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Who Pays WAEC Staffs And How Much? (2022)

Have you ever thought about who pays WAEC staffs? Or the salary scale for these workers in 2022?

Since when it was established, WAEC has been one of the best examination councils in Nigeria and Africa.

They have been working and are still on the mission of curbing examination malpractice in WAEC even though we all know how hard it is considering the rate of corruption in Nigeria.

Who Pays WAEC Staffs in 2022?

The West African Examination Council pays her staffs salaries and allowances.

Wondering how they get the money? They generate revenue from the sales of waec registration forms, scratch cards for result checking, original certificates, etc.

In Nigeria, the Government works hand in hand with the council, which makes even more sense.

I have not heard about WAEC staffs going on strike because they are paid on time with no delay or cock and bull stories.

WAEC Salary Scale For Workers

It may interest you to know that the West African Examination Council pays more than double the minimum wage in Nigeria (18,000 naira).

We all know that since PMB became the president of this great nation, the minimum salary/wage in Nigeria dropped drastically.

The minimum salary for WAEC staffs is 50,000 naira and their other allowances attached.

Examination officers can get up to 100,000 naira or more per month with other benefits.

Just like any other government job in the education sector, your salary increases as you rank up or get promoted.

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In 2019, the council decided to review and increase their staff salaries in order to motivate them to work diligently.

I believe you now know who pays waec staffs and what their salary scale is like in 2022. Share this post with your friends.

In case you have worked with them or still working with them, share your experience with us below.

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