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Another problem when signing into the database of JAMB CAPS is getting an “invalid login credentials!” error message. Can’t access JAMB CAPS 2024? Don’t panic. Smile, and keep reading.

One of the main things people tend to do on the JAMB CAPS is to check their admission status. If you want to know whether your admission is genuine, kindly visit the jamb caps portal.

Today, we will discuss how you can rectify the issue, but there’s another alternative we’ll provide if the issue persists.

Your main dashboard is the best way to always check your admission status. You can do whatever you want to do concerning Jamb on your dashboard. Correction of name, date of birth, regularization, etc., can be performed there too. Let’s look at how you can check it on your jamb profile.

How to access my JAMB CAPS Portal

  1. First, the jamb e-facility portal via www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./
  2. Enter your email (used during registration) and password where required.
  3. If you are using a desktop/laptop, on the left side of the screen, you will see “check admission status.” Select it. For those using a mobile device, check the top navigation bar; you will see a drop-down menu there; click it.
  4. Afterward, you must select the exam year and input your registration number.
  5. You can do two things there. You can either view your caps portal or check your admission status. If this method is used, you no longer need to sign into the CAPS portal.

The only thing that causes this mistake is using the wrong password or username. And make sure the two are OK. Another way of addressing the shown error message is to.

Jamb forget password page
  1. Visit the link provided above.
  2. You will see a text with “click here to reset your password.” Proceed by clicking the link.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where your email and password will be prompted to enter. Check your mail to see the reset connection and fill it out accordingly.
  4. Change the password to the new one you can’t forget.

This may also be because of the browser you’re using. Chrome is highly recommended for PC and mobile users.

Why can’t I access my JAMB CAPS?

1. Incorrect Login Details

One of the most common reasons candidates struggle to access their JAMB CAPS portal is due to inputting incorrect login credentials. Ensure you’re using the correct JAMB registration number and the password you set up during registration. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgot Password’ feature to reset it.

2. Profile Not Yet Activated

Sometimes, the issue might be that your JAMB profile is not yet activated for the CAPS portal. This usually happens if you’ve recently registered and the data has not been fully integrated into the CAPS system. Give it a little time, but if the delay persists, you might want to reach out to a JAMB office for assistance.

3. Network Issues

Poor internet connectivity can also hinder your access to the JAMB CAPS portal. Check your network connection to ensure it’s stable and strong. Sometimes, simply switching to a different network or moving to a location with better service can resolve this issue.

4. System Maintenance or Updates

JAMB occasionally performs system maintenance or updates on the CAPS portal, which could temporarily restrict access. If this is the case, JAMB typically notifies candidates ahead of time via their official website or social media channels. In such instances, patience is key; access should be restored once maintenance is complete.

5. Using a Mobile Device

While the JAMB CAPS portal is accessible via mobile devices, some features are best utilized on a desktop view. If you’re accessing the portal on a mobile phone and experiencing issues, switch to a desktop computer or use your mobile browser’s ‘Desktop Site’ feature.

6. Incorrect Registration Year Selected

Another potential reason for difficulty in accessing your JAMB CAPS portal could be selecting the wrong registration year during the login process. This often happens because candidates might overlook the year dropdown or assume it automatically sets to their year of examination. Here’s how to navigate this issue:

  • Select the Correct Year: When logging into the JAMB CAPS portal, ensure that you select the correct year of your JAMB examination from the dropdown menu. This year should correspond with the year you registered for JAMB.
  • Double-Check Before Proceeding: After selecting the year, double-check to ensure it’s the correct one before proceeding with your login details.

Any questions or problems regarding this? Drop a comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and other candidates like you.

188 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Access My JAMB CAPS Portal? 2024 Guide”

  1. But my own case is different, I input the right password and registration number but it saying am not eligible

  2. Evert time I try to login, it tells me invalid password or email and I have clicked on forget password but it keeps showing that record of my email does not exist. What do I do please?

      • Good day …same problem here..I can log in,I have been clicking the button’ access my caps’ but it’s not working…and it’s the year I sat for the exam…and I put in my registration number.?

    • I think that the JAMB CAPS mobile app only works on lower versions of android (android 6 and lower) that is why it is showing error in connection.

    • Me too buh j can access it on my mobile buh on computer o can’t because I just want to access it n accept my transfer approval

  3. Pls I really need help. I tried the reset password option, yet I am not receiving any emails concerning it. After trying countless times, I can’t even type my email address on the provided space anymore, pls help me!!!

