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List Of School Of Nursing In Nigeria And Their School Fees 2022

2022 List of schools of nursing in Nigeria and their school fees.

Nurses are very much appreciated in society, especially when it comes to healthcare, where they specialize in. The level of respect attributed to them is highly commendable.

Little wonder why almost every Nigerian teenager/youth aspires to be a nurse. You feel proud whenever you help someone in need. This is exactly what nurses do.

Many say nurses serve as the backbone for doctors, but I strongly believe that nurses have a bigger role to play in the healthcare industry.

Though doctors are more appreciated in Nigeria, nurses still get what they deserve, even if it’s not enough.

Do you have a keen interest to become a certified/registered nurse? If yes, this post was written for you.

To become a nurse, you must attend and finish your program in a Nursing School or university.

There are numerous schools of nursing or Universities offering the Nursing program in Nigeria.

They are either government-owned or private-owned institutions. You should read this if you intend to finish your Nursing program in the country.

List Of School Of Nursing in Nigeria And Their School Fees 2022

  1. School of Nursing, Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba – #150,000-#200,000
  2. School of Nursing, Umuahia – #50,000
  3. School of Nursing Amachara – #45,000
  4. School of Nursing, Ama-Uyo – #150,000 – #200,000
  5. School of Nursing, Eket – #150,000 – #200,000
  6. School of Nursing, Ikot-Ekpene – #100,000 – #150,000
  7. School of Nursing, Ihiaha – #150,000 – #200,000
  8. School of Nursing COOUTH, Nkpor – #150,000 – #200,000
  9. School of Nursing, ATBUTH, Bauchi – #100,000 – #150,000
  10. School of Nursing, Tombia – #150,000 – #200,000
  11. School of Nursing, Makurdi – #150,000 – #200,000
  12. School of Nursing, Mkar – #150,000 – #200,000
  13. School of Nursing, Maiduguri – #150,000 – #200,000
  14. School of Nursing, UCTH, Calabar – #150,000 – #200,000
  15. School of Nursing, Itigidi – #150,000 – #200,000
  16. School of Nursing, Ogoja – #100,000
  17. School of Nursing, Wusasa – #80,000 – #120,000
  18. School of Nursing, Kano – #150,000 – #200,000
  19. School of Nursing, Madobi – #150,000 – #200,000
  20. School of Nursing, Kastina – #150,000 – #200,000
  21. School of Nursing, Birnin-Kebbi – #30,000 – #70,000
  22. College of Nursing, Obangede – #150,000 – #200,000
  23. ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe – #154,000
  24. School of Nursing, Ilorin – #89,000 – #105,000
  25. School of Nursing, Igando – #230,000
  26. School of Nursing, LUTH, Idi-Araba – #146,000 – #180,000
  27. School of Nursing, Military Hospital, Yaba – #50,000 – #70,000
  28. School of Nursing, Lafia – #150,000 – #200,000
  29. School of Nursing, Bida – #150,000 – #200,000
  30. School of Nursing, Abeokuta – #50,000 – #65,000
  31. School of Nursing, Ijebu-Ode – #150,000 – #200,000
  32. School of Nursing, Ilaro – #50,000 – #65,000
  33. School of Nursing, Lantoro – #100,000 – #150,000
  34. School of Nursing, Akure – #195,000 – #255,000
  35. School of Nursing, OAUTHC, Ilesa – #220,000 – #275,000
  36. School of Nursing, OAUTHC, Ile-Ife – #220,000 – #275,000
  37. School of Nursing, Osogbo – #150,000
  38. School of Nursing, Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomosho – #204,000
  39. School of Nursing, UCH, Ibadan – #80,000 – #100,000
  40. School of Nursing, Vom, Jos – #150,000 – #200,000
  41. School of Nursing, Port Harcourt – #125,000 – #170,000
  42. School of Nursing, Sokoto – #28,000 – #91,000
  43. School of Nursing, Jalingo – #200,000
  44. School of Nursing, Gusau – #150,000 – #200,000
  45. School of Nursing, Gwagwalada – #153,000
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Please note that sometimes, these prices change every session. Therefore the fees written above might be slightly different from what you’ll be paying.

I will now show you the things you need to consider before choosing the school or even going for the Nursing program.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Any Nursing School in Nigeria

1. The Accreditation Status: If you want to be regarded as a nurse, and not waste your time in school, you should find out if it is accredited or not.

Some schools just go ahead to offer nursing programs without getting provisional or full accreditation for them.

