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How do you get a Free Doctorate Degree in Theology online in 2024? Some institutions offer these degrees for free, which this article discusses.

With a doctorate in theology, you will get more respect (a Dr. will always be added to your name), and you can work at places where someone with a Bachelor’s degree can’t.

Also known as ThD, DTh, or Dr. theol., the degree is an advanced research degree that can be earned at any accredited educational institution worldwide.

Most people who have gotten their Master’s in Theology and wish to further their studies & get more certifications may not be financially capable of paying the fees attached.

Free Doctorate Degree in Theology Online Programs

The institutions listed below provide a free doctorate in theology online for students who love to learn at their own pace and time.

1. Northwestern Christian University

Since 1980 Northwestern Christian University has provided affordable quality Christian education in the United States. If you want to earn your theology doctorate online for free, NCU is your best option.

Once you graduate, your certificate and transcripts will be processed, signed, and printed with the imprinted golden seal and NCU’s watermark. The doctorate is by only a dissertation (no thesis or PLA).

So what do you get at NCU?

  • Free ebooks
  • Free enrollment
  • Free auditing
  • Free NCU certificate program

Their requirements are not much; you should be able to read, write & understand how to use a computer. Once they approve your application, you can start your program.

Northwestern Christian University (NCU) is accredited by the International Association for Christian Educational Accountability (IACEA).

2. International Seminary for (Free) Distance Education in Theology (ISDET)

At ISDET, the only thing you are paying for is your graduation fee. Other things, like tuition fees, textbooks, etc., are free.

There is no hidden fee. Students from developed countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, etc., will pay a mandatory registration fee (not up to what you spend at McDonald’s in a week).

Students from developing or underdeveloped countries like India, Nigeria, Brazil, Chad, Indonesia, etc., will not pay any entry fee.

To apply for admission to earn your free doctor of divinity degree online at ISDET, you must have an earned Master of Theology from any standard seminary; the program duration is two years only.

3. IICSE University Free doctorate of theology online

The Doctor of Theology (DTh) program at IICSE University is free and one of the best online theology doctorate programs in 2024. The program lasts for 3 years (2 semesters per year).

Just like ISDET, tuition and books are free at IICSE University. You only have to pay an application processing fee of $45, exam fees ($5/exam), and your certificate or transcript fee.

To get your doctorate at this institution, you must have a Master’s in Theology (or any related course) or equivalent.

Using your smartphone, computer system, or tablet equipped with internet connectivity, you can earn your Doctoral degree at IICSE University in 2024. It can be completed at your pace, and their teaching is very practical and modern.

4. Trinity Graduate School of Theology

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is one of the best institutions offering free theological distance programs in 2024.

You aren’t paying for tuition, only a small one-time registration fee, and you will get access to regularly updated courses. A Master’s degree in any subject is required, but they prefer theology.

The 2-year program is best for only those with above-average knowledge of theology, as you will dive deeper into topics related to the Bible and Theology.

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5. Esoteric Theological Seminary

Esoteric Theological Seminary does not offer fully-funded or free theology doctorate programs, but I found them cheap and included them in this list.

You can earn an online Doctorate in theology at ETS to kickstart your career with new seminary credentials and be able to teach others and/or offer spiritual counseling.

What does it cost? A one-time tuition fee of $600. If this is too much for you, check out the other programs on this page. You get a legal, religious doctorate diploma with a beautiful gold-raised seal.

Some of the requirements for the degree are:

  • You must be an ordained clergy (ordination is free with them)
  • Complete the application form
  • Write a 4000-word dissertation/thesis on any spiritual topic you want and mail it to them.
  • Write & submit at least a one-page spiritual history
  • Pay the compulsory tuition fee

Want to learn more about the institution? Visit their site using the link below.

6. North Central Theological Seminary Degree Doctor of Theology

Last but not least on our list of free doctorate degrees in theology online is the North Central Theological Seminary in Florida.

The credits required for a doctorate in theology at NCTS are 48, and the accelerated program lasts about 14-24 months.

Other requirements for admission are:

  • You must have a Master’s degree.
  • Bible Study Methods
  • Dissertation and dissertation proposal
  • Advanced church and ministry leadership
  • Advanced New and Old Testament survey
  • Analytical assignment of major religions
  • Advanced systematic theology

They provide full and subsidized scholarships for students who cannot afford tuition. The % of your tuition it will cover depends on your online biblical evaluation test score.

Can you get a Ph.D. in theology online for free?

You can get a theology degree for free, whether online or through the traditional teaching method.

This article lists some of the best free theology programs for people seeking a doctorate in the course. There are also free programs for a Master in Theology degree, a Bachelor of Theology degree, or a Ph.D. in theology.

Hundreds of schools offer these degrees for free, and a simple search on Google will get you what you are looking for.

How long does a Th.D. in theology take?

A Doctor of Theology degree (Th.D.) takes 2-4 years, depending on the school and location. Note that a Th.D. is completely different from a Ph.D.; a Ph.D. in theology is the highest major anyone can get.

Failing many courses while taking the program means you will spend more years at school. Hence this can take longer than four years.

How much does a doctorate in Biblical studies make?

A graduate with a doctorate in theology makes an average of $85,000 annually in the United States. Teaching assistants make the least amount ($13k – $32k/year), while Senior pastors can make up to $100k or more annually.

I am sure you now know how to get a free doctor of divinity degree online in 2024. Kindly share this article with your friends and family.

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