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List Of School Of Nursing In Lagos & Their School Fees 2022

Lagos State has a large number of school of nursing. One advantage of these top schools is that they are accredited, and their school fees are reasonable.

Many people want to join these nursing schools because they provide the greatest education for aspiring nurses. I am confident that this post will provide you with all of the information you require regarding nursing schools in Lagos.

A Quick Overview of Nursing in Nigeria

A nurse is basically someone who has completed a nursing program; they are not just referred to as a nurse; rather they are referred to as a registered nurse.

The nursing program or nursing school lasts for about 3-4 years, and you must meet the requirements for a registered nurse. After completing your program or school, you will be issued a license to practice.

Nurses operate in a variety of professional settings, including schools, offices, the military, government agencies, and a variety of other places.

Many people hold you in high regard as a nurse, so make sure you do your job professionally. Patients can be difficult to care for at times, but these are some of the things you’ll learn in nursing school.

The school of nursing education can be stressful; many people say it takes a lot of time and patience. After graduation and receiving your license, practicing nursing can be difficult because you will encounter many difficult patients, many of whom will put you on the verge of losing your job, but you must learn to keep a smile on your face and tolerate your patients.

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You can apply for the three-year basic general nursing program, the three-year basic midwifery program, or the five-year generic BNSc nursing program as a nursing student.

What are the Requirements for School of Nursing in Nigeria?

Before enrolling in any of the nursing programs, you must first meet the program’s fundamental criteria; fortunately, the minimum requirements for nursing and midwifery are the same.

You must have a minimum of five credits in English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in not more than two sittings at the ‘O Level. To get into the school, you can either utilize the Jamb form or the application form.

Before we leave the main topic, let us provide you with a list of nursing schools in Lagos State as well as their tuition fees. You should note that the schools listed below are all accredited nursing schools, which you will undoubtedly find interesting.

Accredited School of Nursing in Lagos And Their School Fees

Below is the rundown of the nursing institutions in Lagos and their respective school fees for 2022:

1. School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Lagos University Teaching Hospital’s School of Nursing is a government nursing school that teaches students and prepares them to be professionals in the field of nursing.

This institution is aimed to provide students with a three-year program with courses based on the nursing curriculum. Their school fees are less than ₦250,000 which we consider to be reasonable.

2. University of Lagos, Department of Nursing Science

The department of nursing science, often known as the school of nursing, is located in the University of Lagos. Candidates can apply to this school through Jamb, and their program lasts about 4-5 years.

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All of the courses taught are the ones that you need to know, and their school fees are around ₦100,000 which includes other expenses.

3. Igando School Of Nursing

This school of nursing is located in Igando, Lagos State and offers a variety of programs for students. The first year’s school fees are approximately 230,000 naira, and applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 23.

The first-year school fees, which include housing, must be paid prior to resumption.

4. School Of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba

This school is for people who wish to be a nurse and work with the military; it is accredited, and you are granted permission to study there.

Despite the fact that the school fees of School Of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba are not shown online, they are quite reasonable.

5. Igbobi School Of Post Basic Nursing

School Of Post Basic Nursing, Igbobi is another nursing school in Lagos for those who want to continue their education in nursing.

The school offers two programs: post basic orthopedic nursing and post basic accident and emergency nursing. Applicants for this school must have a license and be registered nurses with the National League of Nursing.

School Fees: 150,000 -200,000 naira

6. School Of Psychiatry Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Yaba

This school, which is located in Yaba, is for students who want to work in the nursing industry, caring for psychiatric patients and learning everything there is to know about their health.

Moreover, the federal government has accredited this school for the training of nurses in the country.

7. School Of Post Basic Pediatric Nursing, LUTH

Lagos State University Teaching Hospital has this school of post-basic pediatric nursing. The school is registered and accepting students, and it is located in Lagos.

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It’s a pediatric nursing school that prepares you to deal with children’s issues, including their health and how to care for them.

You can check their school fees in this article of mine.

8. School Of Post Basic A&E Nursing

This school teaches hopefuls and other students what they need to know. You should be aware that before you can enroll in a post-basic course, you must first obtain a registered nurse license.

Any post-basic course is an additional course designed to expand your knowledge in the areas or field of nursing.


There are more nursing schools in Lagos, but these are the ones we know are accredited and can provide you with the services you want.

You should be aware that becoming a licensed nurse is not an easy task; everything happens slowly and steadily.

Their school fees are not prohibitively expensive; however, you should inquire at the school for more information about their school fee plan, as some may be more expensive than others. Do not assume that all school fees are the same.

Overall, if you’re interested in a medical-related course, you should consider enrolling in a nursing program.

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