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IJMB Registration 2023/2024 Form Portal, Fee & Closing Date

I am satisfied to peer you all touring my website online. The first-rate content to answer the issue of not being admitted will be shared here. Let’s discuss IJMB registration.

Have you been writing jamb over and over? Once more, don’t worry. Just make sure you read this text in total to get its primary aims. What are we discussing right here today? It’s nothing but IJMB.

Many have heard of this program but don’t know much about it; that is why this newsletter is compiled collectively for you. Is IJMB program real or fake? Let’s get to know.

What is IJMB?

This means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. This program helps to lessen the rate at which students are denied admission, i.e., it makes it possible to gain admission without participating in the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination.

As you all know, before applying for the jamb form, you must make sure your O’level is available. Likewise, IJMB does too. Another feature that jamb offers and applies to IJMB is awaiting results.

Whether your waec, neco, nabteb, or GCE is available, you can sign in for IJMB. This program was set up by one of the best universities in Nigeria ( Ahmadu Bello University ) with the goal referred to above.

How to Check Your IJMB Result for 2023 Exam

Here are questions you might be proceeding to invite. However, if we have not included your query in our publish drop,p itis in our remark box. We will give you answers to them.

Do all institutions authorize IJMB?

Not all institutions recognize this method as a student entry mode. Over  80% of federal, state, and private universities in Nigeria allowed it. If you are not sure if your institution accepts it, kindly visit the school and make further inquiries.  

In addition, IJMB registration is fully permitted by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC). Not only that the federal government approves it as a means of securing admission within and outside the country.

Is My Admission Assured?

Without us knowing your performance, we can’t tell you your admission chance. If you know within yourself you will perform well in the examination conducted, then be hopeful.

Capital YES. This program is one of the excellent applications I advise those who wrote jamb to take into account even with their high jamb rating additionally. Why?.

Let’s consider the rate at which students apply annually.

About twenty thousand (20000) people applied for this program, and over 70% of candidates are admitted into their selected course through this mode.

 Imagine a candidate with a high jamb score is been denied admission, and his friend has already put in for this program. Let now assume he reapplied for the following jamb form, and he was successfully admitted am sure you know the level he will be (100).

Full Meaning of IJMB & JUPEB (With Differences)

Let’s also say the opposite candidate who participated in the IJMB program got admitted into the same university.

Tell me who will be the senior. In this case, the one in 200 level can send the other one to buy him fufu and meat because their level is different.

No seniority in tertiary institutions, so doesn’t say because I made mention of fufu you are looking for whom to send. If you call me to buy you anything, I will only run away with your money, that is all for that session.

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Requirements for IJMB Registration 2023?

Your ordinary level result, if available. It is advisable always to make your O’ level result available whenever applying for programs that require admission within or outside the country.

Time Cost for IJMB Certification

This program is just like you being the university or polytechnic temporarily. You are spending nothing less than nine (9) months on it. It is divided into two semesters (1st and 2nd). You will be given a break at the end of each semester.

Departments eligible to participate in it

No department is overlooked to partake in IJMB; that is, whatever department you are in, you can apply for it. However, those who meet the requirement are the ones eligible to go for it.

Advantages of IJMB

  1. No jamb result is required.
  2. Awaiting results is allowed: if your ordinary level result is unavailable, you can begin registration.
  3. 200-level admission is assured.
  4. Payment can be made install mentally.

How to apply for any institution with the result obtained

Those who already get their National Diploma (N.D.) and are willing to proceed to any university will understand this process.

Top 5 Disadvantages of IJMB in Nigeria (2023)

Once you are certified, proceed to the closest jamb office or website (www.jamb.gov.ng) and obtain a Direct Entry (D.E.) Form.

Please ensure the details you supply correspond with the ones on your IJMB registration profile.

Here is another proven fact about the IJMB result. Unlike Jamb results that get expire, IJMB does not, so you can apply at any of your convenient times.

Procedures For 2023 IJMB registration

This is where I am going to lay emphasis. Many people are rendering this service,e but many scammers will misinform with their silly banner underneath this layout.

“ Gain admission into 200 level with any course of your choice in any University”. 

Please note all are real. Make sure you see the person you transact with before making a payment.

Is IJMB 2023 registration still on?

The IJMB 2023/2024 registration will close at midnight of 30th April 2023

How much is IJMB registration Form?

Preliminary, the form costs nothing less than ten thousand nairas (10,000); other fees, such as hostel and tuition fees, will be discussed through conversation.

Here is an incredible chance of being admitted. We hope we’ve given you the best way to gain admission quickly. Share this advice with that friend writing JAMB over and over.

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