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What To Do After Writing WAEC 2022 [Best Guide]

Have come across a lot of students who don’t know the next step to take after getting their WAEC / O’level result.

Are you in the company of this set of students? If your thinking is all about obtaining your WAEC or O’level result and start beating NEPA for bringing bills or gisting your friends about your secondary school life.

You really need Christ to deliver you from unnecessary thinking if that’s what you’re teaching.
Based on the above question what should you do next?

During our primary or secondary school days, we all have what we wish to become. Let me sight an example during our secondary school time. Whenever most of us are asked what we wish to become in the future.

we mostly reply to the questionnaire with a medical doctor, engineer, pilot, as our answer. Have watched a video of a boy saying he wants to become a daddy in the future is that also what you want to be?. Hmmn… don’t worry just relax very soon you’ll become a father.

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The one you are intending to become should already be known to you. We altogether know to achieve this goal you need to attend a tertiary institution.

One of the important documents that will get you there is nothing but your WAEC / o’level result. If you don’t have this then you need to get it so as to start your future trip.

However, as we know that

“All fingers are not the same”

so not everyone is going to succeed the same way.

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Have you ever ask your parent if they have the capacity to sending you to a particular tertiary institution for your first degree?.
If yes then which type are they capable of sending you to. Is it college of education, polytechnic, university, etc?

After you might have been told the ones they are capable of. The next step is to start planning your journey into the institution.

What should I do to proceed further with my academics? As a student willing to get admitted into tertiary institutions. The first thing you should do is apply for the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination form govern by Jamb.

During your registration, you can then input the institution which you wish to go to based on the conclusion of your parents.

Go for tutorials or extra lessons so as to get your brain refreshed. But if the reverse is the case what should be your action.

I want you to believe that not everyone who is rich today has all qualifications ( B.sc, Ph.D., Masters, Dr, etc ) . Just follow the guidelines below, I bet you won’t regret taking action on it.

What to do while waiting for your WAEC result 2022

  • Discover what you are good at – find out what you have passion for and what you are good at doing. After knowing it think of various ways in using it to solve human problems. From there you also will start earning some cash and become comfortable.
  • Engage in useful skills – there a lot of things you can venture into one of it is skill acquisition. Try going for any of this programs they require zero or less capital to set up examples of such include solar building, web development , graphic designing, blogging, digital marketing, e.t.c. You can also venture into learning work like farming, carpentry or furniture, bricklaying, vulcanizing, drama, singing , tailoring, e.t.c. Don’t be ashamed of those works I listed above the fact is not everyone will work with their certificate and the idle hand is the devils workshop. Try to do any of these or make research on the ones you love to help yourself and after getting money in it you can further your education yourself if you still have interest.
  • Always put God in whatever step you take: before you are being created God already had a good plan for its now left to you to consult him for the good deeds he has for you. Don’t forget you cant be successful without the help of God so always learn to submit whatever you want to do to him and am sure his going to take absolute control.
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In conclusion, after obtaining your waec / O’level result. Try as much as possible to learn a skill before going for any admission exercise into a tertiary institution. It will enable you to become self-dependent even whenever you are in need of something.

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