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What career opportunities are available for a Foreign Medical Graduate? What can foreign medical graduates do in the USA?

Sometimes referred to as International Medical Graduates (IMG), Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) are physicians who have completed and obtained a degree from a medical school outside of the country where he or she plans to practice.

A Foreign Medical Graduate must apply for and obtain a license before practicing in a country where he/she did not graduate. This is more like getting a work permit. If you are an International Medical Graduate, you might want to know the job opportunities to practice in a different region.

As an FMG, you are open to various career opportunities. However, this article will mention the best career opportunities you can take up as a Foreign Medical Graduate. In addition, I will include details like the job description, the job requirements, and the average salary attached to each of them.

Top Opportunities for Foreign Medical Graduates

Medical assistant with doctor

1. Assistant Medical Examiner

The job description for an Assistant Medical Examiner is quite specific. He or she must be ready to perform difficult and specialized medical work, particularly in forensic medicine, which requires advanced and specialized education.

As an Assistant Medical Examiner, you will work directly under the supervision of the Chief Medical Examiner. He/She is involved in evaluating injuries and evidence in the living and the medico-legal investigation of the dead.

To work in this position, you must get advanced and special training.


  • Ability to handle cadavers and remove them for a death scene.
  • You must be available at any time to respond to cases of sudden deaths and injuries.
  • Ability to withstand and manage exposure to physical, chemical, and biological health hazards. Also, the examiner must be able to stand exposure to horrible and violent death scenes.

Salary Information

An Assistant Medical Examiner is usually paid between $82,218 and $112,817 every year.

2. Medical Officer – Student Health Center

The work of a Medical Officer at a Student Health Center can vary. One is to provide direct patient care at the Student Health Center. This is not the only job of a Student Health Center Medical Officer.

The Medical Officer is also responsible for supervising physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

He or she might be involved in dealing with other medical personnel on the field. The office supports a comprehensive primary care model, including gynecology and preventive medicine. The Medical Officer might also act as a health consultant.


Anyone who chooses to apply for the post of a Medical Officer at a Student Health Center must;

  • Have an M.D (Doctor Of Medicine) degree from an accredited medical school.
  • Have completed an approved residency program in Family Medicine, Internal/Emergency Medicine, and Pediatric Medicine.

Salary Information

The Medical Officer’s annual salary is around $55,000 to $251,000.

3. Medical Consultant-Epidemiology

As a Medical consultant, you will be responsible for identifying, diagnosing, and controlling communicable diseases within the population. You will work with other Medical personnel, including the Medical and laboratory community, institutional settings, or hospital control practitioners.

The Medical consultant will investigate and describe the determinants and spread of diseases and disabilities. If any sporadic disease threatens the environment, Medical consultants will help develop means for prevention and control.

In addition, medical consultants research to develop methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for medical applications, analyze data, and present findings.

Salary Information

The average annual salary of a Medical consultant ranges between $77,962$147,608.

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4. Intelligence Analyst

This is one of the most thrilling careers as a Foreign Medical Graduate. You can be opportune to work as an intern with top investigation agencies such as the CIA or the FBI. You get to work with full-time intelligence analysts, studying and evaluating information together.

Also, an intelligence analyst can access the agency and Intelligence community by participating in meetings and projects. Aside from that, the program will also give analysts room to choose from various permanent employment opportunities.

The participant can then resume upon completing graduate school.


However, before you can be able to apply as a Graduate studies intelligence analyst, you must complete the following;

  • A medical and psychological examination
  • Polygraph Interview
  • A comprehensive background investigation

Salary Information

You can get paid as high as $77,345 per year as an Intelligence analyst intern.

5. Physician (Medical Officer)

This is also among the common jobs that foreign Medical graduates in the United States get recruited for. As a Medical Officer, you can serve as a Physician at a Bureau of Prisons Federal Correctional facility.

