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The JAMB portal is a website designed for students to perform all their desired actions.

However, all candidates have their unique email and password to access the portal. If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t panic; I will teach you how to restore it. But today, I will teach you how to gain access to it via jamb.gov.ng.

Whenever I have an issue with JAMB, I log into the JAMB portal. There was a time when I had a problem with my name: the arrangement and spelling were incorrect. If you have this same problem, continue reading this post for a solution.

How to login to JAMB portal using Registration Number

JAMB Portal Login
  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Ensure you use a good browser that allows desktop mode, e.g., chrome, brave, etc.
  3. Copy and paste this link or click it to proceed (efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Login/)
  4. Input your email (used during registration) and password to log in.

Importance of using the JAMB e-facility portal

I know you already have a little understanding of the JAMB portal by now. It is high time we talk about the benefits of this online JAMB portal.

It reduces Jambites’ stress: Most JAMB candidates pass through the stress they ought not to. For instance, a candidate went to the CBT centre to check his result, but the queue for about 2 hours before he was attended to. What if he was not attended to that day? It shows his effort has been wasted.

It limits the money spent by JAMB candidates: This is the most crucial reason for creating the e-facility portal. How does this reduce the amount JAMB candidates spend? In a situation where candidates wish to perform activities like checking results, Correcting data, etc. They no longer need to visit any cyber cafe to access it.

Some candidates do not have a good mobile phone to check their results or apply for a change of course/institution. If you’re in this category, contact any of your family members who can help you check it.

Note that giving out your JAMB registration number is not good. It is the best option if you’re not good at using the internet cafe.

Things you can do on JAMB efacility Portal

  • Checking your admission status
  • Viewing of UTME result
  • Correction of data
  • JAMB regularization
  • Submission of indemnity form
  • Uploading of O’level result
  • Update your profile
  • Check all transaction that occurs
  • Print admission letter
  • Part-time registration
  • Print mock result
  • Change your password
  • Sandwich registration
  • Apply for transfer
  • Normalization of irregular admission
  • CBT center charge

You can still do other things besides those I mentioned above. Let me explain them one after the other.

Checking of JAMB admission status

While waiting for your institution to drop its admission list, you can head to the efacility portal to check your admission chances. Checking JAMB admission status is done in two different ways.

  1. Through the efacility portal
  2. Through the JAMB CAPS portal

See how you can check your admission status through both

Checking Your JAMB result

Don’t be surprised that checking jamb results is also enabled on the JAMB website.

JAMB Correction of data

As earlier said, you edited some mistakes you made during registration on the JAMB website. Below are corrections you can make.

Data correction made on the JAMB website

  • Change of name: If your name is mistakenly written, log in to the JAMB portal and click on data correction.
  • Edit course/institution: Did you score low in JAMB and think you can’t gain admission? Check other institutions that can accept your result and change it via the JAMB website. Don’t give up just like that.
  • Gender: Are you male, and they chose female for you on the JAMB registration portal? Please change it as soon as possible so it won’t affect you.
  • Date of birth: All corrections on the JAMB 2024 portal should be quickly corrected before it’s late. If peradventure your date of birth is wrong, promptly edit it on your dashboard before you are asked to tender an affidavit.

JAMB regularization

This has to do with the admission letter. If you have an issue printing your admission letter, click here.

Submission of indemnity form

It is otherwise known as a late application. An indemnity will be given if you have applied for any service on the JAMB portal lately. Some sets of people are assigned to approve, and after approval, it must be uploaded via the UTME website.

Checking all transactions that occur

You may visit a cafe for a service; they refuse to do it after payment. You can confirm that on the JAMB portal.

Changing of password

Are you unable to log into the JAMB portal? Well, an incorrect password might be the possible reason. The JAMB portal has been enabled for changing passwords. Kindly make use of the forget password button to rectify it.

JAMB Portal Is Not Opening

Is the JAMB not accessible or not opening on your device(s)? Here is what you need to know.

  1. Ensure your data connection is on and you have an active data bundle on your SIM.
  2. JAMB changed its site some months ago; it was formally www.jamb.org.ng, but now it is www.jamb.gov.ng.
  3. If the JAMB website is down, check back later.
  4. If it is displaying error 404, that means the page has been moved or deleted. Search for the new page on Academicful or Google.

Today am going to stop here. If you have any issues with the JAMB website, drop them in the comment box. I will attend to them immediately.

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    • Pls good evening I need an assistance on my profile creation I logged into the Jamb portal to create my profile code I didn’t actually continue cos someone told me it’s through SMS but as I was actually sending NIN to Jamb code they said my number has been used by another candidate on jamb e facility when I tried to log into it again it was actually showing error that the page has been removed sir pls what do I do pls thank you

  1. I’m sure that I inputed the right year and reg. Number but my caps still shows ‘You’re ineligible to use this service’ what should I do?

