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Is WAEC Upgrade Real Or Not? (Busted!)

Here we will give a justification for the WAEC UPGRADE issue above. If I may ask, do you think the upgrade to waec is real? To get a better understanding of how it works, continue reading.

What is The WAEC result upgrade?

We all know what we call upgrading means to improve something. I would claim that the WASSCE upgrade phase helps in boosting student performance.

This issue has been confusing to candidates, particularly those with low performance. Let us know the consequences of upgrading waec result.

The Effect On Candidate

  • Confidence and waste of time: The advice given to a student who fails is exam is never to give up, but the moment they pay for the update, they believe it will be completed. According to the report, they have heard from a candidate who has fallen victim to this. He said the person told him to wait for nine months, and the result will be fully upgraded on the portal. Let’s think about it before the stipulated time another waec registration will have commenced, but because of what they’re told, they’re going to ignore it and wait for the upgrade they’ve paid for. This has become seriously the reason for some students waiting for years at home instead of going on with their preferred course.
  • Wasting money: No one will upgrade your waec result without collecting anything from you. Tell everyone I say that. Imagine what the candidate who this set of people had scammed told me. He said he’s not only paying a sum of ten thousand (10,000) naira, but he’s also referring to two of his friends whose performance is low to the person. Making thirty thousand (30,000) naira altogether. If they had to get another test to see how much they would add to the money.
  • Lack of trust and shame: after collecting such money from a parent striving to get you everything you need and they find out all you did was fake, won’t they think you deceived them? I am sure they will and might restrict you from receiving something tangible from them. Not only the lack of trust the incident will cause, it will also bring shame to you. If you’ve brought your buddy to the individual and you’ve all been scammed, you will be afraid of talking to them. Until you do so, we advise you to think very well.
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How do I know the evidence is wrong?

They show you, first of all, a lot of graphics and video editing. To prove them a wrong request for their result, you’ll see that they’re not going to provide it because most of them don’t even have the rating they promise to change your outcome too.

Check the picture in this article very well; you will see clearly that it is graphic design. You can do it yourself if you are good at designing graphics.

Waec result upgrade
Waec upgrade

Waec Upgrade format 2023

There are different ways in which this set of people might advertise their business to you. Yours to classify them as scammers and stay away.

INSTANT UPGRADE* I, prof. Or Mr. ***, in collaboration with top waec officials in Ghana and Nigeria, continues to assist students with poor results in any Waec-related exam concerning upgrading results.

Anyone who assures you that online upgrading of waec results is fraudulent, my brothers and sister, fools you out of ignorance.

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Advice for those who already paid and still have to pay to upgrade waec

If you already pay, nothing can be done unless you visit the bank and lodge the complaint, but our advice is to obtain another form and prepare very well for the exam. Believe me; you are going to have an excellent result.

If you’ve paid, there’s nothing you can do unless you visit the bank and lodge the complaint, so our recommendation to you is to get another form to plan for the next exam very well, trust me, you’re going to get an excellent result if you prepare very well.

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How to upgrade waec result by yourself

Another false proof given to students is this. They will be told to get the listed tools

anti hacker
    password unlocker
    cookies crumble
    key unlocker for exe(pro)
    don’t spy on me
    clearmyipfor os x
    netgrim os x

The first step after getting these tools is to

Provide your 10-digit WAEC GCE exam number for 2011. (I.e., your seven-digit (7) center number followed by your three-digit seat number, e.g., 4122375009)

Set 2012 as your exam year and choose the type of exam you sat for.

Enter the serial number and pin of the card given to you.

Second step

open the anti-hacker software Tap on “do os x hack with html990”. You will see a space bar there; input your result link

Open the password unlocker, insert your result link, and click ‘ ‘ go ”.

If you keep opening all the tools and adding your result to it, nothing will change.

Is the waec upgrade legit or not?

If you’ve been reading the article from the beginning, you’ll see that it’s not possible to upgrade waec results even though many scammers are out there to give you bogus evidence that you might believe it’s true.

Final verdict: No matter what we say here if you still wish to involve in dashing out your money for the WASSCE upgrade, you will. The ball is in your court; don’t say we didn’t inform you. Share it with friends who are also thinking of upgrading their results.

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