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Accredited Pharmacy Schools That Don’t Require PCAT 2022

In this article, we will take a look at the List of Accredited Pharmacy Schools that don’t require PCAT in 2022.

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) as we all know is a test that helps pharmacy schools to identify applicants who are eligible for admission.

Most students can’t afford the expensive fees attached to this test while others have tried but had a very bad score. The best thing for these students is to look for pharmacy schools that don’t use PCAT as an admission requirement.

This is why you are here, if you are in a hurry, you can just skip to the list but don’t forget to read the important parts of this article. Let’s go!

Is PCAT required by pharmacy schools?

To study pharmacy you need to submit your PCAT scores. However, this does not apply to all schools.

The rejection of the use of PCAT by some pharmacy schools has reduced the quality of pharmacists they produce. Can you just imagine institutions admitting a student with a 2.5 GPA to study pharmacy?

What do you expect a below-average student who got admitted to pharmacy school to do when he/she is faced with tough exams like the NAPLEX, the KAPS exam, etc?

I can’t blame the students but these schools think all about the money they would make from tuition fees. Even non-profit schools do profit from student loans annually.

That’s just my opinion on this matter, let’s get to the main reason why you are here.

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Is the PCAT no longer required?

PCAT is still required in some institutions, even though top schools like the University of California no longer require it for admission to study pharmacy.

According to a study, some pharmacy schools in the United States stopped using the PCAT as part of their admission requirements between 2018 and 2022.

Why did this happen? They wanted to increase the number of applications by reducing the admission barriers (which PCAT is among) and using other methods in making their admission decisions.

Some institutions complained about the exorbitant registration costs for PCAT in the country. It may have been a good idea but it reduces the quality of graduates they produce.

List of pharmacy schools that don’t require PCAT

The pharmacy schools below don’t require PCAT for admission in 2022, they are not considered or used by the schools’ admission offices.

  1. Butler University, Indianapolis
  2. Campbell University
  3. Chicago State University
  4. University of New England
  5. Wilkes University
  6. California North State University
  7. Northeastern University
  8. Oregon State University
  9. Florida A&M University
  10. Pacific University Oregon
  11. Ohio Northern University
  12. The University of Arizona
  13. Touro University California
  14. Cedarville University
  15. The University of Rhode Island
  16. Belmont University
  17. East Tennessee State University
  18. Washington State University
  19. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  20. Nova Southeastern University
  21. Western University of Health Sciences
  22. Temple University
  23. Idaho State University
  24. Lebanese American University
  25. Xavier University of Louisiana
  26. Ferris State University
  27. West Coast University
  28. Notre Dame Maryland University
  29. University of Washington
  30. Keck Grdauate Institute
  31. The University of Texas Tyler
  32. Loma Linda University
  33. University of Connecticut
  34. St John’s University
  35. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  36. Lipscomb University
  37. The University of Findlay
  38. Purdue University
  39. University of the Pacific
  40. Southern University Savannah
  41. The University of New Mexico
  42. William Carey University
  43. The University of Tennessee
  44. University of Kentucky
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List of pharmacy schools where PCAT is optional

The schools below are those that consider PCAT to be optional when it comes to admission into pharmacy school. If you have your Pharmacy College Admission Test, you can submit it and if you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

  1. Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, New York
  2. American University of Health Sciences
  3. Auburn University
  4. Appalachian College of Pharmacy
  5. Concordia University Wisconsin
  6. Creighton University
  7. Fairleigh Dickinson University
  8. Drake University
  9. High Point University
  10. Harding University
  11. LECOM
  12. Manchester University
  13. Marshall B Ketchum University
  14. Med University South Carolina
  15. Mercer University
  16. Midwestern University
  17. NEOMED University
  18. Regis Uv
  19. Roosevelt University
  20. Roseman University of Health Sciences
  21. Samford University
  22. Shenandoah University
  23. South Dakota State University
  24. Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  25. St. John Fisher College, NY
  26. Sullivan University
  27. Texas A&M University
  28. The Ohio State University
  29. The University of Iowa
  30. The University of Kansas
  31. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  32. Thomas Jefferson University
  33. University at Buffalo
  34. Union University
  35. University of Florida
  36. University of Houston
  37. University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  38. University of Michigan
  39. University of Missouri-Kansas City
  40. University of Pittsburgh
  41. University of Saint Joseph
  42. University of the Sci Philadelphia
  43. University of Wyoming
  44. Virginia Commonwealth University
  45. West Virginia University
  46. Wingate University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MCAT harder than PCAT?

MCAT is harder than PCAT, MCAT questions are more advanced and tougher. If you have a good score on the MCAT, there’s a high chance that you are going to do better on PCAT.
The difference in these tests is that MCAT is required for admission into medical school while PCAT is required for admission into pharmacy school.

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Do Canadian pharmacy schools require PCAT?

PCAT is not part of the admission requirements of pharmacy schools in Canada. The most important thing is your GPA which must be at least 70% or 2.8 on a 4.0 scale, while schools like the University of Montreal require a minimum GPA of 3.2

Is PCAT required in California?

Out of the 14 accredited pharmacy schools in California, 13 do not require PCAT for Admission. Chapman University School of Pharmacy is the only pharmacy school in California that requires a PCAT (a minimum score of 50).

Some pharmacy schools may not use PCAT as a criterion for admission in 2022 but they have other ways of making sure they only admit students who are of good academic standing.

I am sure you now know those pharmacy schools that don’t require PCAT in 2022. Kindly share this article with your friends and colleagues.

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