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Kinesiology is a field of science that studies the movement of the human body, and its physical activity. It plays a fundamental role in improving human health, fitness, and general well-being.

If you are interested in forging a career in this exceptional field, Ontario, with its variety of top-tier kinesiology programs, is the place for you. Apart from the network of opportunities that Ontario promises for students, it also provides you with an environment compatible with professional success.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, then this is the article you have been waiting to read. Enjoy the ride, as we reveal to you the best kinesiology programs in Ontario popular for their academic distinction, hands-on experience, and interesting career prospects.

The Best Kinesiology Programs in Ontario

Below are some of the top schools in Ontario, Canada offering kinesiology.

1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto

In the list of the best colleges in Canada, the University of Toronto is an all-time boss. It awards a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree that sets the pace for kinesiology education everywhere else.


  • Academic Distinction: If there is anything the University of Toronto is known for, it is its academic demands and robust resources.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: The degree at the University of Toronto is a mix of diverse disciplines to give students a holistic education.
  • Research Opportunities: University of Toronto has a large research environment, where students can be a part of groundbreaking projects.

2. Western University

Western university canada

Western University is located in London, Ontario, and offers a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology program respected for its academic class and research privileges.


  • Academic Record: Western University commands widespread respect, and this is all thanks to quality education.
  • Research-centric: For students with an interest in Kinesiology research, Western University comes with countless research opportunities.
  • Hands-on Experience: Apart from the standard classroom experience, Western University students enjoy access to placements and internships where they can practicalize their knowledge.

3. McMaster University

Mcmaster university Canada
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

McMaster University, located in Hamilton Ontario, boasts a Bachelor of Kinesiology program renowned for its innovative learning and practical education.


  • Innovative Learning: You can expect McMaster University to stretch you to your best self, stimulate your critical thinking ability, and help you to solve real problems.
  • Clinical and Field Exposure: There are many clinical and field placements at McMaster, where willing students can gain practical experience.
  • Research Incorporation: This program focuses on research and evidence-based experience.

4. University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

At the University of Waterloo, the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program places strong emphasis on human movement science, physiology, and exercise prescription.


  • Human Performance Lab: The University of Waterloo’s Kinesiology program comes with cutting-edge facilities including the spectacular Human Performance Lab.
  • Research and Innovation: Waterloo students enjoy the opportunity to engage in outstanding research projects associated with human movement.
  • Hands-on Skill: Graduates of the University of Waterloo complete this program fully equipped with skills for fitness assessment, and exercise prescription.

5. Queen’s University

Queens University Canada

Located in Kingston Ontario, Queen’s University awards a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education program that combines Kinesiology with Health Studies.


  • Well-rounded Approach: This program is a balanced mix of Kinesiology and Health Education, culminating in a balanced perspective for students.
  • Limited Class Sizes: At Queen’s, not only do students enjoy personalized learning experiences, but they get it in a tightly-knit environment.
  • Experience-Based Learning: Queen’s students participate in practical endeavours, including community placements and internship opportunities.

6. Wilfrid Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University

With campuses spread across Waterloo and Brantford Ontario, Wilfrid Laurier University boasts a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree focused on experiential learning and cutting-edge research.


  • Practical Experience: The Bachelor of Kinesiology program at Wilfrid Laurier includes co-op platforms, internships, and field placements.
  • Community Service: This program fosters participation in community health organizations.
  • Research Opportunities: With this program, students enjoy access to faculty-organized research works.

7. York University

York University Canada

York University is situated in Toronto and its Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science program is known for its impeccable curriculum.


  • Outstanding Curriculum: York has one of the most versatile Kinesiology programs around, which includes Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, and Health Promotion.
  • Clinical Exposure: The Kinesiology program at York University exposes students to internships in various healthcare settings, providing them with requisite clinical experience.
  • Global Health Perspective: York’s program covers global health issues bordering on Kinesiology and Health Science.

8. Laurentian University

Laurentian University Ontario

Located in Sudbury Ontario, Laurentian University awards a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree that focuses on real-life application of Kinesiology principles.


