Make a The Subject Of The Formula V=u+at [Solved]

Here is a question where we are asked to make a the subject of the formula V=u+at.

“This question is derived from the first equation of motion V=u+at”.

If you are not familiar with the topic subject of the formula, this question will serve as an example for you.

This question might also be given this way.

Rearrange v=u+at to make a the subject

We won’t cover everything that deals with the main topic but this question will be treated perfectly.

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Make a The Subject Of The Formula V=u+at

Let me give you this hint. Whenever you are dealing with fractions, the first thing you do is to find the LCM.

If the question given has either plus (+) or minus (-) add the values or subtract them if they are like terms.

In case there is an equal sign, collect like terms and change the sign in front of the number or variable.

Take for instance we are to make u the subject of the formula in this question


All you need to do is move the “at” to the other side. While moving this make sure you change the sign i.e from plus (+) to minus (-).

So we now have v-at=u

If two alphabets or one alphabet and number are together always apply division.

For example, 2s=10 make s the subject of the formula. What you have to do here is to divide both sides with the co-efficient of s which is 2.

2s/2 = 10/2


The full guide on the subject of the formula will be dropped soon

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  • Step 1: move u to the other side. v-u=at
  • Step 2: Divide both side by the co-efficient of a v-u/t =at/t
  • Finally, we arrive at a=v-u/t

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