  2. How can I delete my old number from the e facility of the portal
    I’ve sent my number to the code 55019 but it’s telling me that I’ve used the number for the e facility in the portal

      • Good day sir, l was in exam Hall on Monday 21/06/2021 for 7am cbt paper at fountain of knowledge academy in azuiyiokwu in Abakaliki Ebonyi state, suddenly the system develop fault, we didn’t finished our exam, the school proprietor discharged us with a news that jamb will re-post us to another center to write our jamb but up till now, we have not received any information. Thanks

  3. I got a 10 numbers codes written ” registration profile code”” from jamb portal

    Can I use the ten numbers as my profile code for jamb registration??

  4. I made a mistake in my gmail I created another one in the mistake gmail but I did not receive any password reset because I reset my password

  5. Pls I registered for jamb,but email and password was not use for the registration,how will I log in to my portal

      • No sir there’s no email in mine too (2021) but I’m registration details were sent to me via the email I used during registration. And I’ve been trying to log in

      • Pls have been trying to log in to jamb portal to print out the original result, but it’s saying invalid email address or password..

  6. I have uploaded my o level result to my jamb portal but each time I try to check it they will say
    No Used Service With Document Upload Found. What do i do

  7. During the 2021 utme registration, I fill the form with all my details intact including my new gmail address, then after my print out I was notified in my old Gmail address (the one I used for last year 2020) that my examination print out…. something nopoly was attached to my old Gmail instead of the new one.
    And now I logged in to the jamb potal facility and it wasnt showing me my 2021examination details. So plz help, how can I correct it?

  8. Am having problem with my account I can’t login to check my profile,they always tell me rong password or email.

  9. During my registration, I was told to use only phone number, and I got my profile code through SMS from 55019. How do I get my email address registered with jamb?

  10. Please
    I am trying to check my admission status but once I check they will tell me that ‘invalid email address or password’ so what can I do?

  11. Have tried checking my result but not working

    ‘Temporarily not available ‘
    That’s what it’s show after have registered

  12. I tried creating my eportal website but it keeps telling me

    ‘We are sorry the page you are looking for might have been removed, had it’s name changed, or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable’

    Please help me.

  13. Am trying to log in to my profile is not working
    It keep telling me invalid email and password what should I do pls help me

  14. Hi
    I registered for the 2021 post utme and I already did my exam and got my result but when i tried to create a jamb e facility account it keeps telling me
    We are sorry the Page you are looking for might have been removed
    Then someone told me to send my email to 55019 to get my login details
    I did and they sent me a message saying
    You did not register for the 2021utme/de
    Please what do I do?

  15. During my jamb registration,I wasn’t told about any password so now,after writing jamb I just can’t access the jamb CAPS to see my admission status.
    I even went on ahead to change my password but still I can’t access it and am really not finding this funny. I’ll soon go crazy if I don’t find a solution really soon

  16. I lost my phone and the sim I used to register my 2021 DE..and unfortunately I couldn’t do welcome back. No I can’t access my caps, please any help or solution?

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  18. I have forgotten the email I used for registration and the number I used got lost.
    The email I thought I used is invalid and so I can’t log into the portal to print my result. What’s the solution

  19. Please how are we to access our caps wen we did not use any email or password sir please I’m going crazy here as ppl keep saying I should have an email and password for accessing caps but they didn’t ask during registration only number

  20. I have registra online but i want to login the cousor cannot enter the space for mail but it only enter my password space an i key i my password and its appear entre email. So what can i do?

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  22. My case is killing me anybody to help,I wrote jamb 2019 with yahoo mail,and I still registered for jamb this year with Gmail,but have never for once received any Mail from jamb,that is not my problem,am unable to link my yahoo mail to my jamb profile any solution please because jamb said I should used the information I supplied 2029,if I try to send my email to 55019 jamb will send me a message that I can’t use the facility because I originally supplied my email during registration and I don’t understand that logic, anyone to help please

  23. My name is Abdullahi Bello my comp is since 2017 I correcting my name but up to now she’ll not change now I in final year student pls I need help

  24. My name is Qomorudeen Islamiyah. The issue I am having is how to create my account on jamb Portal . I have filled in the neccessary information so I was trying to verify it and it’s showing specify valid GSM phone number. Please what can I do sir?

    • Hi…..
      The problem am facing is that am try to login in to my Portal but not allow again pls help me out

  25. I was supposed to write my exam on Monday 9th of May 2022 .
    But it was postponed to 10th …
    Everyone one I know has seen their results but if I check through SMS they’ll tell me my result hasn’t been released yet…
    Please sir what I’m I going to do ?

  26. Pls, i’ve been trying to login to my jamb profile, but, it has been saying invalid email or password and they are both correct, pls what can i do, i’m really worried?

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