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Can NECO and WAEC results be combined for admission for the 2024/25 academic session?

Regarding O’ level exams, not everyone is lucky enough to pass in just one sitting. This is why most students register for NECO right after writing WAEC.

Well, you are not a dullard. It happens, and you can still gain admission by combining your results.

Can NECO and WAEC Be Combined For Admission?

You can combine WAEC and NECO results to gain admission in Nigeria. Some educational institutions accept two sittings, which makes people who want to use two very lucky.

We may agree that most universities accept the combination of NECO and WAEC results, but it’s sometimes limited to some courses or departments.

If you take competitive courses like medicine and surgery, law, pharmacy, dentistry, etc., you will likely not be admitted when you combine O’ level results.

List of schools that accepts the combination of WAEC and Neco

The list is long as different universities may change their admission requirements, but you can also check the JAMB brochure to see which Universities accept two sittings or results combination.

Can I gain admission without WAEC?

Yes, you can gain admission without WAEC results. Some schools accept NECO, WAEC GCE, or even NECO GCE instead of WAEC results.

Unless your WAEC result is not good or lacks some grades, prioritize it when applying for admission to any University, Poly, or COE in Nigeria.

Can I combine WAEC and NECO to study abroad?

It is tough to find schools outside Nigeria that accept the combination of WAEC and NECO results. However, you can use any of them but not combined.

And yes, you must meet the grade requirement before applying for admission. I explained that in my previous article on studying abroad with NECO.

Is WAEC more important than NECO?

Yes, there is no doubt that WAEC is better and more important than NECO in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

If your WAEC result is good and NECO isn’t too good, use the WASSCE result to apply for admission instead of thinking about combining the two.

I hope you understand that NECO and WAEC can be combined for admission in Nigeria. If you have questions or want to confirm whether your school accepts two sittings, comment below.

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24 thoughts on “Can You Combine WAEC and NECO Results For Admission?”

  1. Good day sir, so I just saw my waec results and I didn’t make my maths is it possible that I can get admission abroad without math?

  2. I miss my maths date during neco exam 2020 cos of the date got rescheduled without proper information and I had to sit for waec the second year and the English paper got cancelled for some reasons
    Can I combine the two results for admission.
    Every other subjects came out in flying colors in the both results

  3. Good day, please I had D7 in mathematics in my WAEC, but I made the mathematics in Neco GCE can I combine both to study in UK or Canada?

  4. I made English language in waec, but my maths was scored as credit in neco. Can I combine it together in getting admission in UK.

  5. Hello Sir
    I don’t attend my Government paper in waec but I passed it in NECO and other subjects
    Can I still combine it to gain admission

  6. Sir is it possible to gain admission
    With a combined results where by my weac is 3 name and my neco is 2name
    If not possible what is the solution


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