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The UNICAF Scholarship is one of the many initiatives worldwide that offers less privileged but assiduous students the opportunity to earn a degree.

Since its inception, efforts have been made to ensure that every person gets educated at a subsidized cost. This scholarship ranges from undergraduate and post-graduate to post-doctoral studies. The UNICAF Scholarship is open to all African indigenes, regardless of region and nationality.

At the end of one’s academic sojourn, students would receive highly accredited degrees from UNICAF’s partner universities. For over twenty years and still counting, UNICAF’s partner universities have continued to offer scholarships to African students.

These students, in turn, become more productive for good causes in their countries. Presently, UNICAF scholarship and on-campus programs offer its online variant, with degrees awarded by institutions in the United Kingdom, EU, and the United States.

UNICAF Bachelor’s Degree Programs

This category is for students in the undergraduate section. UNICAF University has a long list of amazing courses. All you have to do is explore which courses you qualify for and proceed with registration.

To be qualified for UNICAF university admission at the Undergraduate level, a candidate must possess the following:

  1. A secondary school leaving certificate with a minimum of 60 out of 100 Credits or any other equivalent in the candidate’s country of residence.
  2. Prospective applicants with an advanced diploma or just a diploma may also be considered for credit transfer.
  3. Applicants should provide recognized proof of English proficiency. Therefore, applicants are strongly advised to take English proficiency tests before applying.
  4. A well-detailed CV. Such a CV should feature essential information about the applicant. Phone numbers, email, addresses, and short bio, among others, are indispensable in a CV.
  5. A copy of valid means of identification and a recently taken passport.
  6. Also, applicants must have a strong academic record to compete favorably among several other applicants. Likewise, leadership skills are of added advantage.

To conclude on UNICAF’s Bachelor’s degree programs, you are strongly advised to contact admission officers in your country to learn more about the requirements.

UNICAF Master’s Degree Programs

Admission into UNICAF university master’s degree programs is not entirely different from bachelor’s. However, there are a few distinctions.

Unicaf students

To be qualified for these programs, candidates must meet the following requirements;

  1. Applicants must possess a recognized bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution or equivalent. Other certifications like similitude would also be considered.
  2. Applicants should also provide proof of English proficiency if his/her bachelor’s degree courses were taught in another language other than English.
  3. A statement of purpose/a and a personal statement of a minimum of 500 words should also be submitted by applicants. This should be convincing and well-stated.
  4. A single official letter of recommendation must be provided. This may either be academic or professional. Getting a recommendation from a well-known personality gives applicants an edge over others.
  5. A valid means of identification, such as a National ID and a recently taken passport, must also have a smooth and error-free application.
  6. Extracurricular activities and soft skills like time management, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and many others are also considered in the admission process.

Why Apply for a UNICAF Scholarship?

Although many scholarships are given by international bodies, private companies, NGOs, government, and whatnot, the 2024 UNICAF scholarship program distinguishes itself from others because of its advantages.

The benefits include:

  1. UNICAF partners with some of the best universities in the United Kingdom, United States, and EU.
  2. Lecturers of national and international repute undertake all programs.
  3. Degrees awarded are not different from those obtained from top universities across the globe.
  4. All successful applicants get internationally recognized certifications
  5. Upon successful application, students earn their degrees at a lesser cost than most conventional institutions.
  6. Candidates are given the liberty to either study on campus or online. And even for online programs, students graduate together physically.

UNICAF Scholarship Requirements

Unicaf university malawi

To be eligible for Unicaf’s scholarship, either for a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or doctoral program, applicants must meet the following criteria.

  1. Applicants must be permanent residents of Africa. Prospective students should be Africans by birth or have gained nationality through other means.
  2. An applicant must earn not less than $20,000 in a year. As earlier noted this scholarship is for less privileged African students. Therefore, if you meet this requirement, you are good to go.
  3. Candidates should show readiness to commence the program within the stipulated time frame. Applicants are expected to start their academic studies six months from the date when admission was received.
  4. Applicants should also meet the stated entry requirements for their respective programs of study.

UNICAF Scholarship 2024 Application

  1. Anyone interested in the UNICAF scholarship should fill in an application form to be considered for any degree program. This can be done on UNICAF’s website.
  2. Upon application, decisions are made by the admission body taking into consideration applicants’ financial status and academic qualifications.
  3. Once accepted, students would be sent a notification of a partial scholarship.
  4. To apply, use the link below.
Application Link

To round it off, we would look at some commonly asked questions and provide accurate answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Unicaf scholarship worth?

Since Unicaf pays a partial fee of the total required fee, students pay minimal fees depending on their courses of study.

With what language are Unicaf programs taken?

Irrespective of one’s country, all Unicaf programs across all levels are taught using the English Language.

What are the courses offered at UNICAF?

Unicaf, in collaboration with her partner universities, offers a wide range of courses.

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