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The Google Apprenticeship Program is a great way to accelerate your career and gain quality experience in 2024.

It is the dream of most kids to work at a big company. You can achieve that dream by becoming an apprentice or intern at Google. You will gain more digital marketing skills during the program while earning a lot of money. Yeah, these apprenticeships are paid.

This article explains everything you need to know about Google Apprenticeships.

Does Google do apprenticeships?

Yes, Google has apprenticeship programs powered by Build Your Future With Google. These programs are available to people worldwide from different backgrounds, religions, and races.

Currently, Google has apprenticeships in the US at all their main offices.

Google offers apprenticeships in countries like India, France, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, etc.

Available Google Apprenticeships in 2024

Here are some of the available Google internship opportunities in 2024;

1. United States

Google offers a diverse range of apprenticeships for students in the US, most lasting 20 months.

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Software Engineering
  3. UX Design
  4. Project Management
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Information Technology (12 Months)

2. India

  • Information Technology and Data Analytics
    • Duration: 12 Months
    • Unique Aspect: Partnership with CAIT Edusys
    • Structure: Begins with a bootcamp, followed by a mix of on-the-job learning at Google (80%) and technical instruction (20%).

3. France

  • Customer Engineering Apprenticeship
    • Duration: 24 Months
    • Partnership: With a CFA (Centre de Formation d’Apprentis) and a university or engineering school.
    • Focus Areas: Infrastructure, Application Modernization, Computer Science, Data Science, Security, Network, AI/ML.
    • Schedule: Part-time work at Google while studying for a degree. Applications open in spring for an autumn start.

4. Switzerland

  • Interactive Media Designer EFZ (UX Apprenticeship)
    • Duration: 4 Years
    • Format: Approximately 40% school-based learning and 60% on-the-job training at Google.
    • Application Timeline: Opens in summer for an August start the following year.

5. United Kingdom

  • Software Engineering Apprenticeship
    • Duration: 24 Months
    • Level: 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship
    • Partnership: With Makers Academy.
    • Structure: Begins with a three-month bootcamp, then ~80% on-the-job learning at Google and ~20% technical instruction.
    • Application Period: Opens in autumn for a start the following autumn.

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Google Apprenticeship Requirements

Let’s take a quick look at what it takes to become an apprentice at Google.

  • Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the country they are applying.
  • You must be able to speak and write in English and the local language (if that is not English) fluently and idiomatically.
  • Candidates must have strong academic performance at any level of education, focusing on subjects relevant to the apprenticeship they are applying for.
  • Candidates are expected to submit the following materials
    • An updated resume.
    • A cover letter or short essay response (depending on the apprenticeship) explaining your interest in becoming an apprentice at Google.
  • International applicants and people with a university degree are eligible to apply.

How do you get selected for the Google apprenticeship?

  1. Make sure you are eligible for the program you’re applying for
  2. Visit the application page using the link below
  3. Submit a resume and either a cover letter or a short essay response.
  4. Eligible applicants will be contacted via email.
  5. Eligible applicants will go through the selection process, which may be a call or a series of in-person interviews at Google. The interviewer or recruiter is typically a Google employee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t just conclude this article without answering some of the important questions people ask concerning the apprenticeships at Google. Let’s go!

How much does the Google apprenticeship pay?

They pay a good amount, with an average salary of $5,678 per month. This amount varies depending on your location, field, level, and role. Let’s say you are going for a 2-year program, getting more than $100k for your time working with Google. You will also get some benefits and perks besides the monthly wages.

Are Google apprenticeships competitive?

Yes, getting an apprentice role at Google is hard. This is due to the high competition, making it as hard as it is to gain admission into Harvard University. Only a few percent of those who applied were selected for the program.

How long is Google apprenticeship?

Depending on your apprenticeship track, completing your internship at Google takes 12-24 months. Some programs can take 3-4 years (36-48 months).

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned more about Google apprenticeships and internships. Share it with your friends and family.


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  1. Thank you. I have a son who did his Business Diploma and an IT Certificate in Australia but now back here in Zimbabwe and I know he will very interested in the Google Apprenticeship programme. I wonder how best he can be helped to be part of this programme.

    He doesn’t have work permit for any of the countreis mentioned above. I will be very happy if my son is afforded a chance to join the google family and I know he will be happy too. If he was around, he could have written you himself but he is away trying to find something to do.

    • There are curently no Google apprenticeship programs available for Africans, however, you can apply for their other programs.


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