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What is my concern with JAMB regularization? I don’t think I need it. Hmmn…. I can’t tell if you need it or not.

However, if you discover yourself amidst the compartment of students, I will now recognize it’s obligatory for you.

Not all issue with JAMB brings about regularization. Please note this so you don’t struggle with what isn’t worth it.

If you’ve been admitted and wish to print your JAMB regularization admission letter list without going to the cyber cafe, use the link below and follow the steps there.

“Note:  it may take a short time to authorize the JAMB regularization. Be patient it won’t take too long.

It’s time to enlighten ourselves concerning it”.

What is JAMB Regularization?

This has to do with admission. You may be asked to do so whenever any admission problem is experienced, mostly during printing.

Not only this, many were offered admission successfully, but their institution’s course is giving, and JAMB is not friendly. You might be advised to go for regularisation if you cannot print your acceptance letter.

Before taking steps on regularization, make further inquiries. What if the printer you’re using is faulty, and you’ve already been looking for regularization?

Find that out. In other words, we can say it meant to edit the course you were given if it’s not associated with what you’re studying.

Is JAMB Regularization Necessary?

Sure, that’s it. You may not be able to opt for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) if you don’t do it. Not only is this high risk for your admission but don’t forget that only impacted students should apply.

Failure to do JAMB regularization can lead to the non-issuance of an NYSC certificate which is a requirement for employment in Nigeria. Therefore, students who fall under any of these categories are advised to go for regularization to avoid any complications that may arise in the future.

Who is JAMB Regularization meant for?

Finally, let’s state the categories of people to do this

  1. Not offered admission by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board: if your school list is out and your name is there, check your JAMB admission status and see “admission not yet given”.  You are among those who need to do it to have access to your admission letter printing.
  2.  Course offered by JAMB and school is not the same: In a case whereby you are to study accounting in school then JAMB gives you finance. Kindly go for this. Although the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has been trying to curb this, which brings about the central admission processing (CAPS), you can navigate our website to read articles.
  3. Letter of admission revoked: After accepting your admission through CAPS, if your course differs from the one the school offers, you need to change it. Failure to do so in your admission will be revoked/terminated. You cannot print your admission letter if you are a victim of this; the remedy is regularization.
  4. Entry mode does not require JAMB: We have some students whose mode of admission is not by JAMB, such as the part-time (PT) and Direct Entry (DE) students. These people should regularize their admission to the current course they are studying.

How long does JAMB regularization take?

Based on what you want. If you like, you can deal with it for over a year, but it shouldn’t take up to a month for the average person.

The duration it takes to complete JAMB regularization varies depending on the individual case. In some instances, it may take just a few days, while in others, it may take weeks or even months. However, on average, it shouldn’t take more than a month for the regularization process to be completed.

It’s important to note that the length of time it takes to complete regularization is largely dependent on the nature of the issue that necessitated the regularization.

For instance, if the problem is simply that the student was offered a course different from the one they applied for, the regularization process may be completed in a matter of days. However, if the issue is more complicated, such as a case of admission being revoked, it may take longer to resolve.

An indemnity form will be provided that can be printed on your JAMB dashboard at any time to check the status of your regularized JAMB admission.

How to regularize your admission

The best advice I offer to individuals seeking assistance on Jamb is to their Office or approved CBT centre. This can also be done in cyber cafes offering such services. No café charges? Don’t worry if you can do it yourself; keep reading.

Before taking any action “remember this that the service will cost you ten thousand naira (N10,000)” as demanded by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

  1. Login to the portal just like you checked your admission status on the e-facility portal. Fill out the login form accurately by submitting your email and password. If you receive any error response like the one below, try again later.
  2. After successfully logging in, click on the drop-down navigation at the right corner of the header, then choose the late application. For those using PC or desktop mode, check the left sidebar. If there is a need for you to apply, you can quickly get an answer from there.
  3. After selecting the service, it will show your payment reference. Make sure the details supplied are correct.
  4. Different payment methods such as ATM, bank deposit, and online card payment will be shown to you also. I recommend online card payment as it is the fastest and easiest way.
  5. Select the continue button, which will direct you to the payment gateway. Enter your ATM card details (16-digit number in front, CVV always at the back of the card and your card valid through date found at the front of your card in this format (dd/yy). Also, supply the OTP number sent to your mobile number associated with your bank account number to complete the transaction.
  6. If your payment is successfully approved, they will request your year of exam and JAMB registration number.
  7. Two forms will be required to be filled. One will be online, and the other will be indemnity. After filling it out, submit it to your institution’s admission office. The admission officer should sign it and then submit it back to the JAMB state office.
  8. Once this is done, the effect will be shown on your dashboard, and a no-reply message will be sent to your mail from JAMB stating if your request is being granted.

Requirements for JAMB regularization 2024

  1. Your JAMB registration number
  2. Candidates name (full)
  3. Name of initial institution. If you are being transferred from one institution to another, as seen with direct-entry students. Put the name of the school they transfer you from there. But if you do not fill in the name of your institution there.
  4. Former course
  5. Name of the new institution
  6. Course you are being admitted to.

The admission office/JAMB state office will complete the rest.

Here is a warning: please don’t pay anyone online for JAMB regularization because I have seen a lot of adverts on this, and it’s a complete scam.

