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Zambia is one of the best destinations for international students in Africa. It has world-class universities like the University of Zambia, and its top schools have world-class learning environments. The country also has some schools with good international collaborations, which opens up opportunities.

There are exciting extra-curricular activities, and Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall, is in Zambia. University education is also relatively inexpensive compared to other parts of the world, with fees only ranging between $453-$7,500.

Private institutions dominate the most expensive universities in Zambia. These schools are usually well structured and provide a decent earning experience for their students. That said, here are some of the most expensive universities in Zambia.

1. Information Communication University

International Communication University is a high-profile institution in Zambia. It was founded in 2009, and it’s in Lusaka. Students can study for many graduate and undergraduate programs, and the schools train them to be problem-solving individuals.

As its name suggests, ICT is a huge part of its curriculum, which helps shape the student skills to match that of the modern world.

ICU Zambia’s annual tuition for its Bachelor’s programs ranges from K3,000,000 ($116,372) to K4,000,000 ($155,000 per semester. Post Graduate diplomas and Masters programs are more expensive at K6,000,000 ($232,751). ICU’s regular certificate programs cost K1,000,000 ($38,791), while the diploma programs will set you back K3,000,000 annually. ICU is unarguably Zambia’s most expensive university.

2. Texila American University

Texila American University is a relatively new private university in Lilayi, Zambia. It’s one of the country’s best options for local and international students willing to bag a degree in Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery or other health-related disciplines. It also offers world-class Business and Management, Information Technology, and Education degrees. The school has connections with many colleges in Africa and globally.

Texila American MD & Premed Programs tuition is $18,000 annually and $15,735 US if you want clinical rotations in the US. Other programs are cheaper, and the undergraduate tuition for most other programs is around $3,800 to $4,400. Of course, you’ll pay more for Ph.D. and Doctoral programs, with some courses costing up to $7,800.

3. Cavendish University

Cavendish University is one of the best universities in Zambia. It was founded in 2004 and has with the Higher Education Authority. The school is in Lusaka, with one campus at Villa Elizabeth and the second at Long Acres.

It has the School of Medicine, Law, Business and Information Technology, and Arts, Education & Social Sciences. You can study a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees at Cavendish, and it has a good standing among international students.

Tuition at the school for undergraduate programs is $1,385, and $1,115 for its distance learning students. The tuition at the School of Medicine is higher at around $2,500 per semester. Postgraduate programs are the most expensive of the lot and cost from $6,667 to $7,292.

4. Copperbelt University

Copperbelt University is also one of the largest in Zambia. It is in Kitwe, the country’s largest city in infrastructural development. Copperbelt University should be your top option if you’re an international student willing to study in Zambia. It was founded in 1987, and it’s a public university.

The school has five campuses: Jambo Drive Campus, Parkland Campus, Ndola Campus, Kapasa Makasa Campus, and Tazara Campus. It has 12 undergraduate and postgraduate schools. However, its school of Engineering is the most reputed in the country.

Copperbelt University charges K22,833 ($885) as tuition for its in–state and SADC students studying non-lab-based courses like business. International students pay more, and it costs K34,249 ($1,328). Students studying lab-based courses pay higher, at K27,286 ($1,058) and K40,928 ($1,588) for international students.

5. Mulungushi University

Mulungushi University has three campuses in Kabwe, Mubanga Road, and Livingstone. Founded in 2008, it’s one of the best and most expensive Zambian universities. It has seven faculties/schools, and students can study many graduate and undergraduate courses. The school’s library is also one of the best in the country and has many research resources.

Tuition at the school costs K11,475 ($445) per semester, and food and accommodation costs can drive the costs to around K17,445 ($676). All in all, expect to spend around K34,890 ($1,350) in annual tuition.

However, it only gets lower for the Education courses, as you only need to pay around K26,040 ($1,010) annually. Graduate school tuition also varies depending on the programs, and the highest you can pay is around K15,330 ($594) if you’re offering six courses.

6. University of Zambia

The University of Zambia is widely considered the largest in the country. It’s in the country’s capital, Lusaka, and was established in 1965. The university is public, but it’s among the most expensive for postgraduates in the country. Its campus is along the Great East Road.

The school has ten faculties at which it teaches over 157 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Its research prowess is the best among public universities in Zambia. The school has trained three Zambia presidents, one Zimbabwe president, and other prestigious alumni. Annual tuition at the school varies depending on the program you want to study.

Undergraduate degrees at the University of Zambia are inexpensive, with Art-based students paying just K2,371 $90 per year, Art-Based & Science/Medicine-Based Programmes K4,400 ($170), while science/Medicine-based programs pay K2,855 (119). The school’s postgraduate tuition is where things get high, as it ranges from K16,789 (Zambian) and $7,460 (SADC Candidates) to K26,063 (Zambian) and $12,460 (SADC Candidates).

It’s imperative to note that some of these schools have scholarships for local and international students. You should research available scholarships you’re eligible for and apply for them if you’re interested. Most schools will have a list of eligible universities on their website.

You should research any Zambian university to find the right one for you. While some of its universities are okay, others are below par. These schools aren’t worth your time, especially if you’re an international student. If you can’t enter any of the country’s top public or private schools, you’re better off looking for other options outside the country.

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