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Every job has its risks, but some are more dangerous than others. These works require you to put your health on the line either via intensive working conditions, exposing yourselves to harmful chemicals, or both. Others entail working lengthy hours repeatedly, which can affect your mental or physical well-being.

The catch is that some of these jobs have high pay and don’t require any prior experience. It makes them worth the effort, to some extent.

That said, this article will educate you on some of the high-paying jobs with no experience. You’ll understand the job description, what makes them dangerous, and how much you can earn.

Here are some of the most dangerous high-paying jobs with no experience in the market.

1. Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scene cleaner

Crime scene cleaners are responsible for cleaning up the scenes of the crimes after investigation. It can be a disgusting job, providing you’ll be required to clean up any crime scene, even the worst, which makes the job dangerous.

You’ll come in contact with unhealthy things. While you’ll protect yourself most of the time, it’s tough to bear if you can’t deal with gore sights. You might also need to interact with the people affected by this crime and show them compassion.

The bright side is that you can become a crime scene cleaner even if you don’t have any previous job experience. All you need to do is undertake the required training, and you can start applying for jobs. Crime scene cleaners earn upwards of $45,000 annually.

2. Oil Rig Worker (Roustabouts)

Oil rig workers

Many people work at an oil rig, like drillers, rig welders, rig engineers, rig medics, and roustabouts. Roustabuts are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the drilling equipment and performing all physical duties.

Like other oil rig work, roustabouts work with the harsh and unpredictable tides of the deep sea. It’s rigged with different kinds of heavy machinery that can injure workers. On top of this, roustabouts work for lengthy hours under these conditions.

To become a roustabout, you must complete the mandatory training and be at least 18 years old. Roustabouts earn upwards of $41,000, with pay rising to $90,000.

3. Military Personnel

UK army

You need a high school diploma to become a military personnel and must be over 17 years old. You also need to be physically fit to fulfill the rigorous demands. Enlisted personnel are the lowest ranked and are required to undertake direct missions on the ground, which can range from single to complex ones.

Becoming a military officer is physically and mentally demanding and is unarguably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. However, it differs from other jobs on this list because you get other associated benefits like education and health, which make the paycheck more valuable.

The average salary of military personnel in the US is around $67,453. If you’re a college graduate, you can become an officer and earn more.

4. Coal Miners

Coal miners

Coal mining is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Its risk is because the miners work in mines that can cave in at any time, trapping those inside. Coal is also flammable and can cause a fatal fire. Regularly working with coal and injecting the dust is also a significant cause of lung issues.

Becoming a coal miner isn’t hard if you identify the risk and are ready to work with it. However, it’s best to work for a legitimate employer who puts in the best safety measures.

To become a coal miner, you must complete the training and apprenticeship before applying for certification. The pay for a coal miner may be worth the risks, and you can earn up to which can earn up to $65,000 annually.

5. Truck Driver

young truck driver

Truck driving is one of those jobs that’s harder than what people think. You’re required to transport goods and raw materials over long distances. Truck drivers must plan the best route their heavy vehicles will pass through and be responsible for their well-being.

Driving for long hours contributes to what makes the job dangerous. You must concentrate all through to avoid accidents or other issues. On top of all, you may also help unload the goods when you drop them off.

Anyone can become a truck driver if you’ve passed the legal age for driving in your location. All you need is to undergo training at a reputable truck school, and you’ll be good to go. Truck drivers in the US earn from $58,800 to over $83,000.

6. Logging Worker

Logging worker

A logging worker cuts down trees transported to sawmills to be processed and used by relevant industries. Logging workers work with gigantic and often dangerous machinery. Also, they often need to go into remote and often inconvenient locations to fell trees, as they must be wary of government restrictions.

Injuries are part of the job due to the heavy machinery that they use, the risk of being hit by a falling tree, and encounters with wildlife, among other challenges.

However, on the bright side, you don’t need any experience to get entry-level positions. You’ll learn everything you need about the job practically and become an expert logger in no time. It also pays well, and you can earn around $31,285 annually.

7. Garbage Collector

Garbage collector
Garbage collector Worker of urban municipal recycling garbage collector truck loading waste and trash bin

Being a garbage collector is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world for obvious reasons. You collect, transport, and dispose of garbage from residential and commercial buildings.

One of the most significant disadvantages is the health risk garbage collectors put themselves through. Also, they must work every day, for long hours, while struggling to avoid traffic. It’s impossible to talk about what garbage collectors go through without mentioning the smell, which is exactly what you think.

However, you don’t need any experience as a garbage collector. Also, the pay is worth the risk, and they earn $60,000 annually doing what they do.

8. Crab Fisherman

Crab fisherman

Crab fishermen go into the ocean to catch those delicious crabs we eat, but their job isn’t easy. They need to venture into large bodies of water and usually spend a long time at sea to get a good catch. Therefore, they’re at risk of the deep-sea that you can think of. Also, spending hours at sea without a catch is a pretty normal phenomenon there.

Becoming a crab fisherman doesn’t require much experience, and you can be by apprenticeship or purchasing your equipment. Before starting, you must earn a license to crab fish in your locality. There are laws guiding the crab types you can and can’t catch.

Crab fishermen get paid a massive bunch, earning over $60,000 annually. However, this time isn’t the best for getting into the business, as restrictions make it harder for fishermen to practice their craft. The number of crab fishermen is projected to decrease over the next few years.

These are some of the highest-paying jobs with no experience. You don’t need formal training to enter all these jobs, and you can earn a fortune doing them. However, all of them are dangerous and aren’t the best to do if you’re not ready to put your health on the line.

These jobs being dangerous doesn’t mean that they aren’t doable. You should ensure that you undertake the required safety procedures at all times. If you’re doing a job like mining or crab fishing, ensure you follow the correct legislation to stay on the right side of the law. Understand that you can earn more on the jobs listed here with more experience.

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