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There are a few weeks to begin the 2024 unified tertiary and matriculation examination.

By now, you should be fully prepared to tackle any question that comes your way during the exam. We will teach you how to answer questions using the jamb eight keys.

Remember that this year’s jamb is a computer-based test (CBT). If you don’t know about the operation of a computer, don’t panic. I will teach you everything you need.

Two devices (mouse & keyboard) are installed to answer any questions on the screen. The keyboard is a flat device with many buttons, and the mouse is a rat-looking thing.

The keyboard consists of different keys. We have numeric, alphabetic, etc. I will stop there because that’s all we need. You can check more here.

Before starting your exam, make sure all the keys are working by pressing all. After doing that, click delete or backspace on the keyboard. Not all the keys on the keyboard are needed, as earlier said. We need eight alphabetical keys.

How To Use Computer Keyboard in JAMB

Using the keyboard by pressing it to answer the questions, press the keys listed below to execute its functions.

  • A – Select option A. If the answer is A, just press A on the keyboard. A selected radio button will be shown after choosing it.
  • B – Select option B. It’s possible you already chose option A before, but you wish to change it to B. All you need is to press B on the keyboard.
  • C – To pick option C.
  • D – Choose option D.
  • NN symbolizes the next question. Take, for instance, you are done with the first question. All you have to do to move to the next question is to press N.
  • P – Stands for the previous question. Suppose you omitted any question without attending; press P to check it.
  • S – Is used to save. Note: you need to press it two times (save & submit). Pressing it once means submitting.
  • R – To reverse. If you mistakenly press S once and haven’t attempted all questions, do press R to go back to the question page.

Can I write JAMB without learning computer?

Yes, you don’t need computer training before writing JAMB in 2022.

Ensure you watch the video on your computer before starting the exam; it will explain how to use the computer to answer the questions and submit your answers.

How to use the mouse in JAMB

The computer mouse

This can be done by pointing/moving the arrow to your correct answer and clicking on it. On the screen, you will see the next, previous, and save buttons. Select anyone needed.

Ensure you use your dominant hand when using the mouse; if you’re a leftie, use your left hand. Also, your focus should be on the computer screen, not your hand or anything else. If the mouse on your table malfunctions, raise your hand and call the invigilator’s attention.

What is the meaning of CBT in JAMB?

It simply means Computer Based Test.

This implies that your knowledge of the four subjects you chose in JAMB will be tested on the computer.

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  1. What if you want to go to another subject. Like do government first and skip maths for later and that’s not the order? What letter do you use on the keyboard for that?

  2. Excuse me sir,I clicked on end exam using the mouse instead of pressing y for final exam submission as directed.
    Will the exam be submitted?
    I really need your urgent reply

  3. What if I want to go to another subject like leave English and go to literature what sign will it bring out for me to use the mouse


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