Accreditation is just like approval. Before any school can get accreditation for nursing, they must meet some required standards.

The body responsible for Nursing Accreditation in Nigeria is the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NWCN).

To make this process easy for you, I will only show you schools of Nursing that have already received approval/accreditation from the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NWCN).

Some of these schools of nursing have full accreditation, while some have provisional accreditation.

The full accreditation status lasts for five years, while the provisional accreditation lasts for two years.

2. School Fees: It’s a very bad idea to process your admission into a school without having any idea how much the fee is beforehand.

Nursing is an expensive program to study in the country so its fees are usually high.

However, if you know this fee before choosing any school of Nursing, you won’t be caught impromptu trying to gather your fees.

Therefore, this post will also include the school fees of all the accredited schools of Nursing in Nigeria.

3. Location: Many guardians or parents feel more comfortable when their wards/children attend schools close to where they reside. This helps to keep them within reach.

So, when choosing any school of Nursing in Nigeria, find out the location. The crime rate in some of these locations is usually so high that some students might not be able to survive there.

Also, due to specific health conditions of some students, they might not be able to reside in certain environments.

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All these being said, you as an aspirant should put this into consideration before choosing any Nursing School.

4. Admission Rate/ Student Intake Rate: It is a unique culture of many Nigerian tertiary institutions to place a limit on the number of students they can admit to different programs.

There is a common reason for this. Mostly, the resources required to run these programs are insufficient, so they have to use what they have.

This helps to prevent overcrowding at many institutions.

Since Nursing is a very competitive course in Nigeria, there are usually lesser intakes for it than many other courses.

Some Nursing Schools take in around 30 students each year. Some might go as far as taking in 100 students yearly. This is the highest I’ve ever seen or heard of.

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List of Accredited Schools of Nursing in Nigeria and their Admission Quota

