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Axie Infinity Scholarship 2022: All You Need To Know

With current developments, technology has made it almost impossible for anyone to be downtrodden or financially handicapped.

This owes to the presence of various means available on the net through which individuals can effortlessly earn a living and think less about burdens. One of such channels is being an Axie Infinity Scholar.

Conventionally, to be eligible or qualified for a scholarship, you need to be an individual with outstanding academic records as well as someone of good conduct.

However, this particular scholarship I am about to unveil to you is largely unlike the former. The seemingly dullest or not-too-clever students in your class can get awarded for performing simple tasks. The Axie Infinity Scholarship commonly called the play-to-earn scholarship is one of the easiest ways to relieve yourself of academic hurdles.

How is it done? Students across all levels make whopping sums of money through this by simply playing games. Read that line again-playing games.

Who would think a period like this would come when people can monetize an activity majority consider time-wasting? Anyway, it is what it is.

So, the sooner your start to realize how this can help you, your neighbors, and your friends the better it is. In the next lines, I will explain what Axie Infinity Scholarship means and what it requires to become a scholar.

About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Scholarship upon its inception is recognized across the globe as the simplest way for Axie players to earn and augment their income. As earlier noted that Axie is about gaming, players, often regarded as scholars, play various games and in the end earn small love portions(SLP).

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These accumulated small love portions are what players transfer to their local currencies afterward. Small love portions and axis are the only official native tokens of Axie Infinity.

The above native tokens like its other similitudes in different spheres -cryptos- need a form of investment before the commencement of the activity. Scholars or players, especially those new to the new, can not build up axies on their own as a result of axie’s pricing rate and volatility.

So, what do they do then? This is where Axie Infinity Scholarship comes in. This scholarship gives room for those set of people who want to play the game but do not have the means.

In almost all cases, these players/scholars are initiated into the game by people called managers. The managers are people with enough and the required amount of small love portions or axies; however, do not have the luxury of time to play.

So, by now, you should have known how this works. The managers, thus, in the scholars or players to play the game on their behalf.

After playing and earning more SLP and AXS, the proceeds, and Axies gained are shared between the managers and scholars using their agreed quota. Often time, it is 60-40. However, this is not fixed as some take 50-50,70-30, and many more.

Regardless, sharing quota is always decided before scholars are given axies to start the game. To commence the game, a scholar/player gets three axies, to begin with, and subsequently earns passive income.

At this juncture, I must let you know that before you go into agreement with anybody, either you are the manager or scholar ensure that your shared trust cannot be compromised. This is very important to avoid the possibility of being scammed or duped of your resources.

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Scholars or players cannot withdraw the small love portions acquired while playing the game. Only the managers, who brought them in, have the access to the SLP accumulated and hence can process the withdrawal.

Scholars can have their shares given either in cryptocurrencies or in players’ local currencies. It is also worthwhile to note here that withdrawal happens fortnightly.

How to Apply for an Axie Infinity Scholarship

I know having read the details above, you may be waiting for this. Fine, if you wish to earn this Scholarship, this is all you need to know.

  1. Search for managers or Axie community members who need scholars. How do you do that? Check through social media platforms and you would see countless managers in search of players as well. The likes of Twitter, Discord, and Reddit are avenues for getting in touch with managers.
  2. Reach out to the manager or the Axie community members to show interest. Mind you, having prerequisite knowledge about games is an added advantage.
  3. Next, the manager brings you in and provides the required axies to start the game.

Helpful Tips

 As scholars or managers, you need to take note of the following to ensure your earnings are saved.

  • Botting or having multiple accounts is not allowed. As a scholar, importantly, you are not excepted to play using more than one account.
  • As a manager or scholar, if you are banned for offensive reasons, all SLP gathered will be lost. Hence, before the commencement of the game, know Axie’s terms and conditions.
  • As a scholar or player, before you apply for another scholarship, your present manager must be aware.
  • Be mindful of what you post on the Official Axie Infinity discord server. Once you need to make inquiries, do that through the Ask-A-Manager column.
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How to transfer Axies to Scholars’ Accounts

I have written a lot about all that surrounds being an Axie scholar. It is about time I told you something about a manager as well.

As earlier written that only a manager has access to earned SLP and thus can withdraw. After which he gives the scholars a share-out. So, let us see how earned axies are sent to scholars’ accounts.

  1. First, an account needs to be created for the scholar on the Axie Infinity site.
  2. Choose the type of Axie you want to send to the scholar.
  3. Insert necessary details in the Ronin address of the scholar you want to send Axie to.
  4. Click the send button and have the account QR code saved and give a copy of the same to the scholar.

That’s all you need to know about the axie infinity scholarship whether as a scholar or manager in 2022. If you have any questions, drop your comments below.

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