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Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs? (5 Good Reasons)

Between 2020 and 2030, the total number of nurses in the United States. is expected to grow by almost 11% and a large number of this figure have a tradition to live up to. That tradition is scrubs wearing, which has become a sign and symbol of the nursing profession.

Generally, the healthcare industry is one where uniforms and clothing have significant bearings. Uniforms don’t just offer a protective shield to nursing employees, but also make their jobs easier, regardless of the hours.

Long before, nurses had to wear those dapper caps and white scrub dresses, presenting a shiny prospect wherever they were sighted. Perhaps you’re wondering where those types of clothing have gone.

Well, doctors didn’t like them, and many nurses complained about getting them cleaned. Now, you can barely turn a corner without seeing a nurse wearing one in a hospital or other medical facilities.

There’s more to scrubs than meets the eye, so whether you’re getting set to wear them as part of your career, or looking to learn, you’re in the right place.

What are Scrubs?

Medically, scrubs are garments designed to be worn by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in the operating room. Scrubs were originally gown-like but they now come in different forms, including as pants worn by those who scrub in for surgery. Also, wearing scrubs has extended beyond surgical procedures in many hospitals and clinics. Some nurses even wear them from home.

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Wearing scrubs is synonymous with the profession. It’s much like wearing a white coat or moving about with a stethoscope. Formerly, scrubs came in one sole color – drab blue or Dr. Blue. But that has since changed, thanks to a plethora of colors you can pick from, including floral, aloha, and animal prints.

Scrubs are made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. Overall, they’re designed to carry a wrinkle-free professional look, so that nurses and other health professionals experience minimal fuss working in them.

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5 Reasons why Nurses Wear Scrubs

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For Easy Identification 

It’s normal for many hospital managements to require different color scrubs for different departments. This makes it easy to find a nurse when you need one, or spot the difference between different healthcare professionals.

Besides, color-coded uniforms add a conducive atmosphere to the facility’s environment, thereby giving it a professional and organized look. Patients and their families will feel reassured by the uniforms around them.

Better Sanitary Conditions

Nurses aren’t just caregivers to a wide range and demographic of patients, but they’re also exposed to infection and other contaminated substances. In such conditions, caring for some patients presents some dangers.

However, wearing scrubs can provide the near-perfect wall of protection nurses need. Scrubs are made from high-quality fabrics designed specifically for healthcare professionals and contain antimicrobial properties.

Further, scrubs pass through stringent cleaning measures, thanks to many medical establishments that launder them for their employees. As a result, they’re washed using powerful cleaning chemicals combined with high temperatures to disinfect the scrubs. Blood, fluids, or other contaminating substances are completely removed from the scrubs. Besides, the washing process can ruin regular clothes.

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By wearing scrubs, nurses also help their patients recover, by preventing them from being exposed to harmful substances that will inhibit their healing process. Overall, the sanitary benefit of scrubs ensures that healthcare facilities are sterile and generally clean.

Scrubs are Inexpensive

As a nurse, you’ll have a hard time wearing your regular clothes to work. Moreover, you won’t be able to get them clean enough or free of contamination. The best alternative to regular clothes are scrubs since they are longer and offer budget-friendly options. Also, scrubs are designed to withstand the constant rigors associated with the healthcare world.

When they get ruined, scrubs are easy to dispose of since they cost less. All you have to do is pick another one and continue your job.

You’ll always find quality, comfortable options at affordable prices. On the other hand, many medical facilities provide free scrubs for their healthcare professionals that can last for months.

Easy Movement and Accessibility 

Nurses need to move unrestricted and at the same time, have enough space to carry some items in cases of emergencies. That’s where scrubs come in. They have ample pocket space so that it’s easier to carry around tools and equipment. For example, nurses carry writing utensils, bandages, sutures, sanitary gloves, notepads, penlight, and other tools of the trade.

The pocket space will vary from one scrub to the other while others feature fewer pockets for a clearer, more aesthetic appearance. Whatever the case, you’ll want scrubs that match your activities for the day. Since they’re cheaper, you can have a couple.

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Modern, Fashionable Appearance

Some nurses are allowed tattoos and other body arts, but scrub uniforms often add style and fashion statements to boost their appearance. In the market, you’ll come across different fashionable scrubs that are pleasing to the eye and highly functional.

You can also pair the scrubs with stylish nursing shoes, scrub jackets, and other accessories. This way, you maintain a modern look throughout your shift.

In addition, fashionable scrubs are mostly beneficial for nurses with long work commutes, thanks to their design. Wearing them gives you an air of confidence knowing they won’t squeeze or leave you looking out of place.


Now that you know why nurses wear scrubs, you can understand what makes it a necessary part of their life. Most hospitals and medical healthcare facilities make nurses wear scrubs to promote the benefits mentioned above.

That’s why wearing them never gets old. Further, scrubs are sanitary, good for easy identification, present a professional appearance, and help you carry small equipment.

Scrubs are also inexpensive and easy to clean and unlike pure white gowns, they’re conducive and allow nurses to go about their jobs competently. Many nurses are happy to wear them. Besides, nothing showed how relevant scrubs are than the Coronavirus pandemic. Scrubs can take a lot of stains and contamination and quality cleaning agents would get them off almost instantly.

If you’re looking at nursing as a career, chances are you already fancy wearing scrubs and look forward to it. Who wouldn’t?

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