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True And Co Scholarship 2022-2023 Application Form Portal

True And Co Scholarship is a female-founded company made up of a team of beautiful, brilliant, and quirky women.

They believe that their driving mission coupled with their products can help empower women. Their products are geared towards celebrating and promoting their female spirit and body.

True and Co aims at proving an opportunity to women to broaden their minds, pursue careers they love, challenge their world, and become trailblazers of tomorrow.

True And Co pioneered the “Future is Female Scholarship Program” to aid women to pursue their career goals.

So, if you want to know more about the True and Co, “The Future is Female initiative, its application guide, benefits, requirements, and eligibility you are on the right page. We will be looking at each concept one after another.

About True And Co

True and Co is an American Online Lingerie startup, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was officially launched in May 2012.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek often referred to True&Co as “the Netflix of bras”.

It was one of the earlier movers in the wave of vertically integrated e-commerce startup which were geared towards using technology to disrupt traditionally non-tech areas of business.

The Future is Female is an initiative birthed by True and Co to promote the feminist movement in empowering females through education.

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About True and Co Scholarship 2022

The Future is Female Scholarship is an initiative that wants employers and corporations to view women and men through the same lens and pay them equally for the same work or job.

The mission of the Future is Female is to create a true gender equality society through education, awareness, and opportunity.

Future is Female wants girls to grow and be brave and feel strong and smart.

Future is Females want girls to grow up with the mindset that they can accomplish anything they set their minds on. And, there are no barricades they cannot conquer.

Additionally, they want all females to be inspired by other women. And, to have role models, internships, and opportunities to try out what they love or something new in a supportive environment.

Future is Females wants to remove all barricades and barriers existing in the society that fights female rights. And, help the state reach a state of true gender equality.

For clarity’s sake, Future is Female does not promote or mean that females are above men nor is it transmisogynist. She does not disrespect the male gender nor look down on them.

The Future is Female means that the female child will no longer live in a world that believes in hierarchy and zero-sum games as the only forms of social organization.

The future is Female is a call to action to remind all females that they have so much to learn from those who have been underestimated in a Caucasian-led patriarchal system.

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It aimed at offering up alternatives that each person has something unique and powerful to contribute to the world.

True&Co offers an interconnected space for each person to be their best and original self for them to be able to contribute their gifts.

The slogan of “True&Co The Future is Female” suggests that circular organizations of leadership serve females better than hierarchical ones.

Furthermore, The Future is Female is said to be a personal reminder to all females that each of them us a voice and they must own it. As a female, no one has the right to shut you up.

The Future is Female grants deserving females $3000 scholarship grant to pursue any education of their choice.

How Much is The Future is Female Scholarship Worth?

The deserving females will receive benefits as follows:

  • $3000 grant for the course of her choice
  • $300 of True&Co. Brand products
  • A full interview will be featured on the True&Co Journal showcasing what makes you beautiful and exceptional.

Requirements For True and Co Scholarship

For you to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be:

Host Nationality

  • The True&Co Future is Female Scholarship is taken only in the united States

Accepted field of Study/ Level

Nationality Eligibility

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How to Apply for The Future is Female Scholarship 2022

Fill out the online applications and answer the following questions. Each answer to the questions should be up to 200 words.

  • What inspires you
  • Who is your most important female role model?
  • What course are you wanting to study, and why?
  • What impact do you what to leave on the world?

True and Co Scholarship Selection Criteria

The winner will be selected by True&Co’s CEO and original changer marker, Michelle Lam


True and Co has provided a golden opportunity that all US females are not to take for granted. As a female, you will not only be given the grant to go study but also supported to become the best version of yourself.

If you are yet to check it out. You are missing out. Go to their website (https://true&co.com/) and subscribe to their email list.

For now, they are not accepting applications which is why you should regularly check their site. You can also apply for similar scholarships if you meet their requirements.

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