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UVA Acceptance Rate 2023: How Hard is it to Get In?

The University of Virginia, popularly known as UVA, ranks among the renowned public university in Charlottesville, Virginia. A common perception of college students is that they are proud of their campus, and their general standing with other public universities gives them pride.

This public university is the first choice for many deserving students because it ranks 25th among the most outstanding national universities in a world assessment.

Additionally, it ranks ninth among the best colleges in the country for veterans. There could be doubt about the caliber of education offered by this institution. Furthermore, Charlottesville is home to the University of Virginia’s main campus.

To ease your admission process at the University of Virginia, it’s best to understand the peculiarities set for the admission process. In this article, we will analyze the acceptable rate for UVA.

Overview of the University of Virginia

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The University of Virginia is one of the “Public Ivies,” established along with UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Michigan, and the College of William and Mary. Notably, high-achieving students can receive an outstanding education at these institutions.

Thomas Jefferson established UVA in 1918, intending to attract the most remarkable young minds from around the nation. However, this prestigious university’s current success exceeds its original goals. But, like many of its contemporaries, there has been a sharp increase in the level of selectivity at UVA.

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Although this institution accepted about 38% of candidates in 2005, currently, there has been a significant decrease in that number. Out-of-state applicants have a much harder road ahead of them. Furthermore, this institution is peculiar for its top-notch instruction and vibrant campus culture, and it has notable alumni like Richard Lowry, Tina Fey, and Edgar Allen Poe.

U.S. News and World Report place the University of Virginia as the fourth-best public university in the nation as of 2022. This university stands out as a hub of study and development because of its renowned medical center. Various majors are available to undergraduates at UVA, including philosophy, liberal arts, humanities, and aerospace engineering.

Others include architectural history, economics, management sciences, information systems, and nursing. UVA provides excellent academic programs, a small-town atmosphere, and a strong alumni network. Furthermore, the 18,000 undergraduate students at UVA compete for first-year spots from students inside and outside Virginia.

University of Virginia Acceptance Rate

Application numbers for the Class of 2022 totaled 50.962. Only 9,522 people, or 21%, got approved. Furthermore, 968 of the 2,937 applicants that applied early to UVA got accepted, for a 32.96% acceptance rate.

This acceptance rate makes admissions competitive, as the University of Virginia has the most stringent admissions requirements.

The University of Virginia has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, and 51.9% of its classes have fewer than 20 students. With 16,319 undergraduates enrolled, it is a sizable institution. It is significant to note that applying to this university is far more challenging to enroll in if you are not a Virginia resident.

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UVA Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Your chances of getting admitted can increase if you apply to UVA early decision/early action, mainly if you are an out-of-state applicant. Early decision, regular decision, and early action are the three stages of UVA’s admissions process, each having a different acceptance rate:

  • The acceptance rate for early decisions for 2021: 32.96%
  • The acceptance rate for early action in 2021: 21.41%
  • The acceptance rate for 2021 as a whole: 20.62%

Early decision (ED) and early action (EA) applicants are more likely to get approved than typical decision applicants at UVA. Applying ED/EA at UVA does not, but it provides the same benefit as other universities (and carries minimal weight for in-state students).

Early Decision applications to UVA have a distinct advantage. Although early decision applications are the most restrictive, they also give the best odds of acceptance. Submitting an ED application to UVA allows you to attend if accepted. Furthermore, early action is less restrictive than ED but does not provide the same advantage for acceptance.

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UVA Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

Only 15% of out-of-staters got accepted in the 2021–22 cycle, compared to 28% of Old Dominion residents. Since UVA is a state-funded institution, in-state students have significant admissions advantages. UVA has committed to having 2/3 of Virginia residents among its student body.

This figure indicates that UVA’s acceptance rate for Virginia students is higher than for applicants from other states. For instance, the admit rate for the Class of 2022 was 21%; however, it was 28% for Virginia students and 15% for out-of-state applicants.

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GPA Requirements at UVA

The Class of 2025 at UVA has an average high school GPA of 4.31. Over 95% of those accepted into the class of 2025 had GPAs better than 3.5, and 90% had GPAs of 4.0 or higher. About its admissions procedure, the University of Virginia pays attention to factors other than grades.

There isn’t a required minimum GPA for the application. Despite this, the average GPA of all applicants finally accepted to UVA is 4.31. As a result, it ranks as one of Virginia’s colleges with the highest academic competition., is very selective, and only accepts the best applicants.

Over 98% of students are within the top quarter of their class, and 89.6% of all new first-year students were classified in the top 10 percent. But in the end, this college considers more than academic performance; they also rank character. It is reassuring to know that universities get interested in more than GPA amid such fierce competition.

SAT and ACT Requirements for UVA

A high SAT score might help a candidate stand out from the crowd and give their application the edge it might need to beat the competition. SAT scores between 1390 and 1530 are necessary for admission to UVA for half of the applicants. The class of 2022 at UVA had a middle 50% SAT score of 1330-1490.

An incoming UVA student’s typical SAT score is roughly at about 1420. ACT scores between 32 and 35 are necessary for admission to UVA for half of the applicants.

The class of 2022 at UVA had a middle 50% with scores between 30 and 34. So, an incoming UVA student’s typical SAT score is roughly 1420.

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How the University of Virginia Scores Candidates

Whether you’re an out-of-state or in-state student, UVA admissions rank on the difficult side. Based on profile competitiveness, UVA is a top 40–50 institution for in-state students, but for out-of-state students, it’s roughly on par with a top 20 school. Compared to other schools, UVA often admits more applicants off the waitlist.

Students that get waitlisted should always complete the entire process. The University of Virginia rates the following factors as “not considered” in its 2020-2021 Common Data Set:

  • Religious observance
  • Candidate’s interest

The following are labeled “considered”:

  • Legacy of the first generation
  • Geographical area
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Experience at Work
  • Voluntary service

These elements qualify as “important.”

  • Test results
  • Essay
  • Activities outside of the classroom
  • Talent/ability

These elements qualify as “extremely important” as well:

  • Course difficulty
  • Class rank GPA
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Characteristics or Personal traits
  • State of residence

Tips for UVA Applicants

If you plan to apply to the forthcoming admissions cycle, you should be aware of the following:

Compelling Reference Letters

To get considered for admission, UVA requires two letters of recommendation. One from your high school guidance counselor and one from a teacher of a fundamental academic topic.

The counselor’s recommendation offers a broad view of you, and that of the teacher offers insight into how you’re likely to fare academic-wise. Your character and personal traits should come through in the counselor’s and teacher’s letters of recommendation, as UVA views this as another “extremely significant.”

Create Engaging Essays

Essays are an excellent opportunity to stand out from other applicants, and UVA values them when deciding which applicants to admit.

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All UVA applicants must respond to one of five essay questions and the essay question specific to the school they are applying to. Generally speaking, you should use your essay to show who you are and why the institution is a good fit for you.


Although UVA has a very low acceptance rate, your prospects depend on the strength of your application.

If UVA is your top option and you are confident it is within your financial means, applying for an early decision at UVA is wise. Now that you know this, proceed to give it your best to be able to study at this prestigious institution.

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