  • Outdoor Laboratories: Laurentian University maximizes the amazing Northern Ontario environment for outdoor laboratories and exposure.
  • Clinical Experience: Clinical placements and internships are available to Laurentian students, equipping them with practical experience.
  • Health Education: Laurentian’s program takes a deep dive not only into Kinesiology but also into Health Education and Promotion.

9. Brock University

Brock University Ontario

Located in St. Catharines Ontario, Brock University provides a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with an enduring focus on practical learning and research.


  • Practical Education: For them at Brock University, hands-on experiences are a big deal and they include laboratories and field placements.
  • Research Facilities: Brock University provides standout facilities for students, which can be utilized for various Kinesiology projects.
  • Health Promotion: This degree encompasses health promotion and exercise science.

10. University of Guelph

University of Guelph

The Bachelor of Kinesiology program at the University of Guelph is exceptional because it takes a well-rounded approach to Kinesiology.


  • Well-rounded Education: The Kinesiology program at Guelph combines a broad range of Kinesiology subjects including Physiology, Biomechanics, and Health Promotion.
  • Emphasis on Health and Wellness: Graduates of this program are equipped for roles in health and wellness development.
  • Clinical Placements: Through clinical placements in diverse healthcare environments, students are exposed to practical details.

11. Ryerson University

Ryerson university

Located in downtown Toronto, Ryerson University awards a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program that grooms students for different roles in the field.


  • Urban Experience: Located in the center of Toronto, Ryerson makes the most of this beautiful environment to diversify its learning opportunities.
  •  Professional Growth: The Kinesiology program at Ryerson grooms students with professional skills, and prepares them for enriching careers in Kinesiology.
  • Interprofessional Learning: This degree combines Kinesiology with other health sciences.

12. Nipissing University

Nipissing University

Rooted in North Bay Ontario, Nipissing University’s Bachelor of Physical and Health Education program focuses on Kinesiology and Health Promotion.


  • Community Service: At Nipissing, students are encouraged to participate in community service through various health initiatives.
  • Practical Skills: Graduates of this program face the real world/ equipped with hands-on skills for health education and promotion.
  • Health Equity: At Nipissing, students are taught the basis of health equity and social indications of health in Kinesiology.

13. Lakehead University

Lakehead University

With campuses spread across Thunder Bay and Orillia Ontario, Lakehead University boasts a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree renowned for its wholesome approach and community involvement.


  • Northern Ontario Feel: Lakehead’s Kinesiology program takes full advantage of Northern Ontario’s fantastic environment for its outdoor activities.
  • Community Engagement: With the benefit of community initiatives and internships, students obtain solid hands-on experience.
  • Exercise Science: The Kinesiology program at Lakehead encompasses exercise science and health promotion.

14. Carleton University

Carleton University Canada

Situated in Ottawa Ontario, Carleton University awards a Bachelor of Health Science degree with a major in Human Kinetics.


  • Research Benefits: At Carleton, students have the opportunity to participate in research projects within the field of human kinetics and health science.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Another touch of difference about Carleton is its incorporation of Kinesiology with other health-related fields.
  • Health Promotion: From a Kinesiology standpoint, Carleton’s program examines health promotion and wellness.

15. Durham College

Durham college Canada

Located in Oshawa Ontario, Durham College offers a Bachelor of Health Care Technology program with a major in Athletic Therapy.


  • Athletic Therapy Major: Durham’s program is specially offered for those interested in Athletic Therapy within Kinesiology.
  • Evidence-based Skills: As a student at Durham, you will be equipped with skills in injury assessment, rehabilitation, and athletic performance development.
  • Clinical Placements: Students at Durham also benefit from clinical placements with sports teams and healthcare organizations.

Final Thoughts

Ontario provides a wide variety of Kinesiology programs, each with its peculiar advantages and areas of concentration. Students of these programs graduate properly equipped for roles in various parts of human movement, health and wellness.

Choosing the best Kinesiology program ultimately depends on your interest, professional goals, and the program’s curriculum and prospects.

Whatever decision you arrive at, you can be sure any one of the programs we have highlighted in this article will be more than fine for you!

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