This means you will be responsible for providing professional healthcare services for the federal prisoners confined at the facility. In addition, as a Medical Officer, you will conduct physical examinations and collect comprehensive Medical and social history reports for body review.

Per your patients’ medical history, you must perform a physical assessment to prove the reports. Finally, it is also the job of the Medical Officer to be responsible for maintaining security at the facility.


Before you can work as a Medical Officer at a Federal Bureau of Prisons, you must have the following;

  • Obtained a Doctor of Medicine, or Osteopathic degree
  • Obtained a degree from a Foreign Medical School
  • Possess a Graduate or Post-Graduate training license
  • Have work experience

Salary Information

As a Physician (Medical Officer), you will receive a yearly salary of $108,645 to $243,000. If you meet the criteria for Recruitment bonuses as a selected candidate for the recruitment process, you will also receive a 24% incentive.

6. Clinical Affairs Specialist

The work of a Clinical Affairs Specialist will range from navigating protocol to managing a portfolio of clinical trials, including some other research studies. In addition, as a clinical affairs specialist, you will provide regulatory support for investigators and aid in early discussions and negotiations among them.

Also, Clinical Affairs Specialists work with peers and team members in other fields to analyze and evaluate current systems concerning healthcare services. Another importance of these specialists is that they provide regulatory guidance to clinical investigators and other staff in the clinical setting.


Before you can work as a Clinical Affairs specialist, you must meet the following requirements;

  • You must have completed all background investigations and verified your qualifications.
  • Applicant must also meet all qualification requirements.
  • In addition, you must have proof of being a National of the United States.

Salary Information

Clinical Affairs Specialists receive an annual salary of around $74,865.

Jobs for foreign doctors in the USA without USMLE

career choice illustration

The United States holds several opportunities for International Medical Graduates (IMGs), including jobs for foreign doctors. However, finding jobs for IMGs in the USA without the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) can be challenging.

The USMLE is a vital prerequisite for practicing medicine in the USA, as it ensures that the individual possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to provide quality care. Given the rigorous healthcare standards in the country, most jobs, particularly clinical positions, require IMGs to have passed the USMLE to guarantee their competency.

However, non-clinical jobs such as research positions, administrative roles, or health informatics may not strictly require the USMLE. Regardless, these positions typically seek out individuals who comprehensively understand the medical field. Therefore, while opportunities exist, the scope for IMGs without USMLE certification in the USA may be limited and potentially focused mainly on non-patient-facing roles.


As a Foreign Medical Graduate, remember there are various career options available for you, which are not limited to the ones mentioned in this article. In addition, these opportunities attract very handsome pay. Ensure you make good use of this information.

Please also note that this post is exclusive to Foreign Medical Graduates already nationals of the United States. The job opportunities in other regions might differ.


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  1. I am foreign educated MD pre intern doctor. I would like to connect with you and get more information to work in USA in time to come.

    Please update me.

    Sahayanesan Sharuni
    MD Pre Intern Doctor

  2. I’m an abroad board-certificated with more than ten years of clinical experience in the field of family medicine, emergency, and gynecology looking to utilize my analytical skills and experience in all spectrums of obstetrics. I like to connect with you to get a appropriate job in the US. I am a Green card holder.

  3. Hi there, I am an international graduated general physician with more than 27 years experiences in practicing.
    Actually, I want to know that is there another pathway for practicing in USA without passing the USMLE.
    Thanks for your help.

    • To practice medicine in the USA as an international physician, passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is generally a requirement.

      While there are alternative pathways available, such as the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certification and certain state-specific programs, these pathways typically still require passing the USMLE or its equivalent.

  4. What the worth of an ECFMG approved with a standard certificate and 18 month fellowship at a big time corporation like Cleveland Clinic, to get a job?

    • An ECFMG approved with a standard certificate and 18-month fellowship at a prestigious institution like Cleveland Clinic significantly enhances your job prospects in the medical field.


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