S/NName of SchoolAccreditation Status/DateAdmission Quota
1School of Nursing, Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH)Provisional, November 2016An embargo on Student Intake
2School of Nursing, UmuahiaProvisional, April 201830
3School of Nursing, AmacharaFull, October 201850
4School of Peri-operative Nursing, Federal Medical Center, YolaProvisional, October 201830
5School of Nursing, Anua-UyoFull, January 201875
6School of Nursing, EketProvisional, January 201840
7School of Nursing, Ikot-EkpeneFull, January 201840
8School of Nursing, Ituk-MbangWithdrawn, October 2014NIL
9School of Mental Health Nursing, EketWithdrawn, January 2013NIL
10School of Nursing, IhiahaFull, November 201775
11School of Nursing, Iyi-EnuProvisional, December 201850
12School of Nursing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, NnewiFull, January 201850
13School of Nursing, COOUTH, NkporProvisional, December 201850
14College of Nursing, Diocesan Hospital, AmichiProvisional, November 201750
15College of Nursing, St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, OnitshaProvisional, November 201750
16School of Nursing, ATBUTH, BauchiFull, December 201875
17College of Nursing & Midwifery, School of Nursing, BauchiProvisional, April 201750
18School of Nursing, Tombia Full, October 201875
19School of Nursing, MakurdiProvisional, June 201940
20School of Nursing, MkarProvisional, October 201650
21School of Nursing, Maiduguri Provisional, November 201750
22School of Nursing, UMTHProvisional, February 201650
23School of Mental Health Nursing, FNH, MaiduguriProvisional, October 201830
24School of Nursing, St. Margaret’s Hospital, CalabarProvisional, October 201840
25School of Nursing, CalabarFull, June 201850
26School of Nursing, ItigidiFull, June 201875
27School of Nursing, OgojaProvisional, June 201835
28School of Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, CalabarProvisional, April 201830
29School of Nursing, AgborFull, August 201775
30School of Nursing, EkuFull, April 201875
31School of Nursing, WarriFull, April 201850
32School of Nursing, NMH, AfikpoFull, June 2018100
33School of Nursing, FETHA AbakalikiProvisional, June 201850
34College of Nursing Sciences, UburuProvisional, October 201850
35School of Nursing, Benin CityWithdrawn, January 2013NIL
36School of Nursing, UBTH, Benin-CityFull, January 201875
37School of Nursing, Igbinedion UTH, OkadaProvisional, December 201630
38School of Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Benin cityFull, October 2018 30
39 School of Nursing, Ado-Ekiti Provisional, February 2016 50
40 School of Nursing, Ido-Ekiti Provisional, February 2016 50
41 School of Nursing, Bishop Shanahan Hospital, NSUKKA Provisional, April 2018 50
42 School of Nursing, ESUTH, Parklane, Enugu Provisional, June 2019 50
43 School of Nursing, UNTH, Enugu Full, November 2008 60
44 School of Nursing, Gombe Full, October 2016 50
45 School of Nursing, Amaigbo Provisional, April 2018 50
46 School of Nursing, Emekuku Provisional, January 2018 40
47 School of Nursing, Joint Hospital, Mbano Full, December 2018 40
48 School of Nursing, Owerri Withdrawn, November 2005 NIL
49 School of Nursing, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, Umulogho, Oburo Provisional, January 2018 75
50 Imo State College of Nursing & Midwifery, Orlu Full, January 2018 50
51 School of Nursing, Birdin-Kudu Full, February 2014 100
52 College of Nursing, Hadejia Provisional, November 2017 50
53 School of Nursing, ABUTH, Zara Full, January 2018 100
54 School of Nursing, St. Gerald’s Hospital, Kakuri Provisional, April 2018 50
55 School of Nursing, Wusasa Provisional, November 2017 50
56 School of Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Bamawa, Kaduna Provisional, October 2018 30
57 School of Nursing, Kano Full, May 2012 100
58 School of Nursing, Madobi Full, June 2018 70
59 School of Nursing, Kastina Full, November 2017 100
60 School of Nursing, Cherish College of Nursing Sciences, Batsari, Kastina State Provisional, June 2019 50
61 School of Nursing, Birnin-Kebbi Full, June 2018 75
62 College of Nursing, Obangede Full, October 2018 75
63 ECWA School of Nursing, Egbe Provisional, October 2018 50
64 College of Nursing, UEC, Ochadamu Provisional, October 2017 30
65 School of Nursing, Ilorin Full, November 2017 50
66 School of Nursing, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin Full, January 2018 50
67 College of Nursing, Oke-Ode Full, November 2017 50
68 School of Nursing, Igando Provisional, November 2017 30
69 School of Nursing, LUTH, Idi-Araba Full, January 2018 75
70 School of Nursing, Military Hospital, Yaba Full, June 2018 70
71 School of Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba Provisional, June 2018 50
72 School of Nursing, Lafia Provisional, July 2016 50
73 School of Nursing, Bida Full, January 2018 75
74 School of Nursing, Abeokuta Provisional, November 2017 50
75 School of Nursing, Ijebu-Ode Provisional, November 2017 50
76 School of Nursing, Ilaro Provisional, November 2017 30
77 School of Nursing, Lantoro Provisional, November 2017 50
78 School of Mental Health Nursing, Aro, Abeokuta Full, January 2018 60
79 School of Nursing, Akure Provisional, July 2016 50
80 School of Nursing, OAUTHC, Ilesa Full, December 2018 50
81 School of Nursing, Ile-Ife Full, January 2018 50
82 School of Nursing, Osogbo Provisional, January 2018 30
83 School of Nursing, Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, Ile-Ife Full, October 2018 75
84 School of Nursing, Baptist Medical Centre, Saki Full, November 2017 50
85 School of Nursing, Bowen UTH, Ogbomosho Provisional, October 2017 40
86 School of Nursing, UCH, Ibadan Provisional, April 2018 50
87 School of Nursing, Vom, Jos Provisional, October 2015 50
88 School of nursing, Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos (MMH) Provisional, October 2015 50
89 School of Nursing, Port Harcourt Provisional, October 2015 50
90 School of Nursing, Sokoto Full, April 2017 100
91 School of Nursing, Usman Danfodio Teaching Hospital, Sokoto Provisional, November 2016 70
92 School of Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Kware Provisional, April 2018 30
93 School of Nursing, Jalingo Provisional, January 2018 50
94 School of Nursing, Dr. Shehi Sule, Damaturu Full, January 2018 100
95 School of Nursing, Gusau Full, January 2018 100
96 School of Nursing, Gwagwaleda Full, Jan 2018 50
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Is JAMB Required For School Of Nursing?

If you want to study in any school of nursing in Nigeria you don’t need JAMB, it is not required for admission.

However, if you want to study nursing in an accredited university in Nigeria, JAMB is required.

I hope you now know how many schools of nursing are in Nigeria and their school fees for the 2022-2023 academic session.

Endeavor to share this article with your friends and colleagues on social media. All relevant comments are welcome.

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