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Applying to a university is one of the biggest decisions anybody can make in their life. Not only is it defining, but it can also be a tad tough, especially if you have to apply to different universities, and are working on a limited budget.

But hey, relax! It is not a hopeless situation. If you are considering studying in South Africa, and are worried about the cost of application, this is one article you want to continue reading. There are many affordable universities in South Africa, some of which do not even charge a dime for application.

Want to know them? Let’s go!

1. University of Capetown

Seated at the centre of Capetown and framed by the legendary Table Mountain, the University of Capetown (UCT) towers as a model of academic excellence. The university’s commitment to inclusive education shines through its decision to neglect application fees.

Not only does this development open the door to aspiring scholars, but it also presents the University of Cape Town as a leader in the journey to increase public access to quality education.

The university awards degrees in various programs, welcoming students from all parts of the world. Its beautiful campus, together with a magnificent cultural and academic environment makes UCT a dream university for those ready to start a remarkable academic journey.

2. University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria is a South African university known for its vast campus and robust academic capacity. To demonstrate its commitment to eliminating barriers and promoting an inclusive academic environment, the University of Pretoria does not charge a dime for application.

As a prospective student of the university, you have a wide range of programs to choose from, whether in the humanities or sciences, each designed to give you a wholesome education.

With the elimination of application fees, financial limitations do not have to interfere with the valid desire of those in search of quality education at this iconic university.

3. Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is situated amidst South Africa’s amazing winelands, and if there is anything it is known for, it is its academic rigour and commitment to inclusive education. By removing application fees, the university encourages unlimited access to quality education for students from all kinds of backgrounds.

Here, you enjoy the privilege of an active academic environment that prioritizes diversity and critical thinking.

Stellenbosch University runs with a mission to promote an inclusive learning environment that equips students for a dynamic and global world, and with its cancellation of application fees, it perfectly achieves this.

4. Rhodes University

Located in the Eastern Cape, Rhodes University shines on the account of its focus on critical thinking, and academic excellence. By eliminating application fees, the university maintains its commitment to fostering a diverse academic community.

If you are a student interested in intense intellectual adventures, Rhodes University, with its several programs across the arts, sciences, and humanities, promises a pleasant experience.

With the application fee removed, nothing is stopping your dream of receiving a quality education from this prestigious university from coming true.

5. University of KwaZulu-Natal

Established through a merger of two universities, the University of KwaZulu-Natal is a force to reckon with in the South African academic space. Its zero application fee policy gels with the bigger national goal of promoting inclusive education.

With campuses spread across different places, the University of KwaZulu-Natal offers several programs aligning with different academic goals. The free application principle removes any financial barrier a prospective student may encounter, on their way to receiving an outstanding higher education.

6. University of the Western Cape

The University of the Western Cape, in demonstration of its commitment to social justice and community development, has employed a policy of zero application fee. This lines up with the university’s goal of democratizing access to quality education, and ensuring that financial incapacity doesn’t get in the way of pursuing a decent life.

Here, students engage in programs focused on societal problems and contribute to community development. The zero cost of application reflects the university’s determination to make quality education available for all.

7. Nelson Mandela University

Christened after the legendary leader, Nelson Mandela, this university can be referred to as the centre of inclusive education.

With their zero application fee, Nelson Mandela University breaks the walls between financial barriers and the ability of a determined student to receive a proper education. This resonates strongly with Nelson Mandela’s vision of education as a vital tool to effect societal change.

It is evident in the range of programs they offer, all of which underscore the tenets of justice, equality, and community that Mandela held very dear. By removing application fees, the university reaffirms its commitment to making education accessible to all students, irrespective of their financial status.

8. Tshwane University of Technology

An admired model in applied sciences and technology, Tshwane University of Technology makes education more affordable by eliminating application fees. This development encourages students with great interest in technology to pursue their academic dreams, without the impediment of finances.

With an emphasis on experience-based and innovative learning, Tshwane University of Technology equips students with fruitful careers in technology and engineering. The zero application fee initiative lines up with the progressive standpoint of the technology sector, and eliminates the financial obstruction on the way of students willing to receive quality education.

9. University of Johannesburg

Remarkable and beautiful, the University of Johannesburg is another South African university that has waived its application fee. This shows the overall commitment of South African society to make quality education accessible to all.

The University of Johannesburg awards degrees in various programs, welcoming students from all parts of the world with different academic interests. The zero cost of application fee is a development targeted at stimulating an inclusive learning environment, allowing dedicated students to have one less financial burden to worry about, as they pursue their academic goals.

10. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Situated in the bubbling city of Capetown, Cape Peninsula University of Technology is famous for its concentration on practical and applied education. The university runs with a mission to create an inclusive academic community, and this is evident in its decision to remove application fees.

Not only does this development attract students in search of practical education, but it also ensures that financial inadequacies do not affect their dreams.

At CPUT, the programs are targeted to equip students for the fast-paced labour market, focusing on combining practical skills with theoretical knowledge. By eliminating application fees, the university’s commitment to inclusive education shines through.

If you are considering studying in South Africa, but are worried about the application cost, there is no cause for alarm. South Africa is one country dedicated to increasing public access to quality education. This is obvious in the long list of universities to which prospects can apply without the burden of application fees.

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