9 Top 6-Year Pharmacy Programs in the USA for 2024

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Pharmaceutical science is one of the most essential aspects of health and global development. These professionals deal with the science of drugs and how it cures illnesses. It’s hard to imagine life without them.

Pharmacy spends more time in school than most other programs because they must be well-versed in the art before graduation. After all, they deal with life and death. It usually takes five years to earn a Bachelor’s degree, but some schools combine it with PharmD, and students spend six years.

This article will educate you on the top 6-year pharmacy programs. You’ll learn about the best schools that offer the program and why they’re worth a try.

Top 6-Year Pharmacy Programs in 2024

Most of the best pharmacy schools globally are in the US–that’s how good the education system is. Therefore, it boasts many schools that can stand toe-to-toe with any worldwide. This section will educate you on the nine best 6-year pharmacy programs.

1. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel hill

The UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy is ranked among the best in the Country by the US News and World Report. It trains students to become admirable health practitioners capable of impacting the world positively. The school was founded in 1970 and is one of the oldest in the US.

It has been tutoring students to become exceptional pharmacists since 1897. The experience it has in the field contributes to why it’s among the best in the world currently.

A remarkable move of the school that truly cements its globally acclaimed status is the PharmAlliance. PharmAlliance is a partnership between the school and two other world beaters; University College London and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. They plan to join their resources to take on projects they may not otherwise be able to do individually.

Not to mention that the school houses one corner of the Research Triangle Park, one of the largest research parks in the US.

2. University of California

UCSD library at night

The University of California is widely renowned as one of the best in the world, and you can trust that it will have a pharmacy degree to match its status. It trains students to redefine the role of a pharmacist in the future healthcare workforce. The university teaches its students to handle the flexibility of the ever-changing pharmacy profession.

Students who attend the school are trained to be able to work in the best hospitals, in a retail setting, or pursue pharmaceutical science. It has campuses in San Diego and UCI, both of which work to provide the best quality education that you can get.

Studying for a pharmaceutical degree at the institution is expensive but much cheaper than many other schools. The College Affordability Guide named it one of the US’s most affordable pharmacy degree programs.

3. College of Pharmacy University of Michigan

Michigan University Hospital

University of Michigan’s College of Pharmacy is situated on the school’s central campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. US News and World Report ranks the college as the third best in the US. The reason isn’t far-fetched; it’s renowned for teaching its students to become great pharmacists using the best possible standards.

It exposes them to all aspects of the field that they need to know, including their awareness of healthcare issues and enhancing critical thinking. The school is also renowned for lower tuition than competitors.

The school’s research prowess is also worth mentioning, and it’s one of the best globally. University of Michigan’s College of Pharmacy has produced people who have positively impacted the American and global Pharmaceutical market.

Some of its most prominent alumni include sisters Amelia and Mar Upjohn, Josiah K. Killy Jr., and John Gideon Searle.

4. University of Illinois

University of Illinois

The UIC College of Pharmacy is the official pharmacy school of the University of Illinois. It is the best pharmacy school in Illinois and one of the best globally. The college is the oldest academic unit of the University of Illinois and is one of the oldest in the US, established in 1859.

It offers a six-year pharmacy program where the students will earn a PharmD degree. You can spend one more year if you want to add the BSPS to your credentials.

The school is known for its research prowess and recently discovered an alternative way to cure schistosomiasis, potentially improving the lives of millions of people globally. It boasts qualified tutors who use the best teaching methods under state-of-the-art infrastructures.

5. University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky
UK Main Campus. Photo by Mark Cornelison

You can’t find many better places to study pharmacy than the UK College of Pharmacy. Many even consider it the best pharmacy school in the US, perhaps because it has the most extensive pharmacy education and research building globally. US News and World Report ranked it the sixth best in the US.

The school offers a 4-year PharmD program that prepares students to be leaders in the field. You can extend this study time to six years or longer if you study for the Masters of Pharmaceutical Science. The school also lets you read other degrees like the Masters of Business Administration or Masters of Public Health.

UK College of Pharmacy has bred several distinguished individuals in the profession.

6. Ohio State University

Ohio state university campus

Ohio State University College of Pharmacy is another top school that assures you of a quality 6-year Pharmacy education program. Students can enter the school via the Early Assurance Program or by seeking admission.

The EAP is available for high school students who want to study pharmacy at Ohio State University. They’ll automatically be admitted into the school if they satisfy the EAP requirements. If you don’t go through the EAP, you must apply for the school and follow the challenging admission process.

You’ll spend the same number of years getting a PharmD degree, irrespective of how you get admitted. You’ll get high-quality education courtesy of top tutors. The school has six other health colleges you can access during your study and many academic centers for your practicals. US News and World Report ranks it 7th best in the US.

7. University of Texas Austin

UT Austin

University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy was founded in 1983 and is one of the best pharmacy schools in the world for research. The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy named it the best Non-Federal Research Funding Institution in the US for 2020-21.

It’s aimed at providing students with unmatched education, training, research, and professional development to ensure that they become top of the line in the profession.

Students can study for the Bachelor’s degree combined with PharmD for six years. You can also read for advanced degrees like Ms. or Ph.D. in the field. The school drills students in biopharmaceuticals, patient care, pharm biochem, pharmacotherapy, therapeutics, and pharmacy law.

8. The University Of Maryland School of Pharmacy

UMD Campus aerial view

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is another top institution where you can study 6-year pharmacy programs globally. It was founded in 1841 and is the 4th oldest pharmacy school in the US. The school’s longevity has impacted its status, evident in its academic quality.

The school has one of the highest research funding in the US, receiving over $25 million for research in the 2022 fiscal year.

You can study 10 different pharmaceutical programs at the school and access over 700 practice experiences. These practice experiences will prepare you for all the possible scenarios in practice and help you secure a high-paying job.

You can also study graduate courses, like Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Medical Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, and Pharmacy Practice.

9. Purdue University

Purdue University

Purdue University College of Pharmacy is the third established state-funded pharmacy school in the US today, dating back to 1884. The school offers a six-year pharmacy program and is among the best. It aims to educate leaders capable of anchoring positive change in the pharmacy profession and the world.

It offers programs across three departments; Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice, Medicinal Pharmacy, and Molecular Pharmacology. The school also offers graduate programs in these departments.


That concludes a list of the best top 6-year pharmacy programs in the US. All these schools are trusted; you won’t regret studying in them. However, understand that you can also conduct additional research to determine the one that suits your needs.

For instance, one of the schools can be more reputed in Molecular Pharmacology than the rest and would be your best bet if you want to study the program.

Consider other factors like the cost of attending the school and its location. However, studying pharmacy, especially at a top institution, is expensive.

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