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How Much Does a Surgical Intern Make in the USA in 2023?

Not everyone you see in a hospital is a certified doctor or nurse. Some are interns, which brings us to the question of how much a surgical intern will make in the United States.

A surgical intern is done studying surgery in medical school, graduated, and is now in post-medical school training. This internship must be completed before moving into the residency program.

Surgical interns cannot practice unless they have completed their residency program and obtained a license to practice. All they do is support the surgeons and nurses in their work.

Residency programs for surgeons take a lot of time. Depending on your field, you can be a surgeon intern for up to 5 years or more. This article will explain how much these surgical interns earn monthly, yearly, weekly, and hourly.

How much does a surgical intern make?

A surgical intern makes an average annual salary of $58,157 in the United States of America. How much does an intern earn weekly or monthly? After doing the maths, they make $1,118/week or $4,846/month.

In your first year as an intern, you won’t earn much and get access to those perks full residents enjoy. Your years of residency as a surgical intern is directly proportional to your wages. Experienced interns can get paid up to $70k per year.

Location and specialization also affect the amount you make. Those in specialized fields like orthopedic surgery or neurosurgery earn more than those in general surgery.

Some medical schools pay monthly, while some pay bi-weekly. Make sure you are comfortable with the payment frequency before registration.

How much does a surgical intern make an hour?

A surgical intern makes about $28 an hour in the US. The hourly wage can be as high as $35 in California or $32 in New York. This is why the location of the medical institution matters.

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Do surgical interns get paid in 2023?

Yes, surgical interns will be paid in 2023 to reward them for their work. I have also mentioned how much they are paid annually, monthly, weekly, and hourly in this article.

How old is the average surgical intern?

Most surgical interns are in their mid-twenties. The average age of surgical interns is 26.5 years.

Considering their high school, college, and medical school years, surgical interns are 24 -30 years old.

How much does a surgical intern make in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, an average surgical intern earns an annual income of 43,817.67 Pound Sterling.

If we do the maths, that’s 21 pounds per hour, 912.86 pounds per week, or 3,651.47 pounds per month.

Other benefits of a surgical intern

As a surgical intern, you are entitled to additional benefits besides your monthly wages. These are but are not limited to:

  • The educational allowance will cover your educational expenses, or you can use it to pay your student loan.
  • Housing stipend for your accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • License and certification allowance

All other expenses, like transportation, internet bills, etc., will be covered by you. Some medical institutions pay interns feeding or meal stipends, which should help you cut costs if you are a foodie like me.

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