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There are numerous motivations to get ahead in your career or keep your mind sharp and eager, including spare time, ambition, and sheer will to maximize talents. Whatever your reasons are, there are some certification programs you can complete within two weeks.

The courses you are about to read may require physical or virtual presence. The best part is learning new things that add value and experience to your career.

Two-week certification programs cut across many professions, including healthcare, lifestyle, sports, information technology, teaching, business, etc. Keep reading to learn which ones fit your needs.

Why sign up for a 2-Week Certification Program?

First, certificate programs are designed to provide special training to help you develop skills and experiences necessary for different careers. At the end of such a program, you may be required to take an exam to prove you’ve acquired some knowledge based on the course offered.

These programs cover many industries, including administration, healthcare, business, and more. Some certifications are awarded after the programs. This is usually done via institutions, independent organizations, and professional bodies based on industry standards.

In addition, these programs run for specific durations. For example, you can run a 2-day, 1-week, 2-week, or 2-year certification program.

There are many reasons and benefits for selecting a 2-week certification program. They include the following:

  • 2-week certification programs can help individuals add skills to their years of experience. This could be handy for a midlife career change or those looking to start a career.
  • Certification programs are speedy, allowing students to complete a certification program in two weeks, depending on the field.
  • These courses present a chance to validate your experience and expertise in your career, helping you stand out among your peers.
  • You can get much done without so much coursework. Some certification programs do not require coursework, so you can concentrate on learning.
  • Certifications boost visibility, making you noticeable among other job seekers. Also, employers see certifications as a productive use of time.

8 Top 2 Week Certification Programs


1. Cybersecurity Tools and Cyber Attacks

With this course, you’ll get the basics associated with Cybersecurity. That includes its historical information, the types and motives of cyber attacks, and threats organizations and individuals must deal with.

This program also covers key terminology, background concepts, and tools. Generally, the program is an introduction to the Cybersecurity field. You can be an expert in another career and use this course to boost your knowledge and resume.

Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools and Cyber Attacks is developed by International Business Machines (IBM), and you can find it on the Coursera platform. While it’s a 2-week certification program online, it’s also self-paced and available in nine languages, including Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English, etc.


2. Landscaper and Groundskeeper

You might not have heard of it, but a two-week certification program in landscaping and groundskeeping is worth the attempt. In addition, you don’t need a certificate to become a landscaper or groundskeeper. Your interest in the subject is good enough to qualify for the program.

Earning a certification from this program may help you get a job, so acquiring more skills gives you an advantage over others. Further, the National Association of Landscape Professionals offers the program, among other certifications. That means you can combine the program with other courses like business management, exterior technician, horticultural technician, lawn care technician, and more.

According to US and world news, the landscaper and groundskeeper ranked 2nd in Best Maintenance and Repair Jobs and 6th in Best Jobs Without a College Degree. There are enough prospects considering the landscaping needs all over the United States.


3. CPR Certification

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training is one of employers’ most commonly requested certifications. You can enroll in this certification program at the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. It will come in handy when seeking a variety of job opportunities.

In addition, you can acquire this certification without being a medical professional. It’s also a two-week program that’s relatively affordable and doesn’t go to waste. That’s because the certificate is in demand across multiple industries and career lines.

In some states, this certification is required for public school teachers and others in public-centered roles, including restaurants and hotels. Moreover, there are no restrictions on age or education to take a CPR course.

Content creation

4. Content Creation

Content creation never gets old. It’s one of the biggest opportunities the Internet provides for interested persons to build a career. This certification course may sound challenging, but starting it proves otherwise. There’s a wide range of micro opportunities this certification program offers, including the following:

  • Blogging: You can learn how to blog and take advantage is several platforms, such as WordPress and Blogger. Learn to cover multiple topics, including lifestyle, sports, fashion, and politics.
  • Vlogging and Podcasting: Popular platforms for video blogging include YouTube and Facebook. You can also set up podcasts to discuss trending issues with your audience.
  • Online Gaming: Online games allow you to earn and have fun simultaneously. This program can help you understand how to streak games online. Moreover, you don’t have to be a player or creative to start a game-streaming content channel.

