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Are you also searching for online schools that give refund checks and laptops? Do you also want to tour online universities that provide laptops and rebate checks? Well, we’re back with another practical guide that will be very helpful to you concerning such questions.

We are all aware of the potential of online education during the pandemic. Everyone chooses online schooling because it is accessible, affordable, and doesn’t require you to leave your residence to attend classes. Isn’t it incredible?

Many online schools offer refund checks, and these institutions even give refund checks to students. Some institutions or online schools offer student policies like laptop programs to keep students using technology while pursuing their studies online.

Considering this, we have created a list of online universities that send refund checks and laptops to new students as soon as possible. Alright, let’s dive into it.

Best Online Schools that Give Refund Checks and Laptops

It’s critical to understand the FAFSA before moving on to the list. Students who want financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA determines your validity for grants, loans, and job programs.

The expected financial contribution from your family toward your education, known as your expected family contribution or EFC, is also computed using this information. Now that you know what to anticipate, let’s look at a few of the best online colleges that provide students with laptops and refund checks:

1. Walden University

Walden university

Walden University is a prominent online academy that provides a range of degree programs, such as business, schooling, nursing, and more. Since 1990, it has received accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Your desktop or laptop would be best because it is an online course. Students at Walden are not given free laptops. You must register for at least six credits each semester and have a FAFSA on file to be eligible for a refund check.

Your finance assistance package and attendance pay will affect how much money you get back in the form of a refund check. You won’t be qualified for a refund check if you fall below half-time standing or leave the school.

Additionally, Walden offers a range of grants and scholarships to assist students in covering the cost of their education. Depending on who you ask, the education it provides may or may not be high quality.

Some people vouch for Walden, saying it assisted them in landing a high-paying position. Others thought it was a terrible experience and wouldn’t recommend sending their worst foes there.

2. Liberty University

Liberty university

Liberty University, another prominent online school, also offers various degree programs. It is granted accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Like Walden, you must get your laptop or desktop to take Liberty’s online courses. Although the university does not give away laptops, it has negotiated discounts with several suppliers. On Liberty’s website, you can see several vendors and their special offers.

You must be registered in at least six credits each semester and have a FAFSA on file to be eligible for a refund check. Your finance assistance package and the price of attendance will affect how much money you get back in the form of a refund check. You won’t be qualified for a refund check if you drop to half-time enrollment or leave the school.

You can request a refund if you have money left over from your financial assistance, or you can let Liberty University keep it and use it to cover future expenses. For instance, if you choose to repeat a class. Again, there are questions about Liberty’s educational program’s caliber. Some students adore it, even if it’s only online, while others swear they’ll never step on campus.

3. Capella University


Capella University is an online academy that focuses on providing health care education. It is granted accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). More than 37,000 students who come from all 50 states, as well as more than 60 nations, call it home. Most Capella students are working adults who are, on average, 39 years old.

Capella University processes refunds for financial aid by the end of the fourth week of classes. If you’re qualified for a refund, the cash will be delivered by check or direct deposit within 14 working days.

Sadly, Capella does not provide its students with free laptops. But if you want to take its classes, it has a page that outlines the computer specifications you must have.

Fortunately, you can accomplish this without a robust machine. When it comes to education, employers hold Capella University in high regard. Though they are a dwindling minority, some still believe online universities are unreliable. Nowadays, most employers welcome seeing a web-based degree on a resume.

4. Grantham University

Grantham University

Grantham University is another online academy that offers various types of degree programs. It is granted accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Grantham provides both federal and private scholarship money. Those eligible for federal financial aid and those without additional funding can apply for personal financial assistance.

Additionally, Grantham provides free laptops to students who sign up for its courses. The university will give you a laptop if you complete the admissions process and sign up for an Associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree program.

Even though the laptop isn’t the most effective, it will suffice for your online courses. The education provided in Grantham is of a very high caliber. The university has a wealth of expertise in providing distance learning, and it is evident. Most students who choose to enroll at Grantham are content with their choice.

5. University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is one of the most prominent online academics. It is granted accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Since 1978, it has received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) (back when the HLC was called the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools). Over 70,000 students attend the University of Phoenix globally, most residing in the United States.

