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Getting into a university anywhere isn’t easy–it takes a lot of effort and money. Application fees are a traditional part of seeking university admission, ranging from 50-250 CAD in Canada.

However, there are around 5% of universities in Canada that don’t require application fees, and there are some decent options for international students. These institutions aren’t subpar–some are among the country’s best.

This article will educate you on some application-free universities in Canada. You’ll get invaluable information about these institutions and why they’re on this list.

Why Should You Look for A University Without an Application Fee?

Application fees might look small compared to other fees you’ll pay at the university, but they can amount to a lot if you want to apply to multiple institutions. You can save money by choosing schools that don’t require application fees. If you’re an international student who won’t be getting many financial incentives, saving up on the application could do a lot for your finances.

Universities don’t refund application fees, regardless of whether or not you get admitted. Therefore, you can get admission into your dream school and still spend some handsome dollars on alternatives.

Even if you’re not interested in multiple applications initially, it doesn’t hurt to try since you’re not paying to apply. It widens your options and gives you a better shot at success. However, it’s imperative to note that most of these universities have eligibility requirements for their waiver.

Some Canadian Universities with No Application Fees

1. The University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is ranked as one of the best universities in Canada. It was founded in 1966 and is home to over 33,000 students, among which 6,000 are post-graduate students. The school has five faculties, in which you can study over 250 programs.

It has an application fee of $125 for local students and $145 for international applicants. However, you can apply to waive this fee, and if you’re accepted, you won’t have to pay the required application fee.

Understand that you must submit the waiver after the application, and if the school rejects it, you must cover the fee. Therefore, it’s best to ensure you satisfy the requirements before applying.

2. The University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908, making it the oldest in British Columbia. It’s home to an impressive number of international students and offers an application fee waiver to qualified applicants. One of the criteria to get the application fee waiver is to be an international student in one of the world’s 50 least-developed countries, as declared by the UN.

Domestic students also applying to study Chemistry at the school will have the application fee covered by the department. Lastly, the school will waive your application fee if you’re over 65 and want to apply for graduate programs.

3. Tyndale University

Tyndale University is a Christian University based in Toronto, Canada. It offers many undergraduate, seminary, and graduate programs. The school has around 1,361 students, and most are postgraduate students.

Tyndale University waivers its application fee, but only for Canadian and American students applying for a non-Bachelor of Education program. International students must pay the mandatory 150 CAD application fee. However, Canadian students studying for their Bachelor of Education programs must pay a 75 CAD application fee.

4. The University of New Brunswick

Founded in 1785, The University of New Brunswick is one of the oldest universities in North America. It has a wide range of degrees spread across 14 faculties. The low student-to-teacher ratio is one of the benefits of attending the school.

It is also one of the few Canadian universities that offers an application fee waiver, which is possible if you attend one of its recruitment events. These events include campus tours, one-on-one recruiter events, virtual events, or in-person events. You can find the dates and details of these events on the school’s website.

All you have to do when you attend these events is fill out the attendance form, and the school will waive your application fee. Alternatively, you can get the waiver if you’re an international student studying at any Canadian high school. If you don’t fulfill these requirements, you must pay the application fee of around $65.

5. Booth University College

Booth University College is a private Christian liberal arts college based in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It joins among the schools that don’t require application fees from Canadian or American students.

International students must pay the 150 CAD application fee. However, there is an exception for Ukrainian international students who’ve arrived in Canada within the past 12 months. They get a waiver of the entire application fee and even further incentives to help their admission process.

Among those are getting an admission counselor and a waiver of the 500 CAD fee you need to obtain an offer letter. You must pay the domestic tuition fee and other awards and scholarships through the school’s need-based program.

6. Crandall University

Crandall University is another Christian liberal arts university based in New Brunswick. It offers an application fee waiver to its students based in New Brunswick, and you need to apply and get approved. International students don’t have much luck with the application fee, but you can apply for the William Carrey Global Scholarship for international students.

The scholarship applies to students aiming for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts & Science, and the Bachelor of Business Administration programs. It’s worth paying the application fee if you think you stand a chance for the scholarship. You can find more details about it on the Crandall University official website.

That concludes the list of Canadian universities that don’t pay application fees. Most of these schools don’t waive the application fee outright; you must satisfy the eligibility requirements for it to happen. Therefore, you should research the eligibility requirements of these universities to ensure that you’re eligible.

You mustn’t just apply to these universities because they don’t let you pay application fees. Ensure they align with your educational goals before you make the move. Luckily, there are some top-class universities there, and they’ll give quality education.

It’s important to note that these schools have some form of financial aid, especially for domestic students. International students can also get lucky, especially with graduate programs. It’s all about conducting your findings and choosing an institution with decent financial aid.

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