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Switzerland is one of the best places to get educated. It has a vibrant education system and many exciting extracurricular activities for students.

Most of the most expensive schools there overlook the Alps, making even a gaze out of the classroom a phenomenon.

All these perks don’t come without a catch–Switzerland’s private schools are the most expensive globally. Eight of the top ten costliest high schools globally are in the country. However, public schools are free and funded by local taxation.

1. Institute Auf Dem Rosenberg

Institute Af Dem Dem Rosenberg holds the prestigious title of Switzerland’s priciest school. It’s also the world’s most expensive high school, thanks to its $167,000 tuition. However, the quality of education at the school is worth the money, and who won’t fancy learning while knowing you’re just a schedule away from going skiing in the iconic Swiss Alps?

Students get tutored by teachers that the school describes as “artisans of education,” and they do so in the best educational infrastructure on the planet. The school adopts a holistic approach to educating its students.

Extracurricular activities are plenty at the Instituted Auf Dem Rosenberg, especially sports, and students have over 30 to choose from. There are also workshops and creative labs for the students to develop their skills and talents.

2 Institut La Rosey

Institute La Rosey is more popular than Institute Auf Dem Rosenberg, which isn’t surprising because they both charge exorbitant fees. They’re also located in the Swiss Alps, although they maintain a healthy 3 hours 30 minutes drive from each other. Institut La Rosey’s location is at Rolle, and Paul-Emile Carnal founded it.

It’s one of the best boarding schools in the world and admits students between the ages of 8-18. The school has a bilingual education system–students can learn two to three foreign languages. It also focuses on extracurricular activities, and students can decide to participate in sports, technology, cultural activities, and service learning.

The school is also famous for its high-profile alumni, which earned it the nickname “School of Kings.” Its annual tuition is $137,250.

3. College Alpin Beau Soleil International

It takes some good work to be acknowledged by the Daily Telegraph and one of the most exclusive schools in the world. Madame Bluette Ferrier founded the college in 1912, and its campus is located at Villas-sur-Ollon, 1,350 above sea level.

The academic life at the school is of high standard, and it teaches its students using the highly personalized English and French curriculum. This education method is made possible by the small class size with a student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1. The boarding life at the school is perfect, and students get to experience the Beau Soel Soleil experience.

Part of what students look forward to is the annual trips around the world, where students get to partake in exciting experiences. The school fee of the College Alpin Beau International is $130,000, which makes it the third most expensive school in Switzerland and globally.

4. Aiglon College

John C. Corlette founded Aiglon College in 1949, and it’s located at Ollon. It’s the fourth most expensive school in Switzerland and the world. What sets the school apart from the rest is its approach to education. It prioritizes meditation for its students, as its ethos is that a balanced development of the mind, body, and spirit is the bane of efficient education.

It’s also an incredibly diverse school, bringing together students from over 65 different countries globally. The school has just 443 students, meaning each teacher can focus on individual students to enhance their development. Students at the school have come out top in the IBB exams, and the trend doesn’t look like it’s stopping.

Algion College also makes extracurricular activities an integral part of its curriculum. Students undertake expeditions, partake in sports, and visit exciting places globally. The school fee for Algion College is $129,546.

5. Le Regent International School

Le Regent International School is relatively new compared to the others on this list, coming into the scene in 2015. However, the school’s $114,000 is the 5th most expensive globally. It has also achieved immense success and boasts students from over 50 countries.

The school’s educational structure develops the students’ academic, sporting, and artistic talents. It also trains them to appreciate nature and other life lessons that grow the students into reputable individuals. The result is that graduates at the school are internationally minded and capable of handling any challenge in college or the outside world. La Regent’s annual tuition is $114,000.

6. Leysin American School, Switzerland

The Leysin American school is the 6th most luxurious in Switzerland. However, it has all the qualities that guarantee a remarkable learning experience. It’s also located in the scenic Swiss Alps, which puts students in the heart of different snow sports.

However, education quality is essential, and Leysinl excels at it. It teaches students using an experiential approach, meaning they get to see what they’re learning in the classroom works in the real world. It makes the learning experience remarkable and more effective for the students.

It has students from around the globe, and world-class instructors educate them. The school has around 340 students. Its teacher-to-student ratio is low and enhances personalized education. Leysin American School charges a $111,515 annual tuition.

7. St George’s International School

St. George is the seventh costliest school in Switzerland. Lorna Southwell and Osyth Potts founded it in 1927. It’s among the top 5 IBB schools in Switzerland.

The school’s location is unarguably one of the most iconic in the world. It’s located at the foot of the Alps, but it’s built right at Lake Geneva shores, which gives it an adorable look.

The school provides a holistic learning environment to its students. It admits students 8-18 years old, and the small class size ensures they get more attention and learn better. The school also values classroom learning, and you can bet that skiing and other snow sports are among the most popular.

Alternatively, students can be part of many clubs dedicated to ensuring they develop their creative talents. The tuition at St. George’s International School is $111,850.

8. College Du Leman International School

College Du Leman International School is the 8th most expensive school in Switzerland and one of the most expensive in the world. It’s also a world-class school that offers one of the best education you can get globally.

The school’s main difference from the others on this list is the student population, which is around 1,900. However, it has a healthy student-to-teacher ratio of 9:2, and the students will get a near-personalized education.

College Du Liman trains high school students for international diplomas, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the IGCSEs. The school also allows students to study English or French, making them bilingual and expanding their career prospects. The annual tuition fee at the school is $94,400.

That concludes the list of the most expensive schools in Switzerland. Institute Auf Dem Rosenberg is the costliest, followed by La Rosey and College Alpin Beau Soleil.

All these schools are among the best in the country and will give students an elite education. Most of them even have a bilingual education system, which makes the students more prepared for the international learning environment.

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