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ULTA Beauty Internship Programs 2022-2023

Ulta Internship is one of the beauty internship programs you can get in 2022. In this article, we covered everything you need to know about these opportunities.

Over the years, Ulta Beauty has reshaped the image and future of beauty and retail. The brand has thrived so well by seeing opportunities in places where others did not, which has become part of its success story.

At the moment, Ulta Beauty is a fortune 500 corporation and also the largest specialty beauty retailer in the whole of the United States of America. Ulta is the right spot for those enthusiastic about true beauty and finds joy in it while experimenting thought-out its store.

Guests at Ulta Beauty get all the best they ever need from a salon here including; prestige, mass, and salon products and services. Clients at Ulta are placed at utmost priority in all its dealings for ways to make them look more beautiful.

Ulta Beauty is very much interested in the well-being of its associates and employees, as their well-being directly affects the status of the brand. Since they are on a mission to use the power of beauty to unravel possibilities within each person, the associates should be cared for.

Ulta Beauty gives people the possibilities to chase dreams, to be exactly who they are, the possibilities to imagine, to impact, and also, to grow. Don’t you think it would be a lovely idea to find people who share the same passion and desire as Ulta? Of course, it should be.

Ulta Beauty is known for creating massive job opportunities regularly and this is not just an exaggeration. Since 2015, the company has created over twenty-two thousand (22,000) jobs.

It did not stop there. There have been over 70% internal promotion of employees, among which more than 6,000 women have taken up managerial roles in the past five years.

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This brand is one that not only believes in opportunities but also harnesses and realizes them. At Ulta Beauty, you will have diverse opportunities to follow your interests and passions, with full support from senior leadership and fellow associates.

Your work experience at Ulta should be a rewarding and fun-filled one, and this is what Ulta strives to provide.

About the ULTA Internship Program 2022

Did you know that Ulta Beauty organizes a program for interns to come have a slight work experience doing what they love doing the most? The brand hopes for your best and wants you to be the best that you can be, be it personally or professionally.

Ulta organizes a paid internship program annually at its Corporate and Distribution center locations. The internship program extends from June to August every year. The application for this year, 2022 is out already. I believe you will be interested in applying before time runs out.

There have been positive reviews from hundreds of college students who have found the Internship program challenging and fulfilling in the past years.

This has even made most of these students join them fully upon graduation. I bet you don’t want to miss such an experience.

Before you go ahead to apply for this program, you should ask yourself some questions to help in your decision on which of the programs to enroll for. The questions should include;

  • What are your interests?
  • In what areas do you shine, no matter the circumstance?

If you can provide answers to these questions, then you can go ahead with your application. Whatever your passions, the internship program is an opportunity to start something beautiful and garner ample experience for your career.

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You might wonder how this will be done, but when you work with a brand that empowers you to create and embrace opportunities, you won’t slack.

Before you choose anywhere for your internship program, it is safe to ensure that the brand you will be working with understands the importance of learning, and Ulta is among the few who do.

So why do you want to miss out on the amazing things and opportunities happening at Ulta? I bet you have no reason for that. So, get up and be part of this movement. You should not let this opportunity pass you by.

What is next is to find out what the program features are. Here, you will know what you stand to gain as an intern at Ulta. They include;

  • Professional development sessions and networking opportunities
  • Intern alum panel
  • Breakfast & business sessions to learn about various department business functions from their respective leaders
  • Luncheons with C-suite executives
  • Hands-on experience working as a member of a specific department and team
  • Cross-functional departmental exposures within the corporate office
  • Exposure to other business areas to ensure full understanding of our company structure and strategy
  • Volunteer opportunity and social outings
  • Final presentation to executives of project findings and recommended course of action

These are the basic features of the internships at ULTA. From these features, you should know how value-packed the programs should be.

Don’t hesitate. Let’s get familiar with the various programs under this Internship.

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Internship Opportunities at ULTA

Opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Information Technology
  • Merchandising
  • Store Services & Operations
  • Public Relations
  • Finance + Accounting
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Supply Chain
  • Community Relations
  • Marketing + E-Commerce
  • Store Services & Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Distribution Center Operations

How to Apply for Ulta Beauty Internship Program

If you are interested in any of these programs and wish to apply, what you need to do is simple. Firstly, visit the Ulta internship website and proceed to apply.

During application, you will be asked to specify which of the programs you are going for. Do so and provide other necessary details.

Proceed to submit your application and wait for a response from the company.


Ulta Beauty is an equal employment opportunity employer, and will not support discriminate acts of any kind. All employment decisions will be made without unlawful discrimination including;

  • race
  • color
  • religion
  • Sex
  • sex stereotyping
  • pregnancy (which includes pregnancy, childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding)
  • gender
  • gender identity
  • gender expression
  • national origin
  • age
  • mental or physical disability
  • ancestry
  • Medical condition
  • marital status
  • military or veteran status
  • citizenship status
  • sexual orientation
  • genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable law.

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