Grants, loans, and scholarships are a few financial aid choices available through the University of Phoenix. You can also opt for a refund if you have financial resources left over from your financial assistance package.

You must complete a form and deliver it to the college bursar. You will gain a paper check or a direct deposit for your refund depending on your preference. However, direct deposit is typically preferred because it’s quicker and more practical.

Phoenix does not offer a laptop program. You will be required to purchase your machine. It’s a little iffy how well the education is being provided. At around 28%, the University of Phoenix has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country.

Compared to the early 2000s, when it would be a single-digit number, it has significantly improved. Still, if getting a degree is your main priority, you might need to consider attending another institution.

6. Moravian University

Moravian University

Moravian University is a small online academy with around 2500 learners. It is set up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and is granted accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). The type of financial assistance will determine the kind of financial assistance you are eligible for, whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.

Federal, state, and personal loans and scholarships are all available to undergraduate students. Federal loans, private loans, and scholarships are available to graduate students.

Additionally, Moravian is a member of the Apple Distinguished Schools program, a collaboration between Apple and colleges. When enrolling in this program, Moravian students receive a free MacBook and an iPad.

The graduation rate at Moravian University is around 60%, which is quite impressive. Additionally, the school has a solid reputation, and most students are content with their choice to enroll there.

7. American National University


American National University is an online school that offers various degree programs. It is granted accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). If you have money left over from your financial assistance package, The American National University will refund it within ten days.

You must complete and deliver a form to the school’s financial assistance office. However, joining this university won’t entitle you to a free laptop. It’s okay in terms of education efficiency. Associate’s, bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs in accounting, nursing, and cybersecurity are available here.

Around 24% of students graduate from the institution. Although this number is small, it’s important to remember that many American National University students are grownups balancing full-time employment and their studies.

Therefore, it is pretty impressive that they can earn a degree. American National University is a respected online university overall. Although it’s not the best, it’s also not the worst.

8. Dakota State University

Dakota State University

Dakota State University, a governmental online university with about 3000 students, was founded in 1881. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has accredited it and provides various online degree programs.

Every student at Dakota State University has access to a laptop program. When you enroll, you will receive the most recent Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, a 2-in-1 laptop for academic programs at Dakota State University.

You won’t receive a refund check till the end of the term. Within 14 days of the semester’s completion, you will receive a refund check if you have any remaining funds from your aid package. The university offers 23 majors and classes in business administration, biology, and artificial intelligence.

Unlike most other schools, Dakota State University provides Ph.D. programs to its students. Around 35% of students graduate from this school, which is very unremarkable. However, most students claim they are content with their choice to register in Dakota State.

9. Independence University


Independence University is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offers online and conventional business, technology, healthcare, and fine arts programs. Independence University offers laptops and refund checks to students. One of the online universities offering laptops and refund checks is this one.

The 18 associate’s, bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees offered online in fields like website designing, healthcare, banking, and respiratory care are open to all students. New online classes are introduced once per month.

Student assistance is offered to confirm as many credits as the potential transfer as possible without incurring any costs to the institution. The teaching staff at Independence University has the necessary industry knowledge to help students prepare for career paths after graduation.

10. Bethel University

Bethel University

Bethel University proposes to students enrolled in one of its online programs the privilege of earning good marks toward a degree. The university was founded in 1871 as a Christian-focused institution of higher learning and is domiciled in St. Paul, Minnesota. There are over 100 degree and diploma degree programs for those interested in applying.

Refund checks and laptops are provided to online students to ensure that everyone has equal access to a top-notch Christian education online. Some well-known online degree programs include nursing, business management, organizational leadership, and Christian missions.

Before the semester begins, first-year students are given a Google Chromebook laptop. If you do not attain one, you can contact the help numbers.


For the benefit of their students, schools all over the world should modernize and adopt new technologies. Choosing a college that offers refund checks and free laptops can benefit students on a tight budget.

Don’t let freebies fool you, though. It would be best if you had the utmost respect for your education. Choose a direction that you are genuinely excited to pursue.

Don’t enroll in a course just for a free, fancy MacBook. Now that you know this, start taking steps toward the online school that best suits you.


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