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The 10 Happiest Jobs in the Medical Field

The medical field is not all doom and gloom for every professional. It’s genuine happiness or a great dose of contentment.

Look at it this way. You’re helping people deal with their health challenges and improve overall. More often than not, you’re called to be their lifesaver, which presents some stress, but, no doubt, keep you going.

On the flip side, you also have to deal with tough sights. Blood, gore, and desperate situations could leave anyone depressed or downcast for a considerable time. Patients and their families may also blame you when your tough calls go bad. However, many other factors make it a happy field to work in.

For starters, the medical field pays more salaries, offers more benefits, and job satisfaction. Even though these factors are difficult to measure, there’s more than a glimmer of hope for these professionals. With that in mind, here are the happiest jobs in the medical field and what makes them so.

Keep in mind that medical jobs refer to job roles that require a medical degree, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, etc.

What Makes up a Happy Medical Job?

When you think about it, there are a couple of things to consider before pulling out the happiest jobs in the medical field. Some of them are explained here.

  • Salary: In the medical field, professionals know they should earn well and expect it. A high salary is not all there is to life, but it’s a significant consideration.
  • Benefits: Paid vacation days, time off, and quality health insurance are some of the benefits that contribute to happier medical staff.
  • Work/life balance: It’s a significant aspect you can’t leave out in the medical field. The longer one goes in a role that stifles their personal life, the sadder one becomes. It could even lead to burnout.
  • Job roles: The medical field is large, so many roles and specifications exist. Some of them are hard to perform. If you love your job and the responsibilities that come with it, that’s one way to be happy.
  • Job satisfaction is difficult to quantify, but it remains an important consideration. If you’re not satisfied with the work and the rewards that come with it, happiness will seem far off.
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Other factors vary from person to person and one professional to the other, but these are a great place to start. With that in mind, read on to learn about the happiest jobs in the medical field.

1. Pediatrician


Kids are a special bunch, so it would take some doing not to be happy around them. Pediatricians do not need an introduction because they work with children who are the most vulnerable members of society. This gives them joy and satisfaction, helping them stay healthy. Pediatricians also step up their game with fun moments and words to make kids smile.

As is common in the medical field, pediatricians might lose a sick or injured child. That could be heartbreaking, especially when a little relationship has formed or there’s a genuine desire for the child to beat the illness.

So as fulfilling as it sounds, being human makes them emotionally drained when things turn sour. However, it’s a happy job treating and taking care of children.

There’s the financial aspect as well. Pediatricians earn a mean annual average close to the $200,000 mark, contributing to their happy state.

2. Nutritionist/Dietician

A nutritionist/dietician is a food and nutrition professional who helps people make healthy choices. Depending on the situation, they work with individuals, families, and groups by providing tips and facts leading to good health through proper nutrition.

You’ll find these medical professionals running their practice in hospitals, clinics, or clinics. Sometimes, you’ll find them in public health or as part of a research team.

These guys use their expertise and various techniques to help their patients eat better and manage their health through dietary assessments, counseling, and education. That gives them access to make a direct impact on their clients. Moreover, the world is becoming more conscious of the benefits of healthy living. As a result, there is a high demand for these experts.

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The job isn’t as demanding as others on this list. As for salary, nutritionists/dieticians earn an average of between $60,000 to $100,000 annually.

3. Dentist

two concentrated dentistsPin

Dentistry is an important career line and job in the medical field. You might need them to maintain healthy teeth or to check out the dental health of a loved one. You know, having healthy teeth is essential for both your health and general appearance. It’s not the best job in the medical field, considering you have to spend time looking into different mouths all day, but it’s fulfilling.

In addition, dentists are generally known for being some of the happiest people in the medical field. Besides, they might have some treats if you’re nice and follow their instructions.

Also, most of their jobs go on in a relatively low-stress environment. That contributes to a strong level of happiness in the profession and the satisfaction of keeping patients’ mouths healthy.

Furthermore, dentists make a good living, generally. Their median salary per year can get up to $163,220. That’s not based at all on a happy job.

