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Tai Solarin University Of Education (TASUED) School Fees 2022/2023

How much is Tai solarin university of education school fees for the 2022/2023 academic session for freshers and returning students?

Whether you just got admitted, are an aspirant, or are curious about Tasued school fees, this article is for you.

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Tai Solarin University Of Education School Fees For Freshers 2022

The school fee is 76,500 naira only. This will be paid after you have paid your acceptance and registration fees.

Login to the Tasued portal using your details to pay it using the payment methods available.

Note: The university does not accept installmental payments, and you should fill out your course form or sit for exams without paying your tuition fee.

How Much is Tasued Acceptance Fee 2022?

The acceptance fee is 60,000 naira only. This is a one-time, non-refundable payment.

You need to pay this fee to secure your admission to tai solarin university of education.

There’s a deadline for the acceptance fee, which you will see on the TASUED portal. Make sure you pay before the closing date.

Other Fees For TASUED New Students

As a Fresher of Tai Solarin College of Education, you will also pay these fees. Most of them are compulsory for all new students.

  1. Registration fee (25,000 naira): This is for vocational studies, and you will get a certificate for the skill you learned when you graduate. You should pay it after your acceptance fee, and it is compulsory.
  2. Medical fee (5,000 naira): Pay this after paying your school fee, acceptance, and registration fees. You can’t go for medical screening if you don’t.
  3. Hostel Fee (60,000 naira): This is not compulsory, but only for those who want to live in the school hostel. You can get an apartment outside campus starting from 40k naira.
  4. Student ID card (1,000 naira): Ensure you don’t miss capturing to get your identity card.
  5. Tax Clearance (10,000 naira): You can get this done in the tax office located in Ijebu.
  6. Others include departmental fees, college fees, library fees, etc.

Tai Solarin College of Education School Fees For Returning Students

For the staylites, your school fees is the same as the one you paid in your previous session or level.

If you paid 76k last session, you are paying the same amount when you resume the new academic session (unless the school management increases or reduces it).

Other Fees For TASUED Staylites

As a returning student, you will pay the following fees apart from the tuition fees.

  1. Accommodation Fee: The fee remains the same yearly if you live in the school hostel. For those living outside campus, your accommodation fee may fluctuate every session.
  2. Departmental Fee
  3. College Fee

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