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How much is Unilag school fees and acceptance fees for freshers in 2024?

Being one of the most comprehensive universities in Nigeria, the University of Lagos has a lot of applicants every year. Don’t forget that UNILAG is currently among Nigeria’s top 3 best universities, making it the survival of the fittest.

It may interest you that the University of Lagos tuition fee is cheaper when compared to other state and private universities in Lagos. This is because it’s a Federal university, and the government reduced the amount to be affordable.

UNILAG school fees for Freshers 2024/2025

In summary, freshers or new students in UNILAG, these are your fees.

  • School fees for courses without lab/studio is 126,325 naira.
  • School fees for courses with lab/studio is 176,300 naira.

The school fee depends on which department you are in. Unilag school fees for medicine and, surgery, nursing are usually higher than relative science courses.

For example, all medical students must pay 190,250 naira per academic session.

As a Fresher in this university, you are paying for the following:

FeeCourses Without Lab/Studio Courses With Lab/Studio
ID Card5,0005,000
IT & Entrepreneurship15,00015,000
Medical Services10,00010,000
Endowment Fund5,0005,000

In addition, freshers are also to pay the following:

  • Toxicology Test for Screening: N10,000
  • Utility Charges: N20,000

How much is Unilag Acceptance Fee?

University of Lagos acceptance fee is 40,000 naira only. This is something most admitted students can afford.

Until you pay this fee, your admission is not secured and can be cancelled by the university.

How much is the UNILAG hostel fee?

Considering the accommodation cost in Lagos, I would say the hostel fee is very cheap. UNILAG hostel fee is 100,000 naira per academic session.

However, it doesn’t come easy. You need to apply for rooms. If you get lucky enough, you might get one. Living in the school hostel might be considered a good decision, but it has disadvantages.

As you applied for the hostel room in your 100 Level, you will do the same every other session. You might not get your former room. Each room is overpopulated, and you won’t have any privacy. You are susceptible to any disease your roommates may be carrying.

The hostel toilets and environment are nothing to write home about. Be careful not to contact any disease. Accommodation off campus is costly. If you are not financially capable, apply for the school hostel.

University of Lagos School Fees for Returning Students

Returning students should already know how to pay their school fees online. Your school fees will be less than what you paid in your 100 Level.

FeeCourses with Lab/StudioCourses with Lab/StudioMedical Students
Identity Card5,0005,0005,000
Library Services15,00015,00015,000
Information Technology & Entrepreneurship15,00015,00015,000
Students’ Handbook
Medical Services10,00010,00010,000
Endowment Fund5,0005,0005,000

How much is UNILAG school fees for part-time?

The tuition fee for part-time students is more than that of full-time students. The minimum is 70k naira, and the highest is 230k naira.

It varies depending on the course you want to study. Part-time postgraduate courses can go up to 450k naira per session.


UNILAG may be among Nigeria’s most expensive federal universities, but remember how competitive it is to gain admission there. If you are going for highly competitive courses like medicine and surgery, be prepared to face the best of the best.

Even Olabisi Onabanjo University’s tuition is now on par with that of the University of Lagos. Share this post with your friends and colleagues, and let me know if you have any questions below.

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