4. Nurse

nurse checking time for shiftsPin

You wouldn’t be wide off the mark if you think nurses are the most important medical professionals on this list. They’re that important to the health sector and viewed as the real heroes of the medical field. That’s because they do so much to assist their patients in getting better. Also, they often go about their duties with a smile!

Nurses have many job specifications ranging from carer for patients, administration of drugs, cleaning beds, and much more. It’s no wonder that a large percentage of them work for long hours even though shifts are common.

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However, they remain some of the most compassionate people you’ll ever encounter. Even with the sick and injured around them, they manage to put in a good shift and put smiles on the faces of those around them.

In addition, they derive genuine happiness in discharging their duties. Like pediatricians, nurses are in high demand, with an average growth faster than the average of all occupations. They can earn a median salary of around $77,610 per year.

5. Psychiatrist

female psychiatristPin

Psychiatrists are medical doctors in their own right. They diagnose and treat mental health conditions, which are mostly overlooked. Thankfully, the world is growing to appreciate the need to help those suffering from mental illnesses. Now, psychiatrists are needed much more than ever, especially with the growing rate of depression in the United States.

According to research, about one in five adults in the United States experiences mental illness in any given year. Many people need help, and psychiatrists are in a perfect position to help people suffering from mental illnesses.

These guys are trained to understand the complex relationship between mind and body. They know what a patient needs at times and can prescribe medication to treat different conditions.

Even though the field of psychiatry is growing, there’s a need for more professionals. They’re happy to help your mind get to a better place and earn well. They expect a median wage of about $250,000. While it can be draining listening to the mental challenges of some patients, the pay and setting suggest you can happily cope with that.

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6. Respiratory Therapist

Breathing is still fundamental, even though it might take something drastic for some people to realize that. Nonetheless, breathing is essential to life, and not everything goes well. Sometimes, you might have issues breathing properly, and that’s when a respiratory therapist comes in. Even with the increase in meditation practices, having these professionals is still important.

Connecting the dots now, respiratory therapists are medical professionals who help people breathe better. They work closely with patients who have respiratory problems like asthma and sleep apnea.

Further, a typical routine will include assessing a patient’s breathing difficulties and developing treatment plans and tests to measure lung function. These actions mean they’re in a place to impact the lives of their patients immediately.

Thanks to a growing need for them, you’ll find these professionals in different medical settings. However, it’s not as financially rewarding as the rest, but with a median salary of $61,830 per year and reasonable specifications, you can be happy.

7. Optometrist

optician doing optometry examPin

When you’ve got eye issues, it’s time to visit the optometrist. They’re responsible for attending to eye issues via eye exams to treat vision problems and prescribe glasses where necessary. These functions make them an important aspect of the medical field, with most happy enough to diligently perform their duties.

Optometrists enjoy a rather stress-free time doing some of the ‘straightforward’ stuff since surgeries and ophthalmologists handle serious conditions.

Optometry is an exceptional choice if you’re seeking a rewarding time as a medical professional. You’ll find them in private practices, optical stores, or as part of a larger public health service. Besides, they normally run regular hours, unlike the stress associated with other medical fields. They’re also in demand, and with an aging population, even more so.

According to recent findings, the median salary of this often happy bunch is about $125,000 per year.

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8. Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are professionals that deal with communication disorders. People that have issues understanding or using spoken language form the bulk of their patients.

Besides, language is the main vehicle of communication, so they make it easier or more comfortable for people to speak. That makes their job quite interesting and, from recent statistics, happy.

SLPs aren’t restricted to adults. They work with infants and children, too, all the while employing different techniques to help their patients improve their communication skills. Some of these techniques include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and sound-based tests.

Since most of what they do involves communication, they aren’t stressed like the rest, and in most cases, they’re happy working. SLPs reportedly earn a median salary of $79,120 annually.

Final Words

These are eight of the happiest jobs in the medical field. If you’re inclined towards the sciences, any of the above fields present a great niche to hone your skills, get a degree, and enjoy a job.

Moreover, every professional on this list is in demand. Why not tow any lines to make an impact and be happy?

Now that you know the happiest jobs in the medical field, you’re better placed to find a spot. Don’t forget that some of these fields require a lot of schooling and studies. But more often than not, they lead to a happy career.


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