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The next discussion I see is how to upgrade the JAMB result after releasing the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination results.

When candidates who think they score low see this advert with evidence, they become happy. They thought they had already seen someone who would help them improve their results.

What if you upgrade your result and they later deny you admission. What usefulness it is. Just think of it.

A girl approached me and asked if they could upgrade her result. I asked what her score was before thinking of upgrading. She replied with 244. However, her institution requested 280 and above to become eligible for the course she wishes to study.

 After saying all this, I convinced her with the below questions.

Questions To Ask Before Upgrading JAMB Score

Did you know you can get scammed?

Ask yourself the above question. The funny aspect is that candidates are the ones you seek the upgrade from. Imagine your fellow candidate uses a little line of text to deceive you and collect your money, and then you cry.

The only help I can render to you is to visit the suya seller, give them the money you wanted to spend on upgrading, and let them give you confirm suya. I mean the one you will chew longer. Make sure they help you warm the meat on fire because some parts might have fat.

Ask for good pepper that will ginger your brain to read and focus on your studies. Requesting onion might make you cry unnecessarily. When you are done, use the free toothpick to clear the meat between your teeth.

All I am trying to say in a nutshell is that don’t dash out your money to those who don’t worth it. Instead of that, make well use of it or give it to those in need.

Have you ever seen someone who successfully upgraded their result?

There are many ways you might come across this advert. It might be through your friend. Before falling into the deceit, ask him/her if he or she has once tried it.

I bet the answer he or she will supply is “capital NO. This thing is not by any means possible.” Just think of it before JAMB releases candidate results; they take a day or more.

Why? It’s just to catch anyone engaged in this silly act. Let me reveal the secrets you might not know of to you today.

Take good note of this at the back of your mind. Before the final release of your result,  the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) already has your original result saved in their database.

Not only that, but they also print it out and burn it to disk and other storage where it can’t be tampered with. Your result is forwarded to your preferred institution immediately. Can you see if you were successful at your upgrade, you would be caught?

What if your JAMB result was upgraded, and They denied admission?

I am sure you don’t know jamb score is not the only factor considered during admission processing because if you do, result upgrading won’t come into your mind.

Let’s assume you score 390 in jamb through the upgrading, which I know is impossible. Then I scored 280 in jamb. According to the institution and course we are pursuing, we need to score 270 and above to become eligible. 

I am not saying 270 is the approval mark for tertiary institutions; I only use this as an example. Although in the beginning, you were ahead of me because of your score during the Post Utme we went for, you scored 52%, and I scored 66% because your upgrading machine is nowhere to be found.

Tell me, who is most likely to be admitted into the institution? JAMB score is not the only means of getting admission into higher institutions. Don’t fall for their useless trick; be content with your score.

If you are successfully admitted, will you also upgrade your 100-level result?

According to the above illustration, I hope you saw the effect of upgrading on that victim during Post UTME? You may escape this process if peradventure they conduct only online screening with no physical examination.

After being admitted, will your upgrade machine upgrade your institution’s result? Why not leave all to God? He that provided the money you used during registration will also grant you admission.

Nevertheless, they don’t because being denied admission thinks Jamb upgrade is “it is not.” God has his plan for you. He already knew the best and most convenient time for you to study.

Don’t be in haste by giving your parents’ hard-earned money to fraudsters.   Here is the last story I will add to back up this article. Doing things God doesn’t want you to do will affect you.

When a candidate is supposed to attain the age of 19 before proceeding to the tertiary institution as planned by God, such a candidate gets admitted at 17 years old. What if something terrible happens to him/her? Think of that also, but one thing I am sure of is that God is not wicked.

You continue trying, and I promise you will see wonderful results.

How the JAMB result upgrade almost killed A candidate

You see, these wicked people who deceive people don’t know the gravity of their offense. As I have and will keep advising students, nothing as a jamb upgrade exists.

A chat with jambite on upgrade

The picture above is a chat between a candidate and a friend.

This guy borrowed money to do this so-called upgrade and later found it a scam. As you can see, he is planning on drinking sniper. Is sniper for entertainment? What if he did like the guy I mentioned above that referred his friends?

Advice To Candidates Willing To Upgrade Their JAMB Result

Another good piece of advice I will want you to consider is that one of the primary reasons students venture into JAMB upgrading is “I don’t like polytechnic, state, private or federal university.”

If you read my article on what to do after waec, I informed candidates to consult properly with their parents before choosing any institution. The fact is, all fingers are not equal. Ask them, Dad, Mum, can you afford my tuition fee in that university, polytechnic, or college I am willing to go to?

If yes, you can proceed, but if the reverse is the case, change your plans and go for the one they can send you to. But if your parent can send you anywhere you like, but your score doesn’t meet up with either, apply for the one your score is up to and keep on with your academics.

Programs like JUPEB and IJMB can also help you gain admission without JAMB.

I know by now you have already gotten an answer to your question. If anyone asks you if the jamb upgrade is real, tell them a capital NO. Save others by sharing it ?.

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