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WAEC Withheld Results 2022 Release Date & Solution [Updated]

You’ve seen HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL shown in any of your subjects when trying to check the grades. It shows WAEC Withheld result.

Don’t worry we are going to take a closer look at what the word means.

For the sake of those who haven’t or don’t know how to check their waec results here is a guide to it.

Once you have figured out that your result shows any of the words mentioned above, just exit the browser.

Some may believe the internet connection causes the problem and it reduces the number of times you can check the result with the pin provided while trying to check it again.

There are explanations behind the HELD, OUTSTANDING, or CANCEL showing on your result which you will find here.

Update: According to the council, the next WAEC 72nd NEC meeting will take place in March 2022. After the meeting some results will be released.

Latest Update: Some of the results held by WAEC have been released, kindly check the official website for your result.

Why WAEC Withheld Your Result 

Malpractice: This is the number one factor behind most of the seized results, but it may not be the reason behind yours.

The inspector may have found you cheating and you were given a form to fill. That is one of the reasons that has been involved.

Another fact is copying other people’s work also leads to this. Take, for example, the person sitting in front of you and someone else copying you during the exam.

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Do you think the marker is a fool? Capital NO. You know within yourself if you involve in this act. No one needs to tell you that.

If your examination center was caught in this act it shows you all will bear the consequences.

No matter what put your mind at rest the result will be released but the punishment will surely be placed on such a candidate.

Impersonation:  This has been the practice of some candidates. They no longer write exams themselves instead they hire someone else to help them sit for the exam.

For those who are yet to write the exam reading this post please don’t give your money to anyone to help you write your exam.

One of the reasons why some candidates impersonate is that they don’t have time. Applying for two things at a time is very risky.

Take for instance you wrote jamb and you chose to await the result during registration while writing your waec your institution fixed their screening date in such a way it will clash with your exam.

In this case, we advise you all to take things one after the other.

Other reasons why your result was held

Noise during the examination: Let me make this clear to you. If you noticed while the exam is going on you will be asked to provide your ID card for scanning or you are asked to thumbprint.

During this process, the machine used is taking records of all the sounds in the center. Making noise while the examination is ongoing might be counted as malpractice.

Form: It is possible you committed an offense during the examination and you were given a form to fill.

Don’t expect the result to be released immediately.

Will WAEC release the 2022 withheld results?

After thorough confirmation, the board will release the result.

If you are however found guilty you will be surely punished for it.

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Your result might either be Cancelled, Degraded or Good. Expect any of the three outcomes.

Meaning of Held, Outstanding, and Cancel in WAEC Results

Let us take a good look at what each status means in your result?

HELD: This means your result has been seized for violating the instruction laid down by the board controlling the exam. will waec held result be released?

As you can see above all the result will surely be released after verification.

OUTSTANDING: This shows your result was held probably due to the wrong information provided on your script.

Such information includes your examination number, center number, name, etc.

Not only that those with bad writing who did not write the details requested vividly will have their waec result displaying outstanding for that subject.

For those intending to write waec please take a good note of this. Always cross-check very well before submitting. what is my chance?

Since you did not involve in malpractice there is a high possibility of your result being released after verification.

CANCELED: Whenever canceled is displayed on any of your results just forget about it. Nothing can be done to that. Just make use of the advice I will be dropping below.

What you should do if your result was withheld

1. Pray: There is nothing impossible for God to do. Seek forgiveness of sin and his mercy. Don’t forget to have faith and be hopeful after telling him.

2. Complain to your school principal: Let him/her be aware that your waec result was withheld. They might provide you with a possible solution.

3. Purchase another form: You’ve known that the output of the result after being seized might be positive or negative.

One truth is before the result will be released another registration form will be out.

I know getting the registration fee might be somehow difficult but set your mind on where you are going.

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Take it as a challenge and don’t let it weigh you down. Keep on trying your best.

I bet you will later thank me if you follow my advice and another bitter truth is if you obtained another form and you’ve already fill awaiting the result in JAMB or post utme you will still meet up.

If peradventure the result was later discharged with good grades it will still see as an advantage for you to take note.

When will WAEC withheld Results 2022 be released

At first, the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) will have to organize a meeting as regards the result then take a look at the best judgment to be passed on those who are involved in malpractice.

In case you did not involve in malpractice just put your mind to rest your result will soon be published.

“Based on my observation the west africa examination council always publish the held result alongside with the next result to be discharged”. For instance you wrote waec expect your result to be released with GCE.

I pray your result will be released without having any failure. While waiting for waec to release the held result please put your mind at rest.

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