Whether you choose blogging or streaming video games, you can do them at your convenience. However, you could make enough to see content creation become your main job in the future. You might get so good and run your programs to help others learn.

Typing fast

5. Typing

A 2-week certification program in typing is one of the most popular choices you can make. That’s because typing skills cut across many areas of life, making such skills necessary to complete various tasks.

Being a fast typist after this course will help you at some point. Whether as a student or a career person, it’s worth enrolling in this program.

With proper training and practice in typing, you will be able to type at a speed of 40 words per minute in 2 weeks. As a typist or someone skilled in the art, you can become a court reporter, typist, blog post writer, medical transcriptionist, scribe, journalist, etc.


6. Lifeguard Training Certification

If you love the beach and keeping others safe around other bodies of water, this two-week certification program will teach you about water emergencies and how to prevent and respond to them effectively. You can get this certification from the American Red Cross lifeguard training.

Further, the lifeguard certification will help you attain the knowledge and skills for other emergencies and scenarios in and around the water.

For example, you’ll learn about quick response times and the importance of adequate preparation for being a lifeguard. Other critical elements of this certification program include helping to prevent drownings and injuries.

To participate in this program, students must be at least 15 by the last day of class. Since you’d be working in and around water, swimming is an essential skill you must have. Thankfully, candidates must pass a pre-course swimming skills test before enrollment into a lifeguarding program.

Modern graphic design process

7. Graphic Design

A certification program in graphic design can be obtained in only two weeks of study. While that is far from being an experienced professional graphic designer, it’s an excellent place to start.

It’s relatively easy to complete the program, but the real work starts when you commit to practicing what you’ve learned. Experts recommend having some determination to go with the knowledge you gain from this program. With time, you might be running small gigs on different platforms.

The potential in the graphics design industry is massive, and the career opportunities are broad. For context, items like logos, trademarks, and images take expertise to create. According to research, the most expensive logo in the world, the Symantec Brand and Acquisition, is worth 1.28 billion United States dollars. Graphic designers made it.

Project management

8. Foundations of Project Management

Foundations of Project Management is another certification program you can complete in two weeks. The self-paced program is created to help you gain basic project management skills. In addition, it is the first of the six courses in the Google Project Management Professional Certificate.

If you want to complete this certification in 2 weeks, you’ll have to sacrifice some time to study – a reported steady pace of nine hours per week. This program helps you attain these five major skills:

  • Organizational culture
  • Change management
  • Career development
  • Strategic thinking
  • Project management

Tips to Find the Right Programs

Certificate programs are beneficial whether you need them for professional or personal reasons. Whatever the case, you’ll appreciate programs that best fit your needs and skills. Also, the career path you want to follow plays a considerable role.

The following tips will help you choose the best 2-week certification program.

  • Use certification finders online, such as, or conduct a general search on the internet.
  • Reach out to fellow industry leaders and peers for recommendations. They can point you in the right direction to get the most appropriate certification programs.
  • Check reviews online. Chances are, many people have gone through some courses you’re interested in. Read reviews about their experiences.
  • Do some research on the institutions behind the certification programs offered.
  • If you belong to a professional association, ask about certifications in your field that will boost your market value. It’s essential to confirm whether the programs are offered or endorsed by your association.
  • Ensure that the program works with your schedule. If you want to achieve certification in two weeks, you must sacrifice some time. How long will it last?
  • Another essential thing to consider is if it’s a free or paid program.


There you go! With this list of the top certification programs, you can choose one or several that help you build confidence and a solid resume. You can have an excellent background in these programs in just two weeks, effectively earning quality skills.

Now that you know this, always conduct some due diligence on your preferences. Ask colleagues, search the internet, read reviews, and do all you can to verify the programs before enrolling. Overall, 2-week certification programs present an opportunity to scale up personally and professionally.


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