If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to help us share it with your friends or enemies who can be in want of this.

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  1. I entered my school through direct entry in 2015 but I wrote jamb in 2014 and now I want to do jamb mobilization for nysc

    But Someone told me I can’t use that 2014 registration number for jamb regulization that jamb will backdate my service year

    Please i need more clarification

  2. I have done my regularization since 16th March up till now I haven’t received my jamb number, what is going worng?

  3. Is it true that jamb has suspended regulazation? The site or portal is not opening . According to them, it is suspended for now.

  4. I got admission with my jupeb result in an institution in 2017
    But it is showing no admission yet in my jamb portal but I have my school admission letter.
    And I am in my final year now
    Can jamb regularization resolve this issue please?

  5. I did my jamb regularization since February 2020,But up to now they didn’t give me the admission and I don’t why!?

  6. I got admitted at a university but I didn’t attend that school,I went to a polytechnic,did my jamb reg about six months ago , but my admission status and letter still carries the previous institution detail,
    Help me out

  7. Plz I did my jamb registration since February and till now I have not gotten a message from jamb and I have gone to school I was told that they have sent my detail to jamb but till now I have not gotten any message from them plz what could be the problem

  8. Awaiting approval for a long time, no feed back or approval given, and i can’t go for service without it, it’s really frustrating and depressing because most of my mates if not all, have passed this stage… since last year December, nothing have frustrated me like this, from school to jamb everyday… I just gave up on jamb and and nysc

  9. I have dne my regularization since march and submitted it to my school admission office and my school has submitted it to the state office and I have not gotten my admission letter till now

  10. Please sir/ma why is jamb taking time to approve jamb Reguliazation please what could be the problem? Am through with other things is just remaining jamb to approve me and send me my admission letter so I can go for service please biko jamb you people should help me please am on my knee’s please.. Thanks

  11. Please it has been long I did my regularization but yet no admission what will I do please help a sister

  12. I did my jamb regularization since on the 7th of October 2020 and I haven’t got a message from jamb. What should I do

    • Have printed my admission letter back in 2017 when during registration but to reprint for clearance now it’s telling me to apply for change of institution where as on my acknowledgement slip I chose them as first choice on admission status and matriculation list the course and school all tallies…I know it’s an error….have msg helpdesk no reply..wat can I do

  13. I’m in final year and i want to do jamb regularization since i dont have admission from jamb, but the name on my school portal doesnt match the one on my jamb site. What do i do plss???

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  15. Please sir I got admission without jamb for my ND school, I then later changed to another institution for my HND and my am about to graduate but the said i have to do my jamb regularization in my ND school.now I have travel to my ND institution to do it, I went to jamb office in the state of my ND institution,but the said the have close the portal for now because of jamb exam until July,and now I can’t wait for them till that time because of lectures and project,and the both state are far can’t afford TP again to come back my ND school if jamb open the portal.please my question is can I do my jamb regularization in any jamb office in any state and send it to my ND institution for signing,please if so will my ND state jamb office agree to sign it since I didn’t do it in that particular office,because the both state are far from each other.or after signing can my ND school send the signing to where I registered for the regularization. please need urgent help please thanks.

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  20. Please I wrote Jamb after my secondary school but I did not got admission in 2008 and now I have finished my university in 2019and I when to do my regularization and they are asking me my jamb registration number and I can not remember it again since I did not enter school with it again and they are telling me that that jamb Will not approve it and I have made payment on the 27th July 2021 please what do I do.

  21. Jamb has stop regularization since 2017,and they’re just busy collecting money from people doing regularization… It’s only God that’ll judge guy guys

    • I did my regulatisation since march 23 2021 up till now I v not been offered admission…what going on pls ?.Am a student of poly unwana.

  22. I gained admission through the school and not through Jamb. Have graduated since 2016, but yet to regularlization it. Can I still do it ? Will it be approved?

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    What is the problem pls because my mate have receive message from jamb

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  28. Please Jamb should allow Nwafor orizu college of education nsugbe in affliction with University of Nigeria Nsukka 2017_ 2019 to do their regularization so we can register for NYSC please

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    Throw more light please

  30. If I log in to my profile it always showing N/A….
    And am trying to reprint my regularization slip so that o can resubmit to my school again, it was saying the service has already been used

  31. Sir, good afternoon, I wrote jamb in 2014 and gained admission in 2015, during my year of graduation (2018),so many of us were asked to check our jamb admission status which I checked mine and I was a victim ?, so i was told to go for jamb regularisation, which I did it immediately and jamb congratulately letter was given to me, now am about registering for my NYSC this year, on the portal I was told “not yet matriculated”, which I logged in to jamb portal and it was showed “no admission was offered”. In this situation now, what do I do because my name is already on the NYSC portal and I haven’t served yet?

  32. Good Day,
    Please I did my jamb REGULARIZATION (change of admission letter) and I took the indemnity form to my school. I went back to check the application status online, it was showing”normalisation of improper inter-university (Deletion). Please I don’t know if it’s normal. My colleagues too are seeing the same thing. What should I do. I only did change of course.

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    Please I want to ask if the jamb regularisation is still on going. I’m in Abuja to be precise

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