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Adeleke University School Fees 2022/2023 For Freshers & Staylites

Probably not one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria, but Adeleke university’s school fees are considerably high.

I recently published an article on Bingham school fee, but this one is quite different because Adeleke university accepts installments.

You should know that Davido’s Father founded this institution in 2011 in Osun state. They don’t have a lot of courses, yet they enroll up to a thousand students yearly.

Whether you want to study nursing, medical laboratory science, law, or any other course, your tuition fees are in the table below.

Adeleke University School Fees 2022/2023 For New & Returning Students

The faculty of law and the faculty of nursing are the most expensive faculties at Adeleke University. Note that the university welcomes installments. This means can pay your tuition twice.

100 LEVEL939,480.00515,240.00424,240.00
200 – 300 LEVEL833,670.00423,085.00410,585.00
400 LEVEL ACCOUNTING other FBSS GENERAL903,670.00458,085.00445,585.00
100 LEVEL969,480.00530,240.00439,240.00
200 – 300 LEVEL863,670.00438,085.00425,585.00
400 LEVEL933,670.00473,085.00460,585.00
100 LEVEL1,079,480.00590,240.00489,240.00
200 – 300 LEVEL973,670.00498,085.00475,585.00
100 LEVEL908,280.00504,640.00403,640.00
200 – 300 LEVEL839,850.00431,175.00408,675.00
400 LEVEL909,850.00466,175.00443,675.00
100 LEVEL1,415,208.00758,104.00657,104.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,290,921.00656,710.50634,210.50
500 LEVEL1,407,421.00714,960.50692,460.50
100 LEVEL1,481,500.00791,250.00690,250.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,348,390.00685,445.00662,945.00
500 LEVEL1,468,390.00745,445.00722,945.00
100 LEVEL1,122,500.00611,750.00510,750.00
200 – 300 LEVEL1,044,000.00533,250.00510,750.00
400 LEVEL1,164,000.00593,250.00570,750.00
100 LEVEL885,780.00488,390.00397,390.00
200 – 300 LEVEL806,100.00409,300.00396,800.00
400 LEVEL876,100.00444,300.00431,800.00
100 LEVEL1,141,570.00621,285.00520,285.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,057,000.00539,750.00517,250.00
500 LEVEL1,177,000.00599,750.00577,250.00
100 LEVEL1,572,800.00831,900.00740,900.00
200 – 400 LEVEL1,422,800.00717,650.00705,150.00
500 LEVEL1,492,800.00752,650.00740,150.00
100 LEVEL993,454.00539,727.00453,727.00
200-300 LEVEL914,954.00463,727.00451,227.00
400 LEVEL984,954.00498,727.00486,227.00
200 – 300 LEVEL261,000.00161,000.00100,000.00
400 LEVEL331,000.00231,000.00100,000.00
200-300 LEVEL(NON SCIENCE)261,000.00161,000.00100,000.00
200-300 LEVEL(SCIENCE)285,000.00185,000.00100,000.00
400 OR 500LEVEL(NON SCIENCE)331,000.00231,000.00100,000.00
400 OR 500LEVEL (SCIENCE)355,000.00255,000.00100,000.00
NON SCIENCE673,000.00

The fees you are to pay to depend on your course/faculty, level, and if you are paying it at once. The newly admitted students must have paid their acceptance fee before payments of school fee is made.

Adeleke University Hostel Fee

Accommodation at Adeleke university costs 40,000 naira per session. That’s about 20,000 naira per semester.

I am surprised that their school fees are expensive while the accommodation fee is low. The hostel is conducive, well-ventilated, and secured, and you enjoy many more benefits.

It is compulsory for every student, and you pay everything with your tuition fees.

How to Pay Adeleke university school fee 2022

For The Freshers (100 Level);

  1. If you have been offered admission, check your email.
  2. The mail contains details on how to pay your acceptance fee.
  3. After paying it, log in to the Adeleke university school fees portal and pay.

For Returning Students (200 – 500 Level);

  1. Login to adelekeuniversity.edu.ng using your matric number and password.
  2. Click on fee payment after signing in.
  3. Select school fee payment and choose if you are paying installments or combined.
  4. You will be redirected to Interswitch, where you can pay online using your debit card.
  5. Enter your card details and confirm payment by entering the OTP sent to your phone number or email.
  6. Wait for the payment to be approved by the financial institution and school.
  7. Download your receipt and print it out.

Make sure your card has been enabled for online banking, and it is not limited (it can pay that amount at once).

How much is Adeleke university’s acceptance fee?

The acceptance fee is 50,000 naira, and it’s a one-time payment. Once you have been offered admission to study in this university, you are to claim it by payment of the acceptance fee and accept the offer on JAMB CAPS.

The fee is significant if you wish to study there.

Like every other expensive private university in Nigeria, Adeleke university has dress codes, rules, and regulations that all students must follow.

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  1. How about feeding? Has it been calculated with the tuition fee? Or you get your meals in the cafeteria with your money

  2. Do they offer health information management and if they do how much is their school fees
    And is it a must you stay in school hostel

  3. I want study chemical engineering , Does Adeleke University has chemical engineering as one of their study course?

  4. I got admission to adeleke university’s 2022 session with my 2021 jamb and the school wasn’t a choice in my jamb
    Should I go ahead and pay the acceptance fee?


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