face at all. I will tell you more about the CEO and founder of Racksterli later in this article.

The platform is the worst in the history of Online platforms.

Update: Racksterli has proved that the whole thing is a scam, if you are planning on registering. My advice is that you should invest your money in a real business or crypto or even save it. Forget about Racksterli or any related ponzi stuffs.

As for the old members, don’t reinvest in the new platform they created. Just pray that he refunds your capital, also join the whatsapp group (link at the end of the article).

Beware of these ponzi schemes in Nigeria, invest only what you can afford to lose. Don’t borrow loans or use your savings. My 2 cents…

Who is the Owner of Racksterli?

The CEO of Racksterli is a young and vibrant Nigerian who has the best interest of the youths at heart. His name is Michael Oti Chidiebere, popularly known as Blackgold. He is a 25 year old who has been into affiliate marketing since 2016.

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Blackgold racksterli owner

Chidi started his affiliate marketing journey with the crashed NNU, owned by affiliate marketing guru, Paul Samson. He then created his own first affiliate site, known then as BGFundz (BlackGoldFundz).

The BGFundz didn’t last for a long time, before it crashed. This was due to improper management of the system. Blackgold used his BGFundz experience to create a better affiliate marketing system, now called Racksterli.

He has been managing Racksterli quite well since August 2020. He is confident that he and his team will be able to manage any amount of subscribers on the Platform in the future.

How Does Racksterli Make Money?

Blackgold has said it publicly that Racksterli is into Forex trading, Real Estate Investment, Gadget sales and advertisement. Over the months of heir existence, there have been proofs that they are actually into these ventures.

Recently, the CEO disclosed that Racksterli is already diversifying into the Oil sector which is very profitable in the Nigerian economy (which was a lie).

Is Racksterli a Scam?

For now, Racksterli is 100% ponzi and it is a scam. The platform did not reach a year before crashing.

Everyone (affiliates and non-affiliates) will not get paid and everyone is left out.

No one knows if there will be a time where racksterli will run out of funds to pay her subscribers, but at the moment, they are still paying.

In addition, Racksterli is registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. I will show you their certificate later in this editorial. Racksterli has two Physical offices situated in Lagos State, and a very large office which is still under construction.

The new office has been proposed to be completed in May 2021. By the time the new office is completed, All the staff will move in and they will start operating from there. (There’s no one in that office)

Is Racksterli a Ponzi Scheme?

There are many ways to identify Ponzi schemes, but it will be a bad idea to jump into conclusion and call a platform a Ponzi scheme without making adequate research.

Ponzi schemes pay off old investors with funds generated from new investors. The cycle is repeated until there is no longer any new investor, and the system crashes. In layman terms, Ponzi schemes rob Peter to pay Paul. Ponzi schemes don’t usually last for a long time.

What is happening to racksterli?

Ever wondered what happened to racksterli? Well, the site has crashed.

I mean the CEO has decided to stop paying all members (both new, old and those who registered for double package in order to get refunded).

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We all know how ponzi schemes work in Nigeria, they start giving fake cock and bull stories.

BG came up with a story on how his account was freezed by CBN, yet he still spends lavishly.

Another proof it has crashed, check his Instagram profile he has removed ceo of Racksterli.

This should be a lesson for all those who lost money to this scheme. Next time, use your money to start a business, invest or enjoy life.

Even racksterli office in Nigeria is vacant, nobody is there. The guy just tricked thousands of people and scammed them of their hard earned money.

He can still be caught if he is reported to efcc or sued to court provided there are concrete evidences.

Future tip: Always read terms and conditions before signing up for any investment site or ponzi scheme.

Things to be careful about on Racksterli

I have told you that Racksterli is 100%  scam at the moment. If you don’t want premium tears, don’t join. Those referring you won’t pay back your loss.

First and foremost, you as a subscriber should avoid Racksterli’s Customer Care. This sounds somehow, but it’s an invaluable advice. Racksterli Customer Care department consist of inadequate staff members who cannot meet up with the increasing subscribers needs.

Due to this, subscribers with issues have their message unattended to weeks after sending them to the Customer Care. So, I will show you how you can avoid the Racksterli Customer Care department.

Firstly, ensure your first and last name on Racksterli matches at least two names on your bank account. Many subscribers payment were skipped because their names didn’t tally. This principle was made to prevent hackers from cashing out your hard earned funds from your racksterli account.

Secondly, do not use a student account to cashout. Students accounts of different banks have limits on them, and are not able to receive or contain large funds.

This leads to bounce back of the money after payment. When a subscriber cashes out nd is not paid within 24 hours, you are then entitled to reach out to a customer care agent.

Thirdly, do not click the “Withdraw” icon more than once. When you click the Withdraw button twice or more, it records your payment in the sheet that same number of times.

When the system detects this multiple payment request, your payment is delayed for some hours. This can get you panicking, especially if those who withdrew after you have gotten their payment, and you are yet to get yours.

How Racksterli Works

Earning on Racksterli is as simple as the English Alphabet. After you are registered as a subscriber, you will be required to share a post to Whatsapp once daily. If you miss the sharing for a day, then you will miss your earning for that day.

You will share this Post to WhatsApp once daily for your 30 days subscription.

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After 30 days, you will be required to cash out your earnings to your local bank account. You can decide to renew, upgrade or stop investing with them. The choice is yours.

Racksterli Packages and ROI

Presently, there are 11 packages on Racksterli. Each package has been designed to suit every type of investor.

The different packages are listed below. The figure in bracket is the returns and capital after 30 days.

  1. Standard Package: N14,000 (N21,660)
  2. Premium Package: N28,000 (N44,460)
  3. Platinum Package: N56,000 (N88,920)
  4. Gold Package: N112,000 (N177,840)
  5. Diamond Package: N280,000 (N444,600)
  6. Ruby Package: N560,000 (N84,880)
  7. Emerald Package:N1,120,000 (N1,690,050)
  8. Pearl Package: N2,800,000 (N4,177,530)
  9. Jasper Package: N5,000,000 (N7,379,904)
  10. Sapphire Package: N10,000,000 (N14,820,000)
  11. Topaz Package: N20,000,000 (N29,319,660)

What do I gain an an Affiliate on Racksterli?

Remember I told you that referral is not compulsory to cashout on Racksterli, unlike other platforms.

However, those who refer friends and families into the system still gain a token. These kinds of people are known as affliates.

Depending on the package, your downline registers on, your referral bonus is directly proportional to it.

  • If you refer a downline on the standard Package, you get N1,140.
  • If you refer a downline on the Premium Package, you get N3,040.
  • If you refer a downline on the Platinum Package, you get N4,000.
  • If you refer a downline on the Gold Package, you get N4,500.
  • If you refer a downline on the Diamond Package, you get N5000.
  • If you refer a downline on the Ruby Package, you get N6,000.
  • If you refer a downline on the Emerald Package, you get N7,000.
  • If you refer a downline on the Pearl Package, you get N8,500.
  • If you refer a downline on the Jasper Package, you get N10,450.
  • If you refer a downline on the Sapphire Package, you get N13,400.
  • If you refer a downline on the Topaz Package, you get N15,200.

How to register for Racksterli

Are you interested in Racksterli? If yes, then you should use your money for something else because it is a complete scam.

For old members, join the whatsapp group for updates on refund of your capital. I hope Nigerians don’t fall for it, May God help us all.

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