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Africa is a continent renowned for its various landscapes, deep history, and rich culture. From beautiful mountains to ravishing plains to expansive forests, Africa boasts some of the most glorious sites in the entire world.

Based on this fact, many universities across the continent have turned out as architectural wonders, complementing stunning designs with delightful natural surroundings.

While a beautiful campus should not be the primary reason you are choosing to attend a university, it is valid to want a school that gives you the kind of experience you are looking forward to.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a list of the top 10 beautiful campuses in all of Africa.  Let’s go!

Africa’s 10 Most Beautiful University Campuses

Below are the top African universities you need to see in 2024.

1. The University of Cape Town, South Africa

University of Cape Town

The University of Capetown is the first institution in South Africa. Originally founded as a boys’ high school in 1829, they later relocated to Groote Schur on the slopes of Devil’s Peak in 1928. When you look at the diverse red-roofed stone structures nestled above the Groote Schur, what you find is a dazzling contrast to the towering jagged peaks of Capetown’s mountainous view.

All structures at the University of Capetown come with a classical feel, and this is what keeps them atop any list concerned with the most beautiful universities, not only in Africa but also in the world.

2. Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Stellenbosch University

Just a look at its brilliant mountainous view, and you would almost find it difficult to believe that Stellenbosch University was ever used as anything other than a school. But here’s the fact: it was initially established in 1866 as the Stellenbosch Gymnasium.

The distance between Capetown and Stellenbosch is fifty kilometers, and you will find this beautiful citadel of learning on the banks of the Erste River in the center of South Africa’s wine hub.

3. The University of Pretoria, South Africa

University of Pretoria

Established in 1908 as an English Language institution with a four-bedroom home in the center of Pretoria, the University of Pretoria currently ranks as one of the best universities in the whole of South Africa. It thrives on six remarkable campuses, the main one located in Pretoria, which is the provincial capital of Gauteng.

If there is anything the town is famous for, it is the elegant lilac jacaranda trees, which are ever-glowing over the university. There is also the Old Arts Building built in 1910 and commissioned as a national monument in 1968, which is the most scenic post on the whole campus.

The gorgeous sandstone building comes with a clock tower, Oregon hardwood flooring, slate chair, and a devastatingly beautiful view of the big, properly manicured lawns.

4. Gaston Berger University, Senegal

Gaston Berger University

A 240-hectare landmass, Gaston Berger University sits 13 kilometers away from St Louis, Senegal, where the famous annual jazz festival is held. You will find the campuses in the northernmost part of Senegal, precisely in the villages of Sanar Peulh and Sanar Wolof. 

Here, the buildings are a beautifully modern contrast to the town’s French colonial architectural leftovers. The library’s tower is the university’s beauty headquarters, and you can see it clearly from the national road that cuts from Richard Toll to the Mauritanian border.

Because of the myriads of shaded courtyards available at Gaston Berger University, students have a lot of quiet places to study.

5. University of Ghana

University of Ghana

Founded in 1948 as an affiliate of the University of London, the University of Ghana boasts one of the most breathtaking campuses in Africa. It has brilliant architecture, glowing white walls, and red roofs that blend perfectly with the campus’s vegetation pride.

The Balme Library is the university’s strongest point and one of the best libraries in West Africa featuring a freshwater pond. The University of Ghana has been used as a location site for different movies and television shows, chief of which is the famous Ghanaian show, Sun City.

6. University of Ibadan, Nigeria

University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan is Nigeria’s first university created as an affiliate of the University of London in 1948. Think of UI as a scenic university space enveloped by gorgeous landscapes and historical structures.

Red roofed structures, quiet gardens, serene atmosphere are the qualities that retain Nigeria’s oldest university as an epitome of academic excellence and architectural marvel.

7. Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

OAU campus

Founded in 1961 as the University of Ife (former name), Obafemi Awolowo University is an architectural wonder nestled on a 53km² plot of land in Ile-Ife, a legendary Yorùbá city in Osun State, in the southwestern region of Nigeria.

Littered all over the university’s campus are sculptured structures of iconic Nigerians, and most of the buildings come with a modern slanting design. An example of this is the Spider Building.

8. University of Lagos, Nigeria

University of Lagos

The University of Lagos Botanical Center is one of the most beautiful things you will see in a lifetime. The entrance is lined with beautiful palm trees, lush parks, a “love garden”, and a zoological garden.

The noise of monkeys, tweeting birds, and bugs is a constant sound at the University of Lagos. The institution also comes with an artistic view of the Lagos lagoon which houses countless crabs, and The Third Mainland Bridge, which is one of the longest bridges in Africa.

9. Makerere University, Uganda

Makerere University Uganda

Situated in Kampala, Uganda, Makerere University is popular for its beautiful architectural wonder. The campus is a flawless blend of colonial, modern, and traditional African designs. High trees, open green spaces, and scenic sculptures add a finishing touch to its overall grace.

10. American University in Cairo, Egypt

American University Cairo

When you hear of the American University In Cairo, what should come to your mind is a beautiful blend of Islamic, Arabesque, and modern architectural styles.

Located along the banks of the Nile River, the campus gives stunning views and comes with brilliant structures that flawlessly fuse tradition and innovation.

What Makes These University Campuses Outstanding?

  1. Architectural Wonder; The universities that made this list come with magnificent architecture, blending contemporary and traditional styles. Architectural designs encompass iconic buildings, modern structures, and scenic campus layouts.
  2. Environment: Some of these universities are situated in majestic environments with beautiful greenery, gardens, and breathtaking landscapes. This culminates in a visually attractive environment for students and members of staff.
  3. Landmarks: Some universities come with striking landmarks, monuments, and historical beauties, adding a touch to their overall uniqueness.
  4. Facilities: When it comes to beautiful campuses, universities that are worth their salt boast impressive facilities, fashionable amenities, and outstanding infrastructure.
  5. Art and Aesthetics: The most beautiful university campuses are those that place a premium on art and aesthetics, which include sculptures, murals, gardens, and art galleries, creating a visually stimulating atmosphere on campus.

Bottom Line

Africa hosts many universities known not only for academic distinction but also for architectural wonder and scenic structures. The top 10 beautiful university campuses in this article are renowned for leaving visitors captivated, and this is all thanks to their beautiful designs, peaceful landscapes, and natural blend with the environment.

Whether it is South Africa, Egypt, or Nigeria, every university on this list confirms the rich heritage and commitment to excellent education that the African continent is popular for. If you are a student, scholar, or tourist, these universities promise you an amazing time and enduring experience.

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