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Europe is known to be a top destination among several students who intend to obtain a degree in medicine. It is one of the best decisions you could make towards a great medical career.

The continent is home to many of the best medical schools worldwide, known to play an indisputable role in medicine. Institutions like Havard, Cambridge, and John Hopkins are well-renowned for producing the best medical graduates worldwide.

However, you may face some challenges studying in Europe, especially in terms of cost and language of learning. Generally, pursuing a medical degree in Europe is known to be expensive, and this is why many international students are funded via scholarships.

Another challenge is the language of instruction in some regions. Some European countries like Sweden and Turkey teach students in their native language. This may be an issue for international students who have not learned the language beforehand.

To curb these challenges, I have compiled a list of the cheapest European medical schools taught in English. Let’s get right into the details.

Cheapest Medical Schools in Europe taught in English

Below are the top medical schools in Europe where you can pursue your preferred medical program in English at the most affordable fees;

1. Sorbonne University, France

Sorbonne university

Tuition: EUR 7,000

The Sorbonne University ranks among the top 5 universities in France, offering quality medical programs taught in English. Also, the university is ranked among the top 100 institutions in the world.

The faculty of medicine at Sorbonne University is known for its various medical programs, including medical studies, midwifery studies, and paramedic studies.

So far, the faculty has produced over 700 professional physicians since it began offering medical programs. International students can pursue their preferred medical programs in English without going through any learning barriers.

2. Charles University, Czech Republic

Charles university

Tuition: EUR 7,500

Charles University, Czech Republic, is another on the list of the cheapest European medical schools taught in English.

The general medicine program at Charles University lasts for six years. However, the dentistry program at the university lasts for five years, with successful students obtaining a Dental Medicine award.

In addition to general medicine, Charles University offers other related medical programs, including general nursing, pharmacy, and pediatric nursing, to name a few.

As an international student interested in pursuing a medical career at Charles University, you must pass the school’s medical entrance examination and fulfill the requirements to gain admission into your preferred medical program.

3. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Erasmus University

Tuition: EUR 3,000

The medical college at Erasmus University Rotterdam is one of the cheapest medical schools in Europe taught in English. Students are required to pay an average of EUR 3,000 per year.

Also, the medical school is on the list of the top research medical schools in Europe, offering various medical programs to local and international students.

If you are particular about pursuing your preferred medical program in a school that teaches English, the medical college at Erasmus University should be on top of your options. The medicine program at the university lasts for six years, while other medical programs, including clinical technology, last three years.

4. University of Pecs, Hungary

University of Pecs

Tuition: EUR 8,000

Although the College of Medicine at the University of Pecs has a slightly high tuition fee, it still comes among the cheapest English-taught medical schools in Europe.

This medical school boasts an average of 4,000 students and features 28 clinics, 11 teaching hospitals, 19 theoretical institutes, and over 500 lecturers and researchers.

The College of Medicine also offers other medical programs such as medical dentistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, nursing, etc. You could apply for any undergraduate and postgraduate medical program as an international student.

5. Medical University of Oradea, Romania

Oradea university

Tuition: EUR 5,000

The Medical University of Oradea Romania is also among the leading medical schools in Europe, offering outstanding medical programs in English. This institution boasts six clinics offering top-quality healthcare services to patients. Also, these clinics serve as teaching hospitals for students to get hands-on experience in the medical line.

The norm at this medical school is that students go through pre-clinical studies in the program’s first three years. Courses offered during this period include biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, pathology, and biophysics, to mention a few.

The next three years of the program will focus on imparting the students with practical clinical experience. During this period, students will go deeper into clinical studies and be actively involved in treating patients in the school hospitals.

6. University of Bari, Italy

Bari University

Tuition: EUR 6,000

The University of Bari is one of the first medical schools in Italy. It is also among the cheapest European medical schools taught in English, with a yearly tuition of EUR 6,000.

The University of Bari was founded in 1925, thanks to the intervention of the Italian Ministry of Education. Currently, the university offers quality medical programs in English. Local and international students can study their preferred medical program in English from the bachelor’s degree level to the postgraduate level at pocket-friendly fees.

Like many other medical schools in Europe, the duration of a medical degree in the university is six years, and students are usually engaged in various research, practical sessions, and clinical studies during this period.

This European Medical School has an ultra-model hospital in its university building, where students are imparted with hands-on clinical skills and experience for their medical careers.

7. Karolinska Institute, Sweden


Tuition: EUR 7,000

If you are looking for a broad range of medical programs in Sweden, you will find them at the Karolinska Institute. The institution heads over 70% of all academic medical research conducted in the country, ranging from biomedical to basic experimental research and clinical studies.

Karolinska Institute is on the list of the cheapest medical schools taught in English, with a yearly tuition fee of EUR 7,000. Also, this Institution pioneers research in cancer, neuroscience, immunology, epidemiology, nursing, and global health, to mention a few.

In addition, Karolinska Institute Sweden is known to have a strong collaboration with several top healthcare agencies in the country. These agencies assist the medical school in modeling a good curriculum that meets the healthcare industry’s standards.

Kindly note that international students from outside the European Union (EU), and European Economic Area (EEA), are expected to pay application fees before applying to the school.

8. Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria

Plovdiv MU

Tuition: EUR 8,000

Plovdiv Medical University is another top institution on the list of cheapest medical schools In Europe taught in English. The Medical University is home to top medical faculties, including the faculty of medicine, faculty of pharmacy, dentistry, and public health, to name a few.

The medical university has a teaching hospital featuring over 2,000 beds and standard medical facilities. This teaching hospital also serves as an avenue to equip medical students with hands-on practical medical skills.

Also, the Institution has an insightful and innovative program for paramedics to provide participants with quality first-aid training. Furthermore, this European Medical Institution is also among Europe’s leading research medical schools and has over eight research centers.

9. Heidelberg University, Germany

Heidelberg university

Tuition: EUR 6,000

Heidelberg University Germany ranks in the list of cheapest medical schools in Europe taught in English. The German medical school was founded in October 1386, making it one of the oldest medical schools in the country.

Also, the institution is known among the top research schools in Europe and the 50 best medical schools in the world based on the QS World University ranking. Like other medical schools in Europe, the medical program at Heidelberg University lasts for six years.

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