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9 Most Expensive Universities in South Africa 2023

What are the most expensive universities in South Africa? In this article, we will list those big-budget higher institutions in SA.

Considering the minimum wage in SA is 28 Rands per hour, some parents cannot send their wards to good schools, not to talk of expensive ones.

Education costs are increasing yearly due to the surging maintenance costs, increasing enrolment rates, and the rand-dollar exchange rate. With this said, let’s go through the list of the most expensive universities in South Africa.

In no particular order, the institutions below are some of the most expensive universities in South Africa in 2023. As of the time of publication of this article, the University of Cape Town is the most expensive in South Africa.

University of Cape Town

You should expect a high-ranking institution like the University of Cape Town to be expensive with how far they had come since 1829 when it was founded as the South African College.

The university has 6 faculties, more than 100,000 alumni, 80 research centers for postgraduate students, a modern curriculum, etc.

LocationCape Town
Domestic Tuition21,500 ZAR
International Tuition75,000 ZAR

North-West University

One of the biggest universities in SA is the North-West University which is committed to functioning as a unitary, integrated, multi-campus university. They have 3 campuses, 8 faculties with a vast range of courses and even offer distance learning.

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With a graduation rate of 23.5% and over 60,000 enrolled students, NWU offers more than just education, helping students fulfill their potential.

School FeesR10,740 – R24,330
Residence FeesR22,590 – R42,980

University of Kwazulu-Natal

Since 2004 the University of Kwazulu-Natal has been inspiring South African students. It has 5 campuses in Kwazulu-Natal province in SA.

They have scholarship programs provided by the UKZN Foundation to support students who can pay school fees.

Tuition Fees (Local)4170 ZAR
Tuition Fees (International)239,644.67 ZAR

Rhodes University

Being one of the oldest universities in South Africa, Rhodes University has a well-established reputation for academic excellence in the country. It may be a small institution, but they have high graduation and pass rates.

More than half of the institution’s student population lives within the school, and they accept students from other countries.

Domestic Tuition30,705 ZAR
International Tuition37,990 ZAR

University of Johannesburg

Popularly known as the country’s second strongest brand, the University of Johannesburg is a public university with roots in Africa.

With over 50,000 students, of which 6% are international students from 80 countries, the South African university offers world-class academic programs in both undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Tuition Fees23,050 – 86,347 ZAR
Residence Fees2600 ZAR

IIE MSA (Formerly Monash University)

MSA (Monash South Africa) offers courses by Monash University to help educate South African students. The private university was established by Monash University, one of the leading universities in Australia.

It was formerly affiliated with Australian Monash University, but not until 2019, when it was sold to The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE).

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Tuition Fees81,100 ZAR

University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria is one of the best universities in Africa and globally, with more than 1357 academic programs and an 83.5% undergraduate pass rate.

It started in 1908 with 32 students and 4 professors in Kya Rosa. Today it is one of the largest public research universities in South Africa. Their educational approach focuses on inclusivity and fair access to education.

Tuition Fees36,000 ZAR

University of the Free State

The University of the Free State is known to be one of the most respected and oldest public higher institutions in South Africa. Looking for an outstanding university experience? UFS should be on your checklist.

However, studying at this university isn’t cheap, at least for the average South African. You learn more about their admissions and financial aid on their website.

Local Tuition18,248 ZAR
International Tuition27,372 ZAR

University of Witwatersrand

I used to think that expensive universities are meant to have a high acceptance rate due to the exorbitant fees, but I was wrong. The University of Witwatersrand has an acceptance rate of 24.3%.

Maybe because Wits University produces more millionaires than any other university in South Africa, they decided to thicken the admission barrier while maintaining the quality of students they admit.

Tuition Fees44,910 ZAR

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Most expensive private universities in South Africa

  • Saint John’s College
  • Monash University
  • Kearsney College
  • Pearson Institute of Higher Education
  • Roedean School
  • Cornerstone Institute
  • Varsity College
  • Clifton College
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Most expensive university degree in South Africa

  • Law Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Medicine
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Commerce

I am sure you now know the most expensive universities in South Africa and their school fees. Share this article with your friends, long live Africa!

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