  4. Plz they are telling me either my username or password is not correct
    I’ve reset the password twice is still saying the same thing

  5. Please help me? the “access my caps” button is not clicking. I’ve changed browser, typed in my Reg number and other things you’ve asked others to do yet it’s not clicking. Please help us?

  6. Please mine is showing not eligible even after entering my email and password
    But I tried for 2019 and it opened
    What could be the problem
    Even this 2020 I still opened it around December
    I don’t understand

  7. Good morning sir/ madam the phone number I used in my jamb has been blocked is there any alternative that I can use to check my admission status?

  8. Please if I can’t access my caps can that stop my admission??
    Because my school have started giving out admission and I haven’t seen my name yet. And jamb center’s are not responding to me yet.

  9. I haven been trying to ‘access my caps’ and no matter how I try it’s not opening. Please can you tell me what to do and why?

  10. Good morning sir, I can’t access my jamb CAPS after many trials, nothing pops up after tapping the button
    Please ? I need your help.

  11. No matter how hard I click on the open caps tab,,it won’t work..the page just remains static..what could be the problem please..because all my details there are correct..

  12. To everyone that can’t access their JAMB CAPS; make sure you have changed the date on the portal to the date you sat for the JAMB and also make sure you entered your JAMB registration number in the space provided. If there’s any more questions, feel free to ask.

  13. I can only check my admission status which is always saying ..sorry you have not been given admission yet.. but once I click on jamb cap,it only says welcome.

  14. The access my cap bottom is not working… please can I print admission letter without accepting admission on access my cap

  15. Pls same problem
    I can’t access my cab
    My admission. Status shows have been offered admission but no way to accept it ,cause I can’t access my cab, my G-mail,password,registration number,year of admission
    Everything is correct but no way to accessmy cab
    Pls what can I do

  16. Sir wen I try to confirm my email address, after filling it it will tell show me error and if I try login, my email address and password is incorrect

  17. I can’t login to my jamb caps,, anytime I logged in they said the either the password or username is not correct,, so they directed me to where I can use my jamb Registration number, I entered the reg.no kepp telling me I did not sat for exams 2021/2022 Meanwhile I’m 2020/2021 candidate.plss what can I do?

  18. Can’t even access to my own
    I did put password and email correct put to click on login it will not load please wat is the problem

  19. I tried log in several times on jamb caps to check my admission status but the only option there is to input my password, I wasn’t able to input my email…. I tried tap the box “enter your email” have tried several times but it’s not opening… Pls help , what might be wrong??

  20. My name is Mubarak
    Am also having d same problem as yours listed above
    The only solution is that u go to a jamb accredited centre
    There, they can check ur jamb caps with 3 things
    Ur registration number alone
    The number u use in registering
    And ur email
    As for me, I inputed d wrong email
    So all I have to do was to get a worker there to help me check it from time to time
    And they can also accept it for u
    Thank u

  21. Hello am also having the same issue and I don’t really know what’s happening.
    When I checked the admission status I was shown that I have been given admission, but when I checked my caps I was told that I was not eligible for the service,even after trying everything pressing forget password and the likes changing the year I sat for the exams and entering the correct registration number

  22. Pls I am having issues with my email.
    At first it rejected the password then when I was trying to fix that , I received a message that the account was blocked .
    Since then av not been able to log in but I re-created the account but with a different number.can I still access my admission info ???
    Pls if u have any solution to dat I’ll be glad

    • Me too and I entered my reg. Number and my admission status says I’ve been given admission but my caps isn’t opening

  23. Hello I tried to login with my jamb portal with my email address but I was told invalid email or password then I tried to reset the password I was told email this not exist wat do I do can I access my jamb portal with my registration number pls help

  24. Please I’m trying to create my jamb portal but the reply I received is please sorry the page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name change, or had processing error, or is temporarily unavailable.

  25. many students have been encountering this difficulty accessing their jamb caps to accept their admission, if you can’t access your caps after you might have log in to the jamb portal successfully, hold the (ctr+left) key then, right-click, it will automatically take you to another tab from whence your caps will open. thanks.

  26. Candidates pls help me am I trying to login to my jamb caps ,then asked for my email and password which I put but they’re telling me invalid what should I do plz .

  27. Hi please I’m really confused I wrote jamb last year and also did my school post Utme but they didn’t give admission yet and then I decided to write another because it was taking too long I used same email and phone number I used for the previous exam…one of the students I wrote with said to check my caps that she got in already I’ve been trying to log in but I can’t…also the new jamb I just wrote I also tried logging in to my profile but it’s not working please help because if I try changing the password won’t it affect it.

  28. Pls sir any time I access my cap then we be telling me you have not been given admitted yet I applied for direct entry NSUK

  29. I login my jamb caps buh it was not showing my course and institutions,o’level result and my whole details needed in the portal
    I’m thinking maybe it’s because I created my profile code using the internet then they ask to do d profile by SMS.what am I to do?

  30. Sir please, I used my last year profile for this year, I have my login details intact. I can access my profile anytime. But the only problem I have is that any time I try to access my caps, last years registration number will keep appearing, I tried to edit it but it can’t be edited, I succeeded in changing the year to 2021 but the registration number box refused to click. Please help

  31. Please what is meant by username for jamb caps? Is it the email address? I’m having problems logging in to my portal, and I just did change of institution a few days ago. It’s not reflecting yet and when I tap refresh, it asks me for username and password, not email and password. So please what do I do?

  32. Sir,i can’t access my jamb caps.It keeps showing me “you are not eligible to use this service” and I have cross check my registration number to make sure that it’s correct

  33. Sir pls I cannot login into my profile because my login details weren’t sent to me inspite of Jamb telling me that they have sent it.
    Pls what can I do about that?

    • Sir when I tried logging into my jamb caps, it keeps showing me username and password, and I don’t know my username, pls help me out here

  34. I tried to log in but it keeps saying “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable.” And does a CBT center need to access jamb caps for data correction?

  35. I login to access my caps, but I keep seeing my last year registration number ,and I tried to change it but it’s not clicking.Pls, l need your help.

  36. Mine when I login it shows Welcome back Stephen…..only without my profile code in it as it shows in other’s,
    Then when I select the year of the exams and Reg no.and try to asses my caps it shows You’re not eligible to use this service
    Caps direct.
    Please what’s causing this??

  37. I used another number to create my jamb profile account,please how can I change it to the one I used to get my profile code??

  38. The problem I’m having on my caps is that, they told me to link email, I just press a email and send, but they have verified it, so I haven’t open the email I sent before I do such, so I wanted to create the email,the problem there is that Another person have used the email I sent them, Please what can I do,

  39. I used the same number I used last year to register jamb this year cause it was used for my NIN so I sent my email to 55019 and I didn’t see any password
    Now I want to log in but I don’t no how too
    Please help me

  40. Hii… please I don’t what password they are asking for when signing up . I can’t remember putting password on my Jamb profile and they keep asking for password . If i want to change the password they will tell me my email is invalid . And that is not true .

  41. I registered my DE with Naij email and now the Naij email has shot down operation I don’t know how can I change the email to a new email account thank u

  42. My chosen university has offered me admission but my jamb caps keeps telling me ‘sorry I’m yet to be admitted ‘ although I just posted my o’level results what do I do?

  43. After logging into my jamb caps profile, I can’t edit the registration number even after changing my exam year, it’s indicating an exam number I sat for 5 years ago and I can’t change it…..please its a matter of urgency, what can I do?

  44. Please I couldn’t log in to my jamb caps it keeps saying “invalid email” and the email is the same one I registered with and also verified it but I still can’t log in with the email address

  45. Please I need help
    When trying to create account on the jam portal after filling the form
    And I want to submit they are showing me
    Please specify valid gsm number what do I do please help me

  46. My is sorry an error has occurred or the name may have changed so for that matter am unable to finish with my cap creation

  47. I used my last year’s profile code for registration of this year’s Jamb and I tried viewing my Admission Status but it keeps telling me to input my registration number for this year’s Jamb which I tried to but it isn’t allowing me to. I am tired already

  48. Good morning sir

    Please I tried verifying my email with the code they sent to me but it’s saying the page is not available or they have changed the name

    Please what should I do?
    Thank you

  49. Why can’t I access my caps
    I filled in everything correctly my email and password, my registration number and the year of the exams
    When I click check admission status it hangs and nothing comes up at the end
    Can I please know the reason why

  50. I can’t access my jamb portal. I’ve tried logging in several times, but they keep showing me invalid email or incorrect password.

  51. Please sir
    There the email I registered with jamb is different from the one I used to create an account on jamb caps
    How can I change it?
    Because now, anytime I want to check jamb caps for admission, i would be told that I can’t use that service

  52. I tried checking my admission status, but every time I enter, it’ll say ” Please supply registration number”. The worst part is that the space to type in my registration no. is gone and the space to put the year of exam is empty, even with my login credentials. Please, I need help


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