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I will unveil the five reasons why 2024 JAMB candidates might score low. If you’ve been writing jamb for years, please note these points.

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Don’t ask how to pass jamb if you are unwilling to examine yourself and know your weaknesses.

Why Do Candidates Score Low in JAMB?

Bad results
Worried young African American male student holding papers in hands. I received a letter, bad exam results, refusal of admission. Upset, holding his head.

1. Not Time Conscious: Most candidates don’t work with time during the exam, so some spend much time dealing with a question. This has happened to me also when writing my exam. Before I could detect it, the time was already against me. The time jamb assigned for all subjects is just 2 hours.

Please omit questions you don’t know and move to others. Be time-conscious and make sure you submit before the time elapses.

2. Not Punctual: As we all know, some candidates might not have their venue close to them.

During my own time, I lived in Lagos, and I did my jamb in Ibadan. If you are also in that condition, ensure you get to know the centre at least a day before the exam. Knowing your centre before the exam day will let you get the earlier.

3. Not prepared for the Exam: Some candidates won’t start reading until a day or two before the exam. Some of them also think the imaginary JAMB EXPO exists.

If you don’t read your books, I am so sorry there’s no way you can pass this exam. As a candidate, you should start preparing for JAMB immediately.

The best time is after you are done with secondary school (ss3); at that time, you will have sat for the SSCE exams, and your brain will still have a good memory of what you learned in secondary school.

That way, the more you read, the easier it gets for you to understand and remember. Trust you shouldn’t joke with JAMB if you want to gain admission in Nigeria.

4. ITK (I Too Know): Some candidates are just too full of themselves, thinking they know everything. This attitude usually puts them in trouble and makes them score low or have their results held by the board.

They do not heed simple instructions and even ignore what the supervisor is warning them about. What more can I say than you should always be humble and willing to learn?

You are not God, and there is no possible way to know everything. Even if the whole Google database is planted into your nervous system, you will still miss out on some information.

5. Village People Wahala: This is hilarious, right? I don’t think so. Some people fail this exam due to problems that man can’t explain physically. What if your village people have been following you in all your endeavours? This is one of the reasons why you need to be prayerful while preparing for the exam.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should dedicate your whole time to religion or prayers; you should include it in what you do to pass the JAMB 2024. Some people’s computers will start misbehaving or even shut down, not neglecting that they are academically prepared for the exam.

Others may do their exam in bad CBT centres, affecting their JAMB score negatively; I can’t say that is their decision. All these are a few examples of the problems we often can’t explain the cause of, but one needs to be spiritually prepared.

How many questions does JAMB set? 

Jamb sets a total of 180 questions for all candidates. English carries 60 out of the 180 questions, while the other subjects carry 40.

Now that you know this, let’s do the calculation. For instance, you spend a minute on each question, and you know 2 hours in minutes is 120. So, if you use this method, you will only have the time to answer 120 questions. Hmm… 40 questions undone. Can this work out?

Now, this will not be a very long article as I will write an article on how you can smash the JAMB examination at once in the future.

Thank you for reading, and make sure you share this post with your friends who may be interested in this topic. Any questions? Could you